gawd look at our O linemen an tell me we don't

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by UnoDallas, Feb 18, 2011.

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    draft one high

    Position Analysis:

    Andre Gurode - Only Cowboys center to make five Pro Bowls and one of 26 players in franchise history to have at least five straight Pro Bowl selections.

    Leonard Davis - His $6 million salary for 2011 could play a huge factor in his future. First year he didn't make the Pro Bowl with the Cowboys, snapping a three-year streak.

    Kyle Kosier - Unrestricted free agent who many feel is the most underrated linemen on the team. His injury issues will always be an issue.

    Montrae Holland - Still has another year on his contract. With Davis' future uncertain and Kosier unrestricted, the chances of Holland starting next season are solid.

    Phil Costa - Versatile backup who was forced into action last season. Those guys are valuable on the roster, but it's unlikely he is viewed as a potential starter.

    Travis Bright - One of the few practice squad players not called up to the roster last year. That stemmed from the lack of injuries on the line. Still, Bright has two years of practice squad experience but it's time he takes the next step.

    In my book we got two who should be startring next year

    Gurode - because we got nothing better
    Kosier - better resign him

    Position Analysis:

    Doug Free - Restricted or unrestricted, Free might be their most important free agent.

    Marc Colombo - Two years left on his contract. Injuries have taken a toll on his career; he's a leader and a tough-minded asset when healthy.

    Sam Young - Not a high pick, but Cowboys have hopes he can develop into a solid player.

    Alex Barron - Free agent, and possibly not in the team's 2011 plans.

    Jermey Parnell - Former basketball player is a good athlete, but didn't play offensive line in one year of college. A work in progress.

    Robert Brewster - 2009 third-round pick has battled injuries and his weight; spent season on the practice squad.

    got one good OT


    Jerry its time to invest in some O linemen
  2. AbeBeta

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    we don't place a high value on OL in the draft. Our scouting department hasn't changed. Our GM hasn't changed. We've had far worse talent on the OL and not drafted OL higher than round two. That simply is not likely to change. It will likely go as it does every year -- we have a guy targeted for #2 ... usually someone who several teams have a first round grade on - the guy slips ... then goes a few picks before us.
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    Cannot argue without that. Wish I could.
  4. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Got the feeling yesterday that OT Marc Colombo will be coming back for another season. Working on core strength to try improve flex

    @incogneetus69 I hope you are wrong, but IF Thats the case L. Davis needs to go◄ Bryan Broaddus: talking to Houck he knows he needs to get more from Davis


    If we over-drafted on OL no one should be upset
  5. johnnyd

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    like the other poster said . this seems to be extremley accurate. however this year (at least pre combine mock wise) would be the first time since 2005 that no o-lineman would go top 10 hopefully meaning that there will be some really talented guy's who drop to round 2, but unlike other years however i hope we don't sit there with our hands in our pockets, If the guy we want is there late round 1 or early round 2 we need to go up and get him. I know everyone has a mock with us getting 2 or 3 lineman and a saftey and a inside lb etc . but seriousley we need to just walk away with starters.
  6. fortdick

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    I agree that Columbo will at least be in the mix. He didn't get a chance to really rehab last off season and with some hard work might get back to form.

    Unless the injuries can't be rehabbed. Then all we can say is Thanks Mark.
  7. Sam I Am

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    I think that this point Jerry have have figured out OL is important enough to draft in the first round. Jerry in the past has just been infatuated with skill positions and LBs/CBs in the first round.

    I think he knows (especially with the Romo injury even though it was Gronk's fault)) that he must protect the QB even if that means using a 1st pick.

    Usually he just wanted to draft low then sign free agents. It's time to draft great offensive lineman and stop depending on FAs. I think he knows this.
  8. AbeBeta

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    We've been here before. Fact is that we value skill positions more. Jerry isn't suddenly going to change nor is the scouting department.

    Plus Jerry has had success with drafting OL. He likes them round 2. That's where we like our value.

    Larry Allen in 94
    Shane Hannah in 95
    Flozell in 98
    Solomon Page in 99
    Gurode in 2002
    Al Johnson in 2003
    Jacob Rogers in 2004

    There are dogs on that list. But there is a future HoF and two guys who have made multiple probowls. 3 great picks out of 7 is a very solid record for 2nd rounders. I expect Jerry would further note that most of the dogs came when we were picking 20th or later (Hannah, Page, Rogers). You aren't going to convince Jerry that we can't get someone really good high 2nd

    Add to that list guys who we targeted but just missed on like Colledge and Unger and it is pretty clear that we do have a good eye for 2nd round OL talent
  9. Doomsday101

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    Jerry said the same things about WR yet we drafted Dez 1st rd. So who knows
  10. AbeBeta

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    Jerry evaluated Dez as a once in a generation talent who dropped way way low.

    I don't see any OL like that
  11. Doomsday101

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    Yes he did drop but we still had to move up to get him, not something you would expect for a guy who said drafting WR in the 1st rd is risky.

    As for OL at 9 I agree I don't see anyone even my own pet cat Carimi as worthy of getting selected there but I would not rule out getting an OL player within the 1st 2 rd of the draft.
  12. burmafrd

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    so in 16 years we used 7 2nd rd picks and got three Players. That is less than one every 5 years. And we have not drafted any in 6 drafts.

    That is NOT enough.

    I would not mind carpet bombing OL in this draft if there was more quality. But there ain't.

    Smith if he can keep the weight up is frankly the ONLY tackle I would give a first rd value to. There are no real talents at guard or center. Not sure if any of them are worth more than a 3rd rd pick.
  13. AbeBeta

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    It is risky -- and Jerry only did it b/c he saw one of the most talented WR of the last 10 years on the board.

    I think I noted above that 2nd round is where Jerry likes to make his OL picks
  14. Doomsday101

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    Well there are no OL in this draft that is worth a 9th overall pick, to take one at 9 just to say you did would be foolish. All I'm saying to say he never would is nothing more than a guess after all he said the same about WR but that changed based on the talent they saw in him.
  15. AbeBeta

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    The difference here is that Jerry simply doesn't view many OL as WORTH a first round pick - it was clear from our draft board last year that we placed far less value on OL that other teams - Jerry has put that value on WR in the past -- he prefers to spend it in trades, but we have now spent 5 first round picks on WR in his time here. 3 by trade and two in the draft. Excluding TE (which is clearly not what we've been talking about), Jerry has never used a 1st in any way to acquire OL
  16. Doomsday101

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    He did not view WR that way until they saw the talent. Never is a long time to say Dallas never would sorry I don't buy that. The Franchise in general has only taken 2 OL in the 1st rd even when Landry and Gil Brandt was here and none under Jimmy Johnson.
  17. UnoDallas

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    I wait until next year to draft a C James Brewster out of OSU
  18. TheCoolFan

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    The sad truth is all of the offensive linemen will return. I just can't see them putting a rookie RT in the starting lineup. Whoever we draft will get their chance in 1-2 years, although I feel like Colombo will be here for awhile. They love his "leadership" and intangibles
  19. UnoDallas

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    yea but I can't wasting away a top ten pick yet again with out getting one of the top OT's

    so I guess you don't think Carimi/Smith/Sherrod has his leadership or intangibles

    this is the year to take a chance on one of those OT's

  20. 28 Joker

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    This offense would be much better in November and December and January if they drafted Tyron Smith and Danny Watkins and started both of them from day one. Other wise, they will struggle to get any push in the running game, get to the second level, or pass protect.

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