Giants fans aren't feeling the optimism we are

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Bungarian

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    Why? How is this team better than all the other 9-7 years? One draft? New coaches?
  2. Idgit

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    I wouldn't trade rosters or coaches with the so-recently Superbowl champion Giants for the coming season, that's all I know.

    Though, on the flip side, I also wouldn't gauge a team's likely performance by the reaction of a majority of its fans, either. Most team's fans pay more attention to their own emotions than they do to what's actually likely to go on on the field. The majority of a fanbase being agitated on the internet isn't the best way to evaluate a team.
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    I don't buy the negative trend stuff. Just like the Giants missing the playoffs 3 of the past 4 years doesn't really matter, neither does Dallas being 8-8 the past 2 or being 11-5 and winning the division/playoff game in 2009. This is about THIS upcoming season. The Patriots have been very successful in recent years. Despite that, I think their fans have quite a bit to be concerned about this season. Every year is different in today's NFL. Regardless of what happened in years past, I have more optimism about this Cowboys team than the Giants. It may not turn out as I predict, but my opinion is based on my knowledge of both teams currently and not what happened in years past.
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  4. Funxva

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    This makes me laugh simply because the Cowboys fan market isn't any more lenient with regard to America's Team. :D
  5. Mansta54

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    What a shocker, a Cowboy homer loving and thinking positive on a Cowboys board. Amazing! What is this world coming to? Shame on that Cowboys homer on a Cowboys board defending his team. Shame shame shame!!!!
  6. ufcrules1

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    Well.. after our team has wasted away for 17 years, I could see a few people being pessimistic.
  7. Bullflop

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    Heck, I don't put too much stock in anything New Yorkers say, especially when it comes to bellyaching. That's the one thing in life they seem to do best. You could give one of 'em a 100-dollar bill and they'd probably complain if it was wrinkled. It's just the nature of the beast -- you'd complain too if you had to live there! -- LOL
  8. Lonestar94

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  9. Doomsday101

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    I have never gone into a season thinking SB, I go into the season hoping to see my team compete and get to the post season. Once that is achieved then of course the expectation are higher but I never put the cart before the horse.
    If Dallas fails then I will deal with the disappointment just as I am elated with success. In sports you learn at an early age to deal with both disappointments and success but I never go in thinking we have no chance.
    I have never understood the mindset of claiming we have no chance to somehow avoid being disappointed
  10. DFWJC

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    I think the Giants offense looks potentially very explosive.
    Nicks, Cruz, Randal at WR. Wilson and Brown at RB. A good new TE, an ok (no great at all) line to go with Eli.

    I'm not sure about the defense though. Pierre-Paul is devasting and they added some pieces via the draft and otherwise, but they are certaily not intimidating overall.

    The front line looks good.
    DEs: Tuck and Pierre-Paul, backups M Kiwanucka, rookie Demontre Moore.
    DTs: Cullen Jenkins, Livnel Joseph and backups rookie John Hankins, S Roders, M Austin

    Someone earlier said their secondary sucks. I wouldn't go that far by any means.
    CB: Amukamura, Jayron Hosley, Corey Webster, and Aaron Ross
    S: Antroll Rolle, Stevie Brown, Muncdy, Sash
    Not a great group, but not horrendous either.
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  11. Ntegrase96

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    I've been a member of their message boards since 2008 so I know the posters there better than I know the ones here. For the most part there isn't an overwhelming excitement for their team this year.

    However, that may not be the best thing in the world. The years when the collective fan base was most confident is when the Giants fell the hardest.

    Make no mistake though. The posters that know their stuff are cautiously optimistic, and they have reason to be with this new transition.
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  12. Ntegrase96

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    The defense is what is the most questionable if you ask me. Pierre-Paul had a pretty mediocre year last year by his standards and will be recovering from back surgery going into the season.

    The secondary isn't awful because they have okay safeties, but they don't have much depth at corner-- one good one in Amukamura and a bunch of question marks.

    The LBers are beyond underwhelming.
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  13. ufcrules1

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    I think the Giants will be just as formidable this year as they were last year. Our teams are evenly matched, their team is just coached better. We obviously have the talent we just need to learn how to harness it and play better as a team. It would be nice to feel solid at the lines and then let things fall into place.. but here we are less than a month out and we haven't even established who our guards starters are going to be.

    If I had to rank the NFC east right now it would be

    NY (slight edge over us)
    Washington (very close to us)
  14. KJJ

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    Loving the Cowboys and thinking positive is one thing but it's another being delusional. Hard to take any FAN seriously who admits they're homer and predicts 16-0 seasons and SB wins every year. There's a lot of Cowboy fans who come to these boards to get some good insight from those who study the Cowboys and have a good pulse on the team.
  15. KJJ

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    I'm a big believer in trends they can tell you a lot. Every year is different but the results the past 2 years have been exactly the same for the Cowboys they're in a funk along with their QB. The Cowboys and Romo have a number of negative trends going and when something becomes a "trend" it can be a problem. Hopefully the team will start gaining some confidence this season by stringing wins together and be able to overcome some of these troubling trends.
  16. Idgit

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    It's always interesting to me that, when the season prediction threads crop up every season, the supposed 'happy fans' and the supposed 'Realists' pretty much have the same predictions every season. It used to crack me up that bbgun and I would butt heads all offseason about the direction the team was heading in, and then we'd both come out at 9-7/10-6 every time. That's one example, but it's pretty commonly the case. And, even with outliers, *nobody* is picking 16-0 and very few think a roster is Superbowl-capable, even with 9-7 teams getting there regularly these days.
  17. Doomsday101

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    True, not seeing anyone claiming 16-0 and SB bound. I think this team is capable of winning the east, not an easy task but do able. Now if they can make it to post season and are playing quality football then they may have a chance but I don't think too much about Feb in Aug.
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  18. Chocolate Lab

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    We weren't very optimistic going into 2009 and that was the best year in over a decade. So I don't think fan expectations are too good a forecasting tool.

    Besides, this team for various reasons often does best when it's doubted, not when it's being told how great it is.
  19. Doomsday101

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    I would agree fans being optimistic or pessimistic is not going to determine the outcome of the season. No doubt every time I turn on the TV to watch them play or I go to the stadium to see them I go with an expectation of them winning sure as heck do not watch them with an attitude of oh they can't win. Just not in my DNA
  20. 5Stars

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    I just don't get why a supposed Cowboy fans would have the need to call out other Cowboy fans for having some optimism about this seasons Cowboys. I mean, why the need to piss in an optimistic fans Wheaties?

    If some fans think the Cowboys suck, good for them, but why bring their miserable thoughts about the Cowboys, or about fans that are optimistic, around here? I would rather be optimistic rather than pessimistic about almost everything in my life.

    But, I do understand the bad vibes that some pessimistic fans have, but to constantly praise other teams and crap on the Cowboys constantly is just....lazy!
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