Garrett Has Had Full Autonomy Over the Offense For 6 Years

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Beast_from_East, Jan 3, 2013.

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    No I'm not RS. And we weren't talking about what happened in NY or what NY fans thought of him. No one even interviewed him for a HC gig when he was in NY, as far as I can remember. We're talking about what the fans thought of him here. He was thought highly enough around league circles to get HC offers.

    No one here wanted him run off. Matter of fact, when New Orleans creamed Dallas 42 - 17, the fan base had a field day and were savvy enough to realize that BP never let him open up the play book here. Everyone knew it.

    Can you direct me to any any negative Sean Payton threads on the Zone where fans wanted him run off or fired? Or maybe some negative articles about Payton? Something remotely similar to the heat JG is taking?
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    I have links to comments made that far back? Yeah, I'll get right on that.

    You can pretend all you want. I would to if it made me look that foolish. The fact of the matter is Sean Payton was deemed another failed coach here. He got the Garrett treatment before Garrett. The comments about his tenure in N.Y. were made. I don't recall many people sad to see him go.

    But then he went to a properly run organization and showed he wasn't the problem. Something I think Garrett could also do.

    Quit blaming the coach for a failed front office and personnel issues. It's weak, lazy and a complete waste of time.
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    I should add, I'm not singling you out, Dodger. Maybe you didn't. But all I read at that time were the same things I read now about Garrett. In over his head. Can't adjust. Poor play calling.

    Does anybody remember a fan backlash when we let Payton go? Of course not because it never happened.
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    Fellas, we can go back and forth all day as to how much "autonomy" Garrett has had the past 6 seasons with this offense. However, that is really missing the point.

    Jerry clearly stated in his interview that Romo was an assett that we needed to build our offense around like the Skins built their offense around their assetts (meaning RG3 and their running back).

    He then went on talking about how great a coaching job the Skins have done by tailoring their scheme to fit their talent, clearly a direct indication that he does not believe Garrett has tailored the offense to Romo's strenghts.

    The bottom line is that Jerry does not think Garrett's offense that we have run the past 6 seasons is tailored to Romo's strenghts. We are basically putting Romo in bad positions and thus that is why all of this talk of a consultant.

    This consultant apparently is going to tweak or totally replace Garrett's offense to best take advantage of Romo's abilities. Clearly Jerry does not think Garrett knows how to do this, that is why a consultant is needed.

    Thats pretty much the takeaway you get from Jerry, that he is not happy the way our offense is structured, regardless of how much "autonomy" Garrett has had over that offense.
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    Partly to blame doesn't equal patently false. Jerry and his antics pushed the only two quality coaches from his team. Jerry fired Jimmy, kinda hard to say he wasn't pushed out the door. Sure, Jimmy had an ego and said something Jerry didn't like but a rational owner probably escalates the punishment to meet the crime, not can the guy who just won you 2 Super Bowls. Jerry wanted Parcells gone, said he wasn't "worth a sh_ _", only hired him to build the stadium and stated how hard it was for him with Parcells here. Don't think that helped show Bill the door ?

    Anyway, my point was more to illustrate how Jerry deals with quality coaches, the kind we need, guys who will make life uncomfortable for Jerry.
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    Even if fans did bash Payton he had restrictions while he was here. Garrett has had full autonomy.
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    The web is flooded with Payton to Dallas articles and it's almost impossible to search for any archives related to his tenure in Dallas. He was given a lot of credit for the Giants SB run in 2000 with Kerry Collins and even his time as the Eagles QB coach and getting 4000 (combined) yards out of Bobby Hoying, Ty Detmer and Rodney Pete. I didn't know that.......

    We'll just agree to disagree on the point and obviously our recollections are far different. As far as I recall Payton NEVER got the Garrett treatment. Payton was not the target of the fan's ire the way Parcells was. Most people knew Parcell's was conservative and blamed him for not attacking an opponent's weaknesses on D.

    This place was littered with thread after thread, post after post of venom after the Seattle playoff loss. Very little, if any, of that venom was directed at Payton because everyone knew Parcell's was in charge. Payton got no more blame than Maurice Carthon and the fans still didn't know for sure which one was calling the plays early on.

    I don't blame JG for the personnel flops....not by a long shot. My disdain for Jones is very clear in that respect. Do I think Garrett had some say in some of the moves we made? Absolutely (Felix, McGee and Brad Johnson immediately come to mind). I had hoped that JG could in some way keep Jones in check and save him from himself. That's the best anyone could have hoped for from JG where personnel decisions are concerned.

    But the one thing I did expect from Garrett was an understanding of managing the game clock and basic game day strategy. This has manifested itself at the end of halfs and at the end of games. In that respect, he's failed miserably and cost his team multiple games. I don't excuse him for that and, quite frankly, I was shocked at some of those decisions that even a high school coach would make. His inexperience was exposed and I'm being generous because even a player or the average fan, let alone the HC, would know when to properly call a time out or not abandon the run with a 21 point second half lead.
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    No offense taken RS.......
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    Jones had a lot of respect for Shanahan and he was rumored to be on Jerry's short list for the job here. He gambled with an inexperienced, hand-picked coach-in-waiting rather than a coach with skins of the wall (no pun intended). Jerry has buyer's remorse and he knows Shanahan will be eating Garrett's lunch for years to follow.

    I'll go a step further. If Payton didn't have success with the Saints, Jerry's opinion on JG as HC might have been different. He didn't want to miss out on the next young, up and coming HC. He picked his HC the way he gambles with the draft....he bet on "potential" as opposed to a track record of success.
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    Jimmy wanted to leave. He even said so. He just said things that made it easier to shift less of the blame to him.

    I have never heard anything about Jerry wanting Parcells gone. All I've heard is he wanted him to stay another year and actually extended a contract for a fifth year, I've heard only the "walking on eggshells" comment, and never ever heard anything about a "worth a sh__" comment.

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