GBN 06 Mock Draft - Players Available

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by sago1, Dec 6, 2005.

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    Below is latest GBN mock draft; they now show us with 21st overall pick instead of the lower pick given below. Notice some of the guys who available if we pick at 21. Quite a few good ones who could help a lot. BTW LB Bobby Carpenter isn't even picked to go in first round any longer.

    [size=+3]PROJECTED 2006 DRAFT [/size]
    [size=+3]1st-ROUND SELECTION ORDER

    (Ed note: Projected first-round selection order for the 2006 draft
    if it were held today. Opponents' W-L records are for the full
    16 game schedule, not just to date.)

    December 2, 2005
    • [size=-1]#[/size][size=-1]Team[/size][size=-1]Player
      [/size][size=-1]*Reggie Bush
      [/size][size=-1]Southern California
      [/size][size=-1]2[/size][size=-1]New York Jets[/size][size=-1][/size][size=-1]Matt Leinart
      [/size][size=-1]Southern California
      [/size][size=-1]3[/size] [size=-1]San Francisco[/size] [size=-1]D'Brickashaw Ferguson
      [/size][size=-1]4[/size] [size=-1]Green Bay[/size] [size=-1]*Mario Williams
      [/size][size=-1]North Carolina State
      [/size][size=-1]5[/size][size=-1]Tennessee[/size][size=-1]*Vince Young
      [/size][size=-1]6[/size][size=-1]Arizona[/size][size=-1]Marcus McNeill
      [/size][size=-1]7[/size][size=-1]New Orleans[/size][size=-1]A.J. Hawk
      [/size][size=-1]Ohio State
      [/size][size=-1]Baltimore[/size] [size=-1]*Omar Jacobs
      [/size][size=-1]Bowling Green
      [/size][size=-1]Miami[/size] [size=-1]Jimmy Williams
      [/size][size=-1]Virginia Tech
      [/size][size=-1]10[/size][size=-1]Buffalo[/size][size=-1]*Haloti Ngata
      [/size][size=-1]11[/size][size=-1]Cleveland[/size][size=-1]Mathias Kiwanuka
      [/size][size=-1]Boston College
      [/size][size=-1]Detroit[/size][size=-1]*Ahmad Brooks
      [/size][size=-1]13[/size][size=-1]Oakland[/size][size=-1]Rod Wright
      [/size][size=-1]14[/size][size=-1]St. Louis[/size][size=-1]Mercedes Lewis
      [/size][size=-1]15[/size][size=-1]Philadelphia [/size][size=-1]*LenDale White
      [/size][size=-1]Southern California
      [/size][size=-1]Denver (from Washington)[/size]
      [size=-1]*Leonard Pope
      [/size][size=-1]17[/size][size=-1]Minnesota[/size][size=-1]*Laurence Maroney
      [/size][size=-1]18[/size][size=-1]New England[/size][size=-1]Chad Greenway
      [/size][size=-1]19[/size][size=-1]Tampa Bay[/size][size=-1]Eric Winston
      [/size][size=-1]20[/size] [size=-1]Atlanta[/size][size=-1]Jonathan Scott
      [/size][size=-1]Pittsburgh[/size][size=-1]Tye Hill
      [/size][size=-1]22[/size][size=-1]Kansas City[/size][size=-1]*Ashton Youboty
      [/size][size=-1]Ohio State
      [/size][size=-1]23[/size][size=-1]New York Giants[/size][size=-1]Michael Huff
      [/size][size=-1]24[/size][size=-1]Dallas[/size][size=-1]*Santonio Holmes
      [/size][size=-1]Ohio State
      [/size][size=-1]25[/size][size=-1]San Diego[/size][size=-1]Ryan O'Callaghan
      [/size][size=-1]Chicago[/size][size=-1]*Vernon Davis
      [/size][size=-1]27[/size][size=-1]Carolina[/size][size=-1]Max Jean-Gilles
      [/size][size=-1]28[/size][size=-1]Jacksonville[/size][size=-1]DeAngelo Williams
      [/size][size=-1]29[/size][size=-1]Cincinnati[/size][size=-1]Jesse Maholena
      [/size][size=-1]30[/size][size=-1]Denver[/size][size=-1]Elvis Dumervil
      [/size][size=-1]31[/size][size=-1]Seattle[/size][size=-1]Manny Lawson
      [/size][size=-1]North Carolina State
      [/size][size=-1]32[/size][size=-1]Indianapolis[/size][size=-1]Abdul Hodge
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    Right now, my draft "wishlist" for our first pick includes:

    QB - Jay Cutler
    WR - Santonio Holmes
    OT - Jonathan Scott
    OG - Max Jean-Gilles
    FS - Laron Landry
    LB - Bobby Carpenter

    I would be happy with any of these guys right now....

    Since Jeff Ireland did such a good job for last years draft, I will place my trust in his abilities to scout talent. I just hope it extends to the offensive side of the ball this offseason.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Not in a million years do we take a TE with our first round pick.
  4. MrPhil

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    Agree completely but, I didn't see where a TE was mentioned.......did I miss it? If so, my apologies. :)
  5. Zaxor

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    Thanks for posting but needless to say I disagree...LB/OT/CB or even a FS I could see in the first but not a WR

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Wow, that's weired. I could have sworn it said Vernon Davis at 24. My bad, it clearly says Holmes but man, I looked at it, saw Vernon Davis and immediatly took out the picture of the wife on my desk.

  7. VACowboy

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    I don't think you'll see an OL in the first. I'd put my money on Huff or a LB.
  8. Ashwynn

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    We better see several Oline prostpects the first day, unless we have already taken care of a few spots via Frewe Agency. But we gota address the O line somewhere this offseason and big time too. Cash out the CDs Jerry, we gunna need a lot of cash to fix this pig.
  9. wileedog

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    I think we'll go LB in the first then possibly O-line with both the 2nd and 3rd, depending how the board falls.

    I doubt we'll go WR or FS on the first day at all.
  10. Qwickdraw

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    Looks like it's shaping up to be a weak year for WRs. Especially in comparison to the past couple.

    Maybe we could get a crack at the first WR taken off the board late in the first round.
  11. AmishCowboy

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    What's wrong with Holmes?. We need to get younger there, we can always fix the O-Line with a ready to play FA. As far as FS, let's see what Pile can do these last couple of games, Parcells said that he likes VA Tech players, since they played under former Assistant Al Groh.
  12. SA_CowboyFan

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    I would say if Huff falls to us, we jump all over him. He's young, good, and a would be a great compliment to THE Roy Williams. Not mention he's a local product (Irving Nimitz HS).
  13. SmashFactorGolf

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  14. tideh20heel

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    al groh coaches for uva not va tech. i agree best player available.
  15. AbeBeta

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    The only way we go OL in the first is if one of the top two guys drops big time. Reaching for in OT can be a disaster.
  16. baj1dallas

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    If Abdul Hodge is still available at that point, he's a possibility.
  17. BigDInCharlotte

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    No chance he lasts that long, and certainly will not be taken after Lewis from UCLA.
  18. Avery

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    Take Gilles in that situation. Rivera and Allen aren't getting any younger and Peterman, Gurode, etc. aren't getting any better.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I don't know. I would not take a Guard with a first round pick. I would take a LT. Right now, you got Ferguson, Scott, Whitworth, Justice, Winston, McNeil, Blalock and Trueblood who might all carry a first round grade at Tackle. There are gonna be some pretty good Guard talents available in the 2nd and 3rd. Even later.
  20. btcutter

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    trade down into the 2nd and pick up OL help in 2nd and 3rd. OL desperately needs upgrade and youth

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