Garrett's first speech to team vs. Parcell's first speech

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by igtmfo, Jul 25, 2013.

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    They were sloppy because they were bad, not because they were unprepared or lacked focused, like the last 5 or so years.
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    Does this have any bearing on JG's speech? Probably not, other than giving me something to compare his to and letting me decide which I personally prefer though obviously my opinion means nothing to the players. So thanks for the post I enjoyed the read
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    parcells style is more command and control. he selects his leaders and relies on them, that's why he always brought his old guys. it works for dysfunctional teams that are in disarray and in losing mode. straighten your arses or get out of here. but once you have a good team, veterans and motivated talented players, it gets old. they don't want to be treated like children.

    garret is more like johnson, billicheck. he had a purpose in building this team. he calls it the cowboys way. he has assembled a bunch of football players with leadership background. a lot of the players were either outstanding in college and in lower rounds focus has been on character and a lot of were team captains. he allows them to step up. he is treating them like men. like parcells he got rid of the malcontent and did it very quickly. if you notice something about this camp, its been very business like and minimal distractions. as opposed to prior years.

    I think parcells despite what he said liked the attention and his ego often got in the way. master at turning a team around, but after the giants couldn't get over the top.
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    Tom Landry was 10 X the coach Parcells was and I never heard of him ever telling players screw up and I will kick your ***.
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    He had Carter as a QB for 1-year.

    His teams were on the low end of penalties made when he coached here.

    The problem we had under Parcells and that has still plagued us is that we have had an inability to find a quality D-Coordinator here.

    Zimmer had 1 good year here (2003) and like every defense Zimmer has ever coached, they crapped the bed down the stretch. He was terrible in Atlanta and it wasn't until he got paired up with Marvin Lewis, who was arguably the best D-Coordinator in the league before he became the HC at Cincy, that Zimmer started to create some decent defenses. And even those defenses crap the bed.

    Wade is a very good D-Coordinator. But he's not nearly as effective when he's the HC. He thought Brian Stewart would be a good D-Coordinator for him, but he was wrong. So we got 75% of Wade as a defensive coach instead of the full 100%. I think if Garrett was the HC and Wade was the D-C, we would have an excellent team. But, there's no way that was going to happen.

    We then went to Rob Ryan and he wasn't the answer.

    Anyway, the defense at best has been suspect in defending the pass. Sometimes, usually under Wade, we would be effective at stopping the pass. But, have we ever felt confident in our pass defense? I know for me it's always been 'if the opponent throws it enough, eventually they'll beat the Cowboys defense' for me.

    I tend to think if anything Garrett is a little more up-to-date on defensive philosophies than Parcells was. Parcells' teams were far more disciplined, but in part that goes to Parcells coaching a very simple style of football. Back in '06 when I was tracking games....the defense went 6 consecutive weeks without ONE single stunt. That's going to make for fewer penalties and screw ups. But, you better have a team of DeMarcus Ware's if you ever expect to beat teams consistently.

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    This is true -- but they are very similar in many respects. Jerry had targeted JG as an assistant before Parcells quit. There were even a couple articles before we were out of the playoffs about how Jerry was going to try to pry JG away from the Fins. I expect the main reason for this was that he thought Bill would be an outstanding mentor for a year or two and that JG would take over after that.
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