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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Muhast, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Muhast

    Muhast Newo

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    area I live in just broke the $4.00 barrier.

    Curious wat it is everywhere.
  2. fredp22

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  3. Yeagermeister

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    3.91 was the highest in my area.....for now :(
  4. ologan

    ologan Well-Known Member

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    $3.84 Regular in the Georgia mountains.
  5. WoodysGirl

    WoodysGirl U.N.I.T.Y Staff Member

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    3.81 last i checked. Mad, cuz I normally get gas on Mondays. So, I think it's gonna be at the $4 when I get gas. ~sigh~
  6. Muhast

    Muhast Newo

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    im paying 4.05 or so :(

    Gonna have to start walking soon haha
  7. burmafrd

    burmafrd Benched

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    Nice thing about being here in Kuwait is that the gas for government vehicles is free. I think I lucked out in being over here during this time frame.
  8. vta

    vta The Proletariat

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    I'm pretty sure New Jersey has the lowest gas rates in the country, for some reason or another. $3.89 regular on Wednesday, when I last got gas.
  9. kristie

    kristie Well-Known Member

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    i think it's about $3.87 here.
  10. Heisenberg

    Heisenberg That gum you like.

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    Down the road at the cheapest place in my immediate area it's $3.81
  11. the kid 05

    the kid 05 Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds

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    $4.19, i'd still rather pay this then what our european brotheran are paying
  12. SPHawk

    SPHawk Member

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    3.80 for me right now. And I get to fill up everyday after work out of pocket. Usually $45-$75 for me to fill up.
  13. Route 66

    Route 66 Well-Known Member

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    How do you come to that conclusion? Go back and look at that map. Some states are completely green and in the lowest of the country. I pay way less than you do.
  14. WoodysGirl

    WoodysGirl U.N.I.T.Y Staff Member

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    6 Ways You're Wasting Gas
    It's not easy to break bad driving habits, but if you don't, the money you lose on gas could wind up breaking your bank.

    By Peter Valdes-Dapena provided by: NEW YORK (

    -- With all the worry over fuel prices, you'd think drivers would do whatever they can not to waste gas. But look around and you'll see lots of them tooling around as if they owned their own tanker fleet. One of them might be you.

    Here are six ways drivers typically waste gas on every trip:

    1. Racing away from green lights

    When the light turns green, you don't have to take off as quickly as possible. That pedal under your right foot is called the "gas pedal" for a good reason. The more you press down on it, the more gas you're pumping into the engine.

    Press lightly on the gas pedal, and you'll still accelerate, and you'll still get where you're going. You might be surprised at how little pressure it takes to get your car up to speed in a reasonable time.

    2. Racing up to red lights

    When you're driving down the street, and you see a light red light or stop sign up ahead, you should lay off the gas sooner rather than later.

    There's no point in keeping your foot on the gas until just before you reach the intersection. Let off the pedal sooner and give your engine a rest as you coast to the stop while braking gently. As an added benefit, your brake pads will last longer, too.

    By themselves, these first two tips can improve your fuel economy around town by as much as 35 percent, according to tests conducted by automotive information Web site

    3. Confusing the highway with a speedway

    Even if it doesn't involve hard acceleration, speeding wastes gas. The faster you go, the more air your vehicle has to push out of the way. It's like moving your hand through water. The faster you try to move your hand, the harder the water pushes back.

    In tests by Consumer Reports, driving at 75 miles per hour instead of 65 miles per hour reduced fuel economy by between 3 and 5 miles per gallon, depending on the vehicle.

    4. Bumper-buzzing

    Tailgating is a bad move for many reasons. First of all, it's unsafe. You reduce your ability to react if the car in front of you slows or stops. It also means you have to pay ultra-close attention to that car which reduces your ability to scan for other hazards ahead of you and to the sides.

    And tailgating wastes gas. Every time the driver ahead taps his brakes, you have to slow down even more than he did. (That's because you can't react immediately so you have to slow even more because you're slowing down later.) Then you accelerate again to get back up to speed and resume your bumper-buzzing routine.

    Hang back and you'll be safer - plus you'll be able to drive more smoothly and use less fuel. A good rule of thumb is to allow two seconds of space between your car and the one ahead. You can figure that out by counting off two seconds after the car in front of you passes an obvious landmark like an overpass.

    5. Driving standing still

    You've probably heard that it takes more gas to restart a car than to let it run. Maybe that used to be true, but it isn't anymore. With modern fuel-injection engines, it takes very little extra gas to restart a car once it's warmed up.

    Idling, meanwhile, burns about a half-mile worth of gas every minute, according to the California Energy Commission. That's why hybrid cars shut down their gasoline engines whenever they stop, even for a moment.

    Now you don't want to shut your engine down for every little stop in your regular, non-hybrid car - it's not designed for that - but if you're waiting for someone to run in and out of a convenience store, turn off the engine.

    And don't go through the drive-through at fast food restaurants. You're already paying enough for the oil in those chicken nuggets.

    Bonus tip: Don't idle your engine to let it warm up before driving. It does your engine no good and it wastes gas. Instead, start driving right away, but drive gently until the engine is warm.

    6. Short hops

    For really short trips, take advantage of the opportunity to get some exercise. Try walking to the store instead of driving. You can save gas and burn a few calories instead.

    If you can't hoof it, save up your errands. A lot of short hops that let the engine cool down at home between trips can use twice as much gas as starting the car once and making a big sweep to all your stops, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

    Go to your farthest destination first so your engine has a chance to reach its optimal operating temperature. Then make your other stops on the way back. With the engine warmed up, the car will restart easily and run efficiently all the way home.
  15. needforspeed

    needforspeed Legend in my spare time

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    $3.75 here in SE Iowa. Still higher than a cat's patootie.
  16. ologan

    ologan Well-Known Member

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    I got caught up in the panic myself recently...You know the one,where you start to seriously think about plunking down a fi****l (or two) of cash to buy a more economical car. I thought possibly I would talk momma into a Toyota Corolla instead of the 1998 Dodge Dakota she drives now. Of course it's been paid for for some time,and I still didn't care that she had only driven it all of a couple thousand miles since we moved to the mountains seven years ago.
    I drive a 2006 Tundra,because in my line of work,It is essential to have it,what with the various ladders and equipment I have to cart around to make a living.
    I bring this up,in light of the gas fiasco,because it is a panic in a sense. My dad,who is 84,called me the other day and was all fired up cause he had found a 'deal' on a brand new hybrid SUV from Ford,and he was sure leaning towards plunking down the thirty grand to buy it.....Even though the Ford Econoline van he has in the garage is paid for,and he has gas still in the tank from his last fill-up LAST NOVEMBER!(They also have a nice Buick sedan that gets decent mileage). I'm glad he called me again today and said that he believes he will wait on anything new,as he now believes it would be silly to let the panic get him to do something it didn't make any sense to do.

    In my own situation,my wife made up my mind for me,when she got out the trusty bike,put two new tires on it,and now bikes into town to pick up a few groceries . She doesn't have to;She wants to. And she plans on keeping the Dakota till the wheels fall off it. As for me and the Tundra........As gas goes up,so do my rates to my customers. I just pass it right along.
  17. Dawgs0916

    Dawgs0916 Will the Thrill

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    This might be a really dumb question, but can someone enlighten me as to why gas prices vary so much even from county to county, not to mention state to state nationwide?
  18. Muhast

    Muhast Newo

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    Because they can .
  19. Dawgs0916

    Dawgs0916 Will the Thrill

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    Ok. Can someone older than 5 tell me why it varies so much and there is different tendencies throughout the country?
  20. ninja

    ninja Numbnuts

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    I'll try to do a little better. I read that the biggest factor is your distance from a refinery. The closer you are to a refinery the better. Also, taxes differ from state to state. I think NY taxes at 60 cents/gallon. Gov't regulations are also a factor. And demand. And everything costs more in Calif for some reason. My Calif. relative came to Pgh and was amazed that the strawberries grown in Calif and shipped all the way to Pgh were still cheaper than the same strawberry sold in Calif. Go figure.

    But, don't worry. Nancy Pelosi and her now Democratic majority promised to lower the price of gasoline two years ago if elected. Well, we're still waiting. Anytime Pelosi.

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