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    Thursday report by Paul Guillemette, editor of Paul's Pigskin Place and Jon Cozart, GBN Chief Scout with contributions from Colin Lindsay, GBN Editor and Publisher

    The NFL personnel community pretty much cleared out on Wednsday, however, ace reporter Paul Guillemette is still on site in Mobile and filed the following report from today's practices for both teams. Washington QB Jake Locker is the best QB talent down here by far, but he can be frustarting. He plays fine for 4-5 reps and then he makes a special play/throw of some kind, but then throws an errant pass or interception. Today, for example, he fumbled a snap in the Red Zone killing a drive. Makes coaches want to scream.

    Still think that the Boise State boys Austin Pettis and Titus Young are the only truly impressive WRs down here. Just don't think the North QBs are being helped by receivers Niles Paul, Vince Brown or Dwayne Harris none of which have showed much urgency or consistency in their pass catching and route running.

    Nebraska RB Roy Helu continues to look quicker and faster to me than watching him on TV last fall. Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick continues to improve and had his best day with some accurate throwing and decent reads. Most importantly, he showed some patience and didn't take off after only one look downfield. Despite all his other good attributes it seems Cal DE Cam Jordan gets his feet tangled at times in his haste to move around blockers.

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