News: Garrett thought Colston's fumble was an incompletion, like Sanders' last week

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 23, 2012.

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    -- Charean Williams

    On Sunday, Marques Colston caught a slant from Drew Brees at the Dallas 24-yard line when cornerback Morris Claiborne punched it out as Colston tried to secure the ball. The ball rolled 22 yards downfield toward the end zone.

    Cowboys coach Jason Garrett disputed Colston’s fumble – believing it was an incompletion instead – that gave the Saints the ball at the Dallas 2-yard line. New Orleans kicked the game-winning field goal on the next play after referee Walt Coleman had confirmed the ruling ont the field.

    “The play went against us,” Garrett said. “It was eerily similar to last week and both of them seemed to go against us, and the plays seemed virtually identical. But that’s the way it is. We’ve got to play and coach to the best of our ability and not worry about it.”

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  2. newlander

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    that's what we all HOPED would happen but.....hey, the hosed us two weeks in a row....between Spencer jumping offside and costing us a TD instead of a field goal (4 pt. difference) and this call: we couldn't overcome it.
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    That's definitely a fumble imo...

    My question with that play is why the ball wasn't returned to the spot of the fumble. I always thought an offensive player couldn't advance a fumble in the last 2 min of a half or overtime....
  4. jimnabby

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    Me too. But it turns out that the "or overtime" part isn't in the rule (though it should be).
  5. Future

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    That's dumb. I always assumed that "after the 2 minute warning" would include OT. If time and replay rules are the same at those times, why wouldn't fumble rules be?
  6. Reality

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    The Spencer play was on 4th down .. meaning, if he had not jumped offsides, the ball would have been turned over to the Cowboys so it cost us 7 points.

  7. newlander

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    ...........correct Reality...I was so pissed after the game yesterday I brain cramped and thought it was 3rd down instead of 4th...which makes it even WORSE. This guy is not worth the money he gets: I really hope they don't franchise him again as he doesn't know what it takes to win IMO:banghead:
  8. Rack Bauer

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    If that play was a fumble then the play last week was MORE of a fumble.

    That's the biggest problem with the officiating in the NFL... consistency. One week that play is an incomplete pass, the VERY NEXT WEEK the exact same play is a fumble.

    Quit adding on all these extra qualifiers for making a simple catch to make it easier on the refs. They're obviously not intelligent enough to comprehend the details of the rules.
  9. cowboys2233

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    It was certainly one of the plays (Demarco's fumble is the other that comes to mind) that suggests some of our players aren't playing good situational football. You CANNOT jump offsides there, your opponent has already converted an extremely important fourth down before the ball has even been snapped. And you CANNOT fumble at your own five-yard line -- all tied up, just got an important stop and you can potentially take the lead for the first time all game. And just like that, bam. Oh well, the most important thing in all of this is that the Giants suck and we get to play for the division title next Sunday night. Call me crazy, but that sounds like a pretty good deal to me.
  10. cowboys2233

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    Yeah, and then I hear about this "football move" when it comes to deciding if a pass is complete or not. The Ravens score an obvious touchdown and it gets called back because of the subjective nature of this call. What the heck happened to the idea that if you have possession and two feet down, it's a complete pass? Where did all this other crap come from?
  11. ajk23az

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    Yup. They need to simplify the rule so that it becomes much less of a judgment call. "Having enough time to make a football move" leaves it up to opinion of the ref. IMO, it should be, if the WR has control, and got both feet on the ground, it should be a catch. That would make that call a lot more consistent.
  12. RS12

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    That was a fumble all the way. No excuse for a Cowboy player not to have recovered that ball was loose for a long time and Dallas should have had the numbers back there to recover it.
  13. ajk23az

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    I agree it was a fumble.

    IIRC, the Saints went 5 wide and we went man to man. I thought I saw Sensabaugh line up on a guy at the line of scrimmage so we had no safeties back there.
  14. Picksix

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    From the replay, it looks like Frampton was back, but he was charging full speed toward Colston when he fumbled it. That allowed Graham to beat him to the ball. What disappointed me was Sensabaugh not going full speed after it.

    LUVDABOYS Member

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    I agree, it was a fumble as was the one last week. This week they got it right, unfortunately
  16. mmillman

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    it was a fumble.

    Dallas should have been less conservative in overtime on offense.
  17. slomoxn

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    I still dint think Spencer was offside, he got an early jump but didn't appear to cross the plane before the ball moved.
  18. RastaRocket

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    I thought it was a fumble because I thought last week was a fumble. However, they reversed it last week so I really have no idea. Inconsistency at it's finest so Garrett has a point.
  19. JohnsKey19

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    The inconsistency in this rule is what kills me. There was another disputed play in the BAL-NYG game yesterday as well. The ruling made no sense.
  20. StylisticS

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    Same here. I said this on the game thread. He got an early jump but he did not cross the Los yet.

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