Garrett PC, Stephen Jones Interview, and Practice Tweets - 11/1/12

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 1, 2012.

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    Maybe a little off topic but did anyone ask or did JG make mention of how his parents made it through Sandy? Where they live on the shore in Jersey pretty much is a ghost town as of now... Obviously Im sure they had to evacuate just hoping they heeded the orders. If this has already been discussed I apologize just finally getting internet going!
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    A leader has to be WILLING to "holler" and "scream" if that's what's necessary to get the point across.

    And you're clueless if you don't think Landry yelled when it was needed.
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    If Felix is that hurt, then he needs to sit and heal. We still need him. But we need him healthy.

    Cowboys have to commit to their younger backs, Tanner and Dunbar, against the Falcons. These 2 guys may not be Felix Jones, but neither is Felix Jones right now. At least both are healthy and can give their all, unlike Felix at this point.
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    No, a leader does not have to say, or needs to say when things are good and bad. That is what you think a leader is. Leadership definitions is just like *******s, everyone has their own definition of what they think a leader is.

    Anyone can lead and there are many different ways to lead. Leaders are born, that is true, but so are followers, so it is good bet that leaders are developed.
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    I guess you can choose to follow whomever you want, but me, I want the leader to let us know when things are right -vs- wrong, .. good -vs- bad, .. are we going east or west, .. are we going up the mountain or down the trail, .. are we leaving now or are we waiting until morning.

    I guess you are right, we all look for different things out of our leaders. One characteristic of a leader is to tell us where we are now, where we are heading, and how we plan to get there.

    I want the leader to let me know if I am an asset or a liability in his eyes.

    So yes, I think JG needs to have a different demeanor when things are going bad -vs- when things are going well.

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