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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by WoodysGirl, May 17, 2006.

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    Grade: Going into 12th
    Age: 17
    School: Nazareth High School (1A)
    Position(s): TE/WR (we run a strange offense), CB
    Other Sports: Track, Baseball
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 175
    40: 4'9
    Number: 80 (football) 8 (baseball) for my man Troy
    Freshman year: concussion, knocked out cold for 60 seconds
    Sophomore year: broken leg and torn ligaments in ankle, required sergury with a metal plate and 8 screws (basically the same injury as TO suffered from Roy)
    Junior year: torn ACL

    If you play more than one position, what's your favorite position?
    I enjoy tight end the most because its basically a glorified lineman, who catches touchdowns, I enjoy blocking and recieving.

    What was your best game played? The past 2 seasons I have only played in one game due to injury, so it is that one game, I had 3 tackles, 2 forced fumbles, and 2 sacks.

    What was the biggest game you've played in?
    Like I said I haven't played much in high school, so I'll go back to eighth grade. We were behind all game and the passing game hadn't worked at all but in the final seconds we run y-hot pass (deep pass to TE) and I catch it for the game winning TD to seal our perfect season.

    Who's your favorite Cowboy? Why?
    Past: Its Troy Aikman because he is a great example of what a person should be and he was the first Cowboys name I basically knew when I was little "Eightman"

    Present: Is Julius Jones because he has struggled through it all and keeps shutting people up. He's been injury prone just as I have been.

    What Cowboy game stands out the most?
    My first ever game I went to which was in '01 against the Cardinals, and Stoerner, Coakley, and company pulled out the win.
    And another one was season opener in '99 against the Redskins with Rocket winning in overtime, because it was the last great game with the triplets.

    What are some of your hobbies?
    Not exactly a hobby but working on the farm with my dad. I enjoy inspirational sports books, internet, movies, and looking at any kind of car.

    What do you hope to get out of Terrell Owens camp?
    I hope to improve my skills to help our school make it to state, make a few friends, have fun, and well hopefully meet a few Cowboys along the way.

    Thank all of y'all for sponsoring and supporting us.
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    A 5'10 175 lb TE? Dang Eric you got moxie :bow:
  3. trickblue

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    Good luck to you... this is a nice opportunity!
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    props for playing through (recooping) from those injuries bro. I was gonna go to college to play football but I busted up my knee. I tore 3 ligaments in my knee, and now I'm in the air force looking forward to intrramural flag football. lol. Good luck at the camp.
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    A little info for you guys to the south. Nazereth is probably one of the most famous 1A schools in Texas. Always very fundemental teams in every sport. ok atheletes but good to great teams. I think it's all the beer they drink.,_Texas
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    NOw don't get injured at the camp!

    Have fun and tell us if T.O. is really the jerk we think he is.
  7. trickblue

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    He won't come off that way...

    In fairness to TO, he does lots of unheralded work with kids...

    Like him or not, you gotta give him props for that...
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    I played TE/WR on offense and was purely a blocker.

    I was just atad bigger than you.

    Running hills will really improve your 40 time. I know it may be scary with your injuries tho:(

    I knocked .2 secs off my 40 time in 2 summers running hills.
  9. Cbz40

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    Congrats.....Have a great Camp
  10. justbob

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    What the elder member above said ---:star:
  11. cowboyeric8

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    Hello all

    We have a 4 wide reciever set that we run 60% of the time and the other time is different running formations. So we run alot of routes and don't really play much TE.

    Yeah I have been working on my 40 time. It used to be 4'7 but after 2 straight years of rebuilding the muscle in the same leg seemed to slow me down a bit. Imagine that.

    If anybody from the Amarillo area is reading this and ever have leg or knee problems, I highly suggest, Dr. Crossnoe and Dr. Barnhill. Barnhill did some light work on Zach Thomas and is currently employed by the US Ski team. Just thought I would give a shout to my doctors. :)

    Lol, yeah I'm a small TE but you don't need all the size to be good in 1A. Just need to have heart.

    Yeah Nazareth is history rich in sports and academic accomplishments. And I hate the beer drinking aspect of this town. But what can you do? besides not drink, which I don't.

    Well I think I responded to everyone, and thank you all for sponsoring us.
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    Congrats man! Represent West Texas for me too while you are there! :starspin
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    Easy there CBz dont hurt yourself
  14. Juke99

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