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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 8, 2011.

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    Who's hot: No player in the 2011 draft class is hotter right now that LSU CB Pat Peterson following his dominating performance at last month's combine where he ran a sub-4.35 40 at 220 pounds. Peterson still may not be the #1 pick this year - and in fact no CB has ever been selected either first or second overall in the modern era - but he at least has the skill set to be the highest graded propect entering the draft. There is a similar story for Alabama DT Marcel Dareus, a 320-pound rock who ran under 4.95 at the combine, and as a result, may, if nothing else, have edged ahead of Auburn's Nick Fairley, whom he outweighs by almost 30 pounds, for the top grade at the position. Meanwhile, North Carolina DE Robert Quinn is lukewarm, but could have been much hotter if he had been able to run in the sub-4.6 range at the combine. Quinn, though, was clocked in 4.70 seconds, which is still good for a 265-270-pound edge rusher, and likely currently is still in the discussion for the #1 pick because of his explosiveness off the snap.

    Who's not: Despite running a very quick sub-4.9 40 at the combine, the stock of Auburn's Fairley may have slipped a tad over concerns that he only weighs in the 290 range; there are also concerns about a shoulder injury - Fairley didn't lift at the combine - as well as some concerns over the fact that he may not always go full out on every snap. A health issue has also resulted in a bit of a slide for Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers. Bowers had surgery to repair an MCL at the end of the season and while he claims to be 100% did not workout at the combine and won't participate in the Tigers' pro day this week. Instead, Bowers, who led the country with 15.5 sacks last fall despite the injury, won't workout until April 1st when he holds a private workout. Georgia WR A.J. Green also had a somewhat disappointing combine where his numbers were al middle-of-the-pack among WRs including a 4.50 40 clocking. That's not bad, but not quite the stuff of #1 picks in a loaded draft.
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    Dareus may have moved ahead of Fairley. Interesting

    Can he slip to 9?

    If he's there at 9 along with Prince, and Tyron Smith.....Who's the pick?
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    I find it laughable that Fairley is supposedly dropping because he "only" weighed in at 291 lbs. They act as if he showed up at 260 lbs. Gaining 10-15 lbs on an already 6'3" 291 lb frame is not going to be problematic.

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    One or two trips to the Buffet table would get it done. Honestly, he's so athletic that it wouldn't matter if he stayed at 291 or not. He's going to be a monster for any team that wants to play him at DE or any team that decides to play him as a 3 tech. Heck, he could play strong side LB he's got such great change of direction and lateral movement skills.
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    I've said similiar things myself. If we were to grab Fairley at #9, I could definitely see certain packages where Rob Ryan would have him lining up standing, whether it be on the line or outside. I don't think he could make the fulltime switch to 34 OLB, but he certainly athletic enough to be utilized occasionally on blitzes and stunts inside or out.
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    Akeem Ayers blew a big opportunity. I thought he would excel at the combine
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    I thought Ayers would test a lot better, but I've never been too high on him. I think his upside at best is Karlos Dansby, which is not a bad thing.

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