getting edwards or williams would be great for drew

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by EastCoastLawnmowers, Feb 22, 2005.

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    dallas should try to get edwards or williams to help drew bledsoe out. just like lee evens did.
  2. Cowboy from New York

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    I think Chicago is a lock to take either Edwards or Williams at #4 and with the Coles situation the Redskins will take the WR the Bears didnt, plus we have too many other needs to move up for a wideout.
    Looking at the thread you started from the angle of "what can we do in the draft to help Bledsoe perform better" I think there are two ways to go.
    I think our #11 pick will be defense, I personally hope its Marcus Spears but are #20 pick could be Troy Williamson, if he fell that far, a speedster wideout combined with Bledsoe's big arm would back safties off and really help Julius Jones and also Jason Witten working underneath.
    If we went defense with both our 1st rounders then another way to help Bledsoe is to give him great protection, so if Elton Brown fell to us in the 2nd we should take him and upgrade the interior of the O-line.
    JMHO ofcourse.
  3. Shotgun Dave

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    Williamson WILL be there at 20 and it won't take any falling for it to happen. He's a stud, for sure, but he isn't a top 20 player and hasn't been getting near the press that some other players have. He MIGHT even be there in the 2nd round for us, but I doubt it.

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