Getting really excited about Sunday.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ilykdrama, Sep 5, 2013.

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    I'm a pessimist, especially when it comes to the Cowboys. But I feel like we may have some very important pieces in play now to make a run. Barring a few holes, I think we're pretty stout across the board. I think worrying about the DEPTH of our Dline is logical, but what if the group is great and that's not an issue. Extending Sean Lee is amazing. He's the Jason Witten of the defense. Tough, LOVES football and is not afraid to straighten out some players when things get out of hand. Safety is the only area where I'm not totally sold on, but it our safeties don't have to cover ground and our Dline can get to Sheli, they shouldn't have to work too much. Our oline seems to be shored up with the Waters pick up even though he won't play till wk 2. The emphasis that we've put on the running game is great. Developing a solid running game isn't just about x's and o's it's creating that attitude of "we want to run, so we're going to be successful at it no matter what your team does." I love that Garrett can be a team manager instead of worrying about offensive playcalling. I love that Dez looks to be unstoppable. Mostly.....I love that the Giants are 4-0 in Cowboys stadium and are due for an A** whoopin.
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    Looking at the current Cowboys depth chart, I think this seasons outcome largely depends on rather or not the team can stay relatively healthy. If the Cowboys can do that, the sky is the limit. Last year, this teams defense had their entire starting center removed;Jay Ratliff/Josh Brent Sean Lee/Bruce Carter and Barry Church were all removed from the starting lineup for various reasons. Not too many teams will survive that.

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