Garrett Has Had Full Autonomy Over the Offense For 6 Years

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Beast_from_East, Jan 3, 2013.

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    No one in the pipelin I agree. Garrett made the decision well into TC to get rid of a couple of the older guys like Gurode. If there is nothing but undrafted FA's in on the shelf to replace the veterans, they no way to you get rid of them all.

    It was clear to me, that Garrett made the evaluation that these young kids could handle the job well enough or better than the veterans and therefore let them go. Or he just took a flying and said screw it. Either way, he basically threw the towel in on the entire season with that one decisions. In fact, other than Costa, most of those guys didnt even make the team this year.
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    You have conveniently thought up a way to relieve Garrett for blame of anything what so ever. He doesnt pick the players so therefore he isnt responsible for anything they do.

    Wade went 13-3, 9-7, and 11-7 before the team went bad. The coached up who he had and made it work. Garrett isnt doing that by any stretch. The Talent that has been brought in under Garrett by Jones is far and away better than anything brought in for Wade.
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    There was absolutely nothing that Garrett did as OC that would make anyone think he could be a head coach. He was NOT a good OC.

    That being said, from what I have seen, the people that were applauding the Garrett hire were simply those fans that wanted Wade gone and were happy to see anyone take his place. Those people are now finally realizing the error in that line of thinking. Sadly enough, Wade was a better coach than Garrett. That is not even debatable at this point. Its pure fact.

    Jones went out and got another puppet. One that has never been a head football coach at any level, not even high school. One that did NOTHING to warrant even being hired as an OC. One that was not even a good OC while he had the job here. It was another case of Jerry trying to look like a genius by hiring someone that he thought might be the next Landry for the Cowboys. Like always, Jerry falls in love with a new idealogy and instead of properly implementing it, gets impatient and fails to realize what it actually takes to do it properly.
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    Watching the Garrett-loving sympathizers in this thread trying to defend their "Boy Genius Supercomputer" is almost as bad as watching Garrett coach and call plays. Almost.

    Quick question. I'm sure we all know the answer off the top of our heads.

    Which NFL team cannot execute a simple screen pass, a staple in 31 other offenses?

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    Stop blindly trying to argue based off generic titles (by the way, you're ignoring the most important title Garrett held, ASSISTANT HEAD COACH).

    No job title here can be compared to a job title with any other team. The average offensive coordinator for the Jaguars or Chiefs cannot be compared to the role Garrett played here as handpicked OC/Assistant HC by Jerry Jones. He was brought in BEFORE THE HEAD COACH to control the offense and eventually take over as head coach. He was brought in with his BROTHER AS DIRECTOR OF PRO PERSONNEL.

    Almost no other Offensive Coordinator in the history of the league has walked into that kind of silver spoon situation so please cut the "but...but... he was just offensive coordinator!" crap. That isn't flying here.
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    Of the 4 possible culprits above, two are gone, and two CANNOT be fired. So that leaves Mr. Jason Garrett all by his lonesome and it does so happen to come after them. And I would give Jason 6 years credit of those 10. Had they won the SB during those years, I am sure he would also be taking credit for that. Take the good with the bad, no discrimination.

    And as for FULL AUTONOMY, there are 7 ex coaches as of Monday who I would venture to say did not have FULL autonomy and what did that get them? The axe falls on the HC, whether right or wrong. And one of them was 10-6.
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    Garrett has proven himself to be clueless when it comes to managing his offense and his team. Some of the game management decisions (or non-decisions) have been borderline unbelievable. I can't recall ever seeing an NFL coach totally blow so many obvious decisions. Any other organization would have fired him, and if he were on the street unemployed today, the only consideration he'd get from the other 31 teams would be as a position coach.

    Having said that, Garrett is not what is wrong with the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones is the problem with the Cowboys, and any discussion of the problems should begin and end with him.
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    ...but true. You may have lived in Cleveland, but you clearly did not follow the Broncos nor did you follow the NFL and the media storm surrounding Elway. Particularly after his third SB loss and the exit of Dan Reeves as a HC.

    Unfortunately you are dropping opinions with very little basis in fact and there are numerous media articles and examples still on Google to this day with damning quotes against John Elway at the time.

    It was a very serious situation for SHanahan when he joined the Broncos and it was debatable on whether the Broncos were going to cut ties with John especially since they gave up players and draft picks.

    He was considered a "Stupid QB" who would take you to lofty heights and then tear your heart out.

    Comments made by Shanahan in later years hinted that he felt John was lazy and he really didn't carry a relationship with John after Elway left the Broncos. Some of it was based on how John left the team, but given hints by former coaches the relationship wasn't really there and Mike had seen what John had done to Dan Reeves first hand.

    How bad was the situation with John? Reeves picked Tommy Maddox with his first round pick when everyone in the draft was assuming they would pick Carl Pickens to help John.

    We know how those two careers went.

    John Elway and his percieved failures was synonymous with "Coach Killer" until Shanahan was brought back as the HC and started down his "process".

    He gutted the o-line. Brought in zone blocking. Drafted o-lineman no one wanted cause they were "too small". Got lucky with Davis. Or did he???

    How vilified was John Elway? Check to see Ditka's comments on the day Bowlen chose Elway over Reeves.

    John was a very good QB who was considered great after the team was moulded by a coach with a plan to minimize John's responsibility to carry the team.

    Shanahan understood very well what John was and designed the offence around taking the "BAD JOHN" out of the Denver game plan.

    The proof is in the pudding. Elway was hated as much as Romo is today. In fact he was even hated by his head coach at the time.

    It's easy to point fingers, it's harder to work on solutions. Shanahan proved with his Broncos experiment it's worth it.
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    I'm struggling to find your point.

    The fact remains anybody who blames Garrett for the shape of this OL is just wrong. It's fan frustration at it's finest. The fact that the two most to blame for it can't be fired doesn't make them innocent of the charges.
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    Kosier and Columbo were stopgap plug in starters. You weren't building a future with them. Gurode, the last decent pick before Tyron, was pre-Parcells and 2003. He got old.

    I'm not saying anything about the decisions the last couple of years. Clearly Garrett was a part of that. A significant part. I'm saying this OL didn't get in this shape off of the last two years. He inherited a complete mess and I know people don't want to hear it but you can not win consistently in this league when you lose the battle at the line of scrimmage every week on both sides of the ball like the Cowboys so often do. It just can't be done. That's where games are won or lost.

    Payton, Gruden, Reid, Holmgren, Dungy. None of those guys would change a thing until the players are upgraded.
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    He should have been a leader in our front office as the offensive coordinator?

    That's rich.
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    That's a legitimate question. Not why didn't he fix it, as I don't think you fix it in two years but why hasn't it gotten better.

    I don't know. Can you say for sure he was behind the approach last year to go all out on a CB bonanza and go cheap along the OL? If he was, he's at fault....but still not the person to blame for how bad our OL situation is right now. The emphasis on CBs over line play started here years before Garrett arrived. I smell the Jones stank on that one more than anything.

    I need to see more before I know. If he were to coach here another 2 or 3 years and nothing changes there I'll be the first person to rip him a new one. In that case, either he doesn't prioritize the line play, he does but can't evaluate them or doesn't have enough stroke in the front office to get the players he wants. All are unacceptable.
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    fair enough

    i have seen enough though and have no faith that he is willing to learn from his mistakes
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    dude, reading these pages just makes it more and more clear that you really don't have a clue. It's not Garrett's fault that his offense blows after 6 years of having command? shouldn't we expect Mr. Ivy League to recognize his offensive scheme demands a monster oline and shouldn't he had been doing everything in his power to build once since his first day on the job 6 years ago? I guess that's not the office coordinators responsibility, to build an offense which suits his scheme, nor is it the responsibility or within the power of a HC, which h has been now for 2 years.

    you are actually blind
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    He didn't fix it because his RT's play slipped fairly dramatically after they resigned him to a big contract (not saying it was the contract which was responsible, only that one thing followed the other), his young LT struggled with his transition more than anyone wants to admit. His starting C missed almost the entire year, and his new FA OGs were both hurt in camp, one requiring surgery, and their opportunities to play together before the games started counting were, literally, about 'zero.' It's not that hard to figure out.

    Now, none of that means the changes we made for this season were going to be effective, but there're plenty of obvious reasons why they were ineffective. We need to upgrade the talent inside and out. And we need more time for them to play together. But at least they're addressing the problem. I'll be surprised if more isn't done in the offseason to address OL in terms of both veteran FA and relatively high in the draft.
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    He also wanted Brad "noodle arms" Johnson.

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