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    Day One Highlights?
    By Jon Cozart, GBN Chief Scout

    Day one at the Senior Bowl has come to a close. It was a beautiful day here in Mobile while much of the country has been enduring a frigid climate lately. Hopefully we?ll have a full week of great weather before the game on Saturday.

    Monday morning started out with the weigh-in and if physical build has anything to do with who wins the big game my money is on the South. The South squad really passes the eyeball test and has considerably more studs than the North. However, one guy on the South Team that didn?t conform to the rest of his peers and showed up at 382 pounds was the mountainous man Herman Johnson. The room was relatively quiet for the seventy minute or so weigh-in with the exception of the thirty seconds after Johnson?s weight was announced to the room. Collective whispers filled the room as Johnson blew away Phil Loadholt, who was the second heaviest, by almost 40 pounds. Loadholt tipped the scales at 343 pounds and although he was bulky he didn?t appear to be soft. He carried the weight well and will probably be asked to drop a few pounds once he?s drafted, but he won?t have to lose much as the bulk fit his 6-8 frame better than expected. He at least assuaged my concerns about his weight. Here are a few others that seemed to stand out either positively or negatively at the weigh-in:

    Clemson QB Cullen Harper Just looked like a guy
    Liberty RB Rashad Jennings Thick and muscular
    USC MLB Rey Maualuga Big legs; soft torso
    Alabama TE Travis McCall Short and overweight
    SMU P Thomas Morstead Thick build for a punter
    Tennessee OG Anthony Parker Gut hangs over his waist; looked soft
    Georgia Tech DT Vance Walker Soft gut
    West Virginia QB Pat White Has descent muscle tone but lean; not built like a QB.
    Alabama QB John Parker Wilson Very little muscle tone
    Cal Poly WR Ramses Barden At 6-6, 227 looked like he belonged; Tall and Strong
    Boston College DT Ron Brace Looked fat
    Missouri DT Ziggy Hood Really stood out. Barrel chest with thick legs, but still a very lean 298
    Oregon State T/G Andy Levitre Soft gut
    Oklahoma State TE Brandon Pettigrew Good looking kid
    Boston College DT B..J. Raji Soft belly, but big legs and huge backside
    Virginia LB Clint Sintim Huge legs that look like they belong to a 325-pounder

    Monday Afternoon North Practice: Both the North and South teams practiced at the same time today and I chose to go to the North practice. Practice only lasted 90 minutes and there were multiple drills going on so I didn?t get a look at everyone. I?d like to get a better look at everyone before I offer an opinion on someone, but that?s no fun for our readers so here is what caught my eye today. Western Michigan DB Louis Delmas was agile and confident today and more than held his own. Missouri DB William Moore fell once during a drill for defensive backs, but looked big and fast before that so we?ll see if he can recover from that stumble. Oregon DB Patrick Chung dropped a ball today and didn?t show much agility to further hurt his stock. DB Mike Mickens of Cincinnati didn?t look as quick as his teammate DB DeAngleo Smith and was burned for a touchdown when Washington State WR Brandon Gibson just ran past him. As you can tell I spent most of my time watching the defensive backs and a bit of the wide receivers. However, I was really impressed in the short amount of time I watched Boston College DT B.J. Raji. Tomorrow I?ll definitely spend more time watching him as he blew up the interior linemen in front of him multiple times. Oklahoma State TE Brandon Pettigrew made a tough catch with a defender bumping him all over the field. Cal Poly WR Ramses Barden takes awhile to get to top speed, but the kid is a specimen at 6-6, 227. Oklahoma WR Juaquin Iglesias runs a little unusual and had a drop and a fumble today. The former number one high school recruit in the nation, WR Derrick Williams of Penn State, showed he shouldn?t be overlooked as he seemed to stop on a dime when going full speed and beat DBs deep on multiple occasions. He had my eye more than any other receiver today for sure. Virginia Tech DB Macho Harris looked a step behind his peers today and was beat deep by Ohio State WR Brian Robiskie.

    Expect the action to really start to heat up Tuesday as both teams will be in full pads. We'll have full reports on the North practice in the morning and the South's afternoon session later in the day.

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    Ramses Barden at 6-6 227, could be the next Plax on some team and Robiskie is guy that can move chains.

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