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    Hey all. I know we have a number of former (and current) GI's out there. I am going to Berlin on business next week. If anyone who has ever been there could suggest some good night spots, restaurants, or just a good place to get a beer (it's Germany, after all) I'd appreciate it.

    Also - I'll be there on Monday during the Seahawks game. It'll be 3am German time on Tuesday. Anybody know if they broadcast the MNF games out there anywhere?

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    I can't tell you anything about where to go but as for the game the armed forces network always broadcasted the games when I was stationed in Germany......but that was over 10 yrs ago.
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    theres a user named Moose_48 or something like that that he is from Germany and this is his web page Moose but it also depends on what place you going (leave a question in the guestbook and mybe someone will reply)
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    Thanks much!
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    Yeah, you'll be able to see it on the Armed Forces network. So if you can make it through the nauseating commercials, that's your best bet.
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    I was stationed just north of Frankfurt myself so I can't tell you jack about Berlin. However, I can tell you that just about any pub (gasthaus) you walk into is going to have some of the most awesome brewski's in the world.

    The front desk of the hotel you're staying at will be able to give you the name/address of a good one closeby. All the german you need to know is "Ine grosse bier bitte" (sp) (one large brewski please) and "Danke." (thanks partner!) Watch out for those beers too. They have a way of sneaking up on you...

    Have a great time.

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