General consensus on B.W. Webb, Joseph Randle and DeVonte Holloman....

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    4(114) B.W. Webb CB William & Mary

    Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN: 11th rated CB, 78th player overall, designated a sleeper, 3rd-4th round projection.

    He had a stellar career with the Tribe, though his play did regress a bit during the 2012 season. He can flip his hips, turn and run with any receiver. Webb is smooth and fluid and he showed off his wares well at the Senior Bowl practices in Mobile, showing confidence and holding his own vs. top level WRs. He is a natural cover man so, even though he doesn't have great size, Webb has the skill set to be a nickel back or a starting cornerback in the right NFL defensive structure.


    Nolan Nawrocki, Pro Football Weekly: 15th rated CB, 1st rated nickel CB, 80th player overall, 3rd-4th round projection.

    Adequate sized, confident, competitive, quick-twitched nickel CB who plays bigger than his size and could contribute as a rookie given his versatility to play off man or zone, man up the slot and return kicks. Will appeal to teams such as the Falcons, Patriots, Panthers or Broncos and out perform CBs drafted ahead of him.


    Frank Coyle, Draft Insiders Digest: 12th rated CB, 84th player overall, 4th round projection.

    This is a prospect I have scouted live a few times and was always impressed with his top skill set and potential. His refined skill set will allow him to settle quickly into a pro system where his speed to match up vs. NFL talent probably warrants early time. Fine early middle round pick with the skill set to start in time and as a rookie nickel corner. Top 125 prospect with fine tools and intangibles to overcome his lack of height. Small college gem.


    Scouts Inc., ESPN: 11th rated CB, 100th player overall, 4th round projection.

    Webb has exceptional movement and man coverage skills. He has quick feet and transitions well out of his cuts. In addition, he flashes instincts and has a quick closing burst to make up ground with the ball in the air. However, Webb brings very little as a run defender and lacks interest in this department on tape. He brings good value as a pure cover corner, though.


    Rob Rang, NFL Draft Scout: 15th rated CB, 121st player overall, 3rd-4th round projection.

    Fluid athlete with speed and footwork for man coverage. Smooth movement skills and closes with burst and finishing mentality. Competitive in run support. Lacks ideal experience against top competition. Webb's athleticism and competitive drive will be attractive to scouts but he doesn't have great strength and might need a year to get up to NFL technique.


    5(151) Joseph Randle RB Oklahoma St.

    Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN: 18th rated RB, did not make top 100 overall (which is all Mel provides), designated as underrated, 4th-5th round projection.

    Early in his career, Randle excelled as a receiver when Kendall Hunter was the focal point of the OSU offense. When Hunter moved on to the 49ers, Randle took over and showed a silky smooth running style and nose for the end zone. He is an angular back and a long strider, with good hands and ball skills for catching the ball out of the backfield. Now, OSU's spread offense offered him gaping holes to run through, so Randle may get pushed down a bit when you factor in the fact that he'll have to run through tighter windows in the pros. He could also get caught up in the shuffle of a large number of talented mid round backs in this draft. Still, he has a lot of ability, so Randle could end up being a good bargain pick at the point he comes off the board.


    Nolan Nawrocki, Pro Football Weekly: 9th rated RB, 133rd player overall, 3rd-4th round projection.

    Very good vision. Can anticipate the cut back and can sidestep tacklers in the open field. Good foot quickness. Very good outlet receiver with soft hands. Alert in pass protection. Has a nose for the goal line. Is tight in the hips with a narrow lower body. Could run with better pad level and body lean. Too upright. Energetic, one-cut, north-south, downhill zone runner with a well balanced skill set to contribute in multiple areas and contend for a top job.


    Frank Coyle, Draft Insiders Digest: 8th rated RB, 113th player overall, 4th round projection.

    Fast playmaker with impact ability in the right offensive set and possibly as a feature back in time. He wants the ball in critical situations and has been very productive despite special attention from defenses. Versatile runner with well rounded skills and top speed to become an impact weapon. He is capable of being one of the playmakers of this draft class. This is a highly regarded back with an early round grade and quality 1A type back immediately.


    Scouts Inc., ESPN: 13th rated RB, 183rd player overall, 5th-6th round projection.

    Randle is a versatile change-of-pace back. He shows quick lateral agility to make defenders miss and has above average vision and patience as a runner. In addition, he is an above average route runner who can create separation and is a natural pass catcher who transitions quickly after the catch. The only knocks are his lack of top end speed and average power as a runner. Really doesn't have a special skill set.


    Rob Rang, NFL Draft Scout: 5th rated RB, 85th player overall, 2nd-3rd round projection.

    Randle has a lean torso and narrow frame but really has done a nice job in the weight room and adding pounds to his frame. He has good speed to burst through the hole and stay upright through contact. Many of his yards came after the initial hit when he lowered his pads and fell forward. Has an upright running style but he accelerates quickly and is productive as both a rusher and receiver. Very tough in pass protection to pick up the blitz and give up his body. Vocal leader. Needs to improve his ball security.


    6(185) DeVonte Holloman OLB South Carolina

    Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN: 23rd rated OLB, did not make top 100, designated as overrated, 6th-7th round projection.

    Holloman showed ability to make plays in a variety of ways during his 4 years at SC. He made plays against the run and he got downfield in coverage, grading out very well in that area. He's not a great pass rusher, but he is versatile enough to make his presence felt. Holloman can really run and he will be a solid backup and special teams contributor in the NFL.


    Nolan Nawrocki, Pro Football Weekly: 29th rated OLB, did not make top 150, priority free agent projection.

    Physical. Aggressive in run support. Solid tackler. Can patrol short zones. Loves the game. Carries too much bad weight. In need of an NFL S&C program. Tweener traits, not athletic enough for S or strong enough for LB. Average instincts. Exposed in man coverage. Oversized, heavy set college SS who plays like a LB and projects to the strong side in the pros.


    Frank Coyle, Draft Insiders Digest: 24th rated OLB, 210th player overall, free agent projection.

    *No write up on this player


    Scouts Inc., ESPN: 8th rated OLB, 111th player overall, 4th round projection.

    Holloman is a hybrid and played the "spur" position for SC last fall. He is a former safety who lacks ideal range for the back end but has the experience if needed there. His best fit will be as a strongside LB. We really like his leverage and his ability to take on and get off blocks. Shows adequate range but could learn to be more consistent in space as a tackler. Versatile defender who should be able to make an impact on special teams immediately.


    Rob Rang, NFL Draft Scout: 12th rated OLB, 107th player overall, 3rd round projection.

    Holloman has instincts that can't be coached, but has trouble acting on them due to a lack of elite athletic ability. He seems to know what's going on but struggles to consistently get there and make the play. Holloman's initial value will probably be best captured as a special teams contributor, but perhaps a move inside could help mask some of his limitations in space and give him a chance to contribute as a rotational piece down the road.
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    I like these guys... Very good value!

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