Gavin Escobar?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by IAmLegend, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. IAmLegend

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    -What's the deal with him?

    -I'm not trying to hate on the guy, but he's been so bad at blocking that we can't even keep him on the field. I know he's young, but when you use a 2nd rounder on someone, you expect him to play, don't you?

    -I'm starting to think we could've used that that pick on a position of need like DT or DE.. or even O-Line. Anything really. Especially with Hanna playing a bigger role this season.

    -I'm not giving up on him cause he's young and he may very well develop into a nice player, but I really hate watching high draft picks sit on the sidelines. Just my personal opinion.
  2. Pessimist_cowboy

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    :eek: Another 2nd round TE who can't play ?
  3. ConstantReboot

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    He is another failed experiment of Garrett. We have spent considerable resources, time and energy in trying to get a formidable two tight end set going. Garrett wanted to copy the same exact offense as the Patriots. However, his excuse is that we don't have the personnel. Thus we spent on 3 TEs in the 2nd round - two have been a bust and Gavin is looking like that his heading that way.

    Garrett is trying to force round pegs into square holes. The 12 formation doesn't fit this team. We should have never gone away from the fullback running formations or just make the spread offense our main formation and create certain plays from that formation. The two tightend set in Dallas has been a bust. But Garrett keeps trying to install is as our bread and butter offense. He is too stubborn.
  4. RastaRocket

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    Ya that pick sucked. I was OK with it before and probably tried to support it, but now it just sucks, especially with the state of the defense.
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  5. Zordon

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    6'7 giant with the strength of a little girl. He sounds more like a circus freak show act then an actual football player.
  6. dupree89

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    High picks need to produce immediately. Bad decision on this guy.
  7. Blue Eyed Devil

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    The Escobar pick was head-scratching from day 1. They already had James Hannah who seemed to be everything that Escobar was and could block a little too. Escobar had soft hands but wasn't exactly making circus catches and his blocking was bad, he was getting put on his butt in the game film I watched by guys that he outweighed by 30lbs in college.

    I never got it and I feel like I'm vindicated in that skepticism because how Hannah is playing full time and Escobar is nowhere to be seen.
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  8. T-RO

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    Drop the fixation of hate, dude. Garrett didn't draft the guy. Garrett doesn't draft anyone. If you are going to hate save it for someone worth it: Jerry.
  9. dupree89

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    T-RO my friend. How's this?

    Jerry Jones: World class businessman, but a total zero as an NFL executive.
  10. T-RO

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    Spot on, my friend. Total Zero.
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  11. Everlastingxxx

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    4 receptions in 10 games. That averages 1 catch per 2.5 games.
  12. Zordon

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    Too bad Jordan Reed wasn't RKG enough to even make it on our draft board.
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  13. Wheeltax

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    I don't know why Dallas can't seem to hit on a TE since Witten
  14. Nav22

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    What's with this myth that our 2nd round TEs can't play? Anthony Fasano and Martellus Bennett have been productive starters since leaving the Cowboys. If Escobar's a bust, he'd be the first.

    The problem with those other guys was that they played behind Witten so their opportunities were obviously limited. It's a valid question to ask, "Why are we using a 2nd rounder on a TE when we already have a great one?" But neither Fasano nor Bennett qualify as "busts" by any standard.
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  15. Matts4313

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    no. This is all wrong and you should feel bad for being wrong.

    Fasano was drafted by Parcells and traded later. Parcells and Payton wanted to implement the 12. Bill had run it successfully at other places.

    Garrett drafted Bennett. Who (admittedly) hated playing here because of Witten.

    both of those guys have bounced around the league and have been somewhat successful players.

    but the one thing I do wholly agree with you is that we dont make the 12 a focal point of our offense. It makes no sense in my mind why we drafted Escobar. Total head scratcher.
  16. 17yearsandcounting

    17yearsandcounting Benched

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    Go look at his combine stats and lol. You cant put a player that is this weak on an NFL field.
  17. 17yearsandcounting

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    Women (nothing wrong with women) are stronger than him. That is PATHETIC. 12 rps at 225? Kiffin might be able to do that.

    Strength is huge in the NFL.
  18. AmericanCowboy

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    I think we hit on Martellus Bennett. He was the best blocker out of all our players a few years ago. People hate on him but he had some talent regardless of his boneheaded plays.

    Just doesnt make any sense at all to have drafted him knowing you werent going to resign him once his rookie contract was up.
  19. Sarge

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    Absolutely - considering the needs elsewhere.

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  20. 17yearsandcounting

    17yearsandcounting Benched

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    Tellus was at least VERY good at one thing, and never really had a chance at being a pass catcher here. He needed to move on, but Garrett and co. diddnt use Marty B right, how are they supposed to use this weak sally they drafted last year?

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