Giants fans aren't feeling the optimism we are

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Aug 12, 2013.

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    I consider myself an optimist I also consider myself (get ready) a realist. I see the issues the Cowboys have, not blind to the facts. I take no game for granted be it vs a last place team or a 1st place team but yes I expect the Cowboys to play hard and find a way to win. I'm not worried about getting disappointed as I said I learned early on in playing sports and watching sports that disappointment is part of the deal and if you can't handle that then it says very little about you as a man.
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    Very well said...

    Believe me when I say that I also have a lot of concerns about the Dallas Cowboys, but I don't usually come here to bring them up or try and bring others down with my negative views of the Cowboys, it just does no good whatsoever.

    Some posters THINK they know every little thing about the Cowboys, but, they really don't, they just like to think they do. There is not a person on this Earth that can tell what this season brings.
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    I don't mind even talking about concerns and things they need to work on or improve on but when it comes to the Oh we will never win, oh this player will never get better and all that BS then it gets to be a bit much. I have no doubt there are things this team need to do better than they have, this does not mean they have to be the best running team in the NFL but they do need to run better, we don't have to lead the NFL in creating turnovers but we do need to do better. I just see so many ricky bobby attitudes that if your not first your last and it is a complete joke to see it
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    Every team in the NFL right now have concerns. Some more than others, yes. But for some to point out every little flaw with this team down to the waterboy when praising the teams of the enemy as being so much better is beyond me.

    Romo, sucks. We get it. Garrett sucks. We get it. JJ drinks and sucks! We get it. The oline...the safety...the penalties...we get it. But, other teams have many problems just as the Cowboy do, yet since they have won a SB in the past few years, they are going to be better than the Cowboys this season? :cool:
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    In "prediction threads" most try and be realistic but there's some who make crazy out of this world predictions figuring they have nothing to lose. Most of these predictions are made in threads that aren't prediction threads. Heading into last season we had one 14-2 prediction by Lane who ended up lowering his expectations to 13-3 just prior to the season opener. I saw several 12-4 predictions heading into last season. You get a lot of "I have a feeling" predictions which usually end up disastrous. We just got one about a week ago from AmberBeer who claimed he doesn't know why but has a gut feeling the Cowboys are going to win it all this season. Unfortunately these FANS don't realize that most of these overly optimistic predictions act as the kiss of death. Heading into the season finale in 2011 one FAN predicted the Cowboys would score over 40 points on the Giants en route to a blowout win.

    Last season heading into the season finale vs Washington one FAN predicted the Cowboys would win by 30+ and to mark it down. It's almost like some think they can will the team to victory while others come up with the most outrageous prediction imaginable to try and look like a genius if it happens. I was on another board in 2005 and just prior to the season opener a FAN claimed he was walking in a remote area and while taking a leak near a tree a vision appeared to him. o_O He said he was told that the Cowboys were going to win the SB hmm... The Virgin Mary must have gotten her wires crossed and meant to appear to a down on their luck sheep herder somewhere in Ecuador.
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    Wrong again. I do not pick the Cowboys to go to Super Bowls. Do I stretch it out there a bit when predicting records? Sure do. That's the path I choose -- to be optimistic and to have some fun. Why even be a fan if you're not having fun? Guess I'm just delusional. Carry on OZ!
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    It is not insane to envision a Super Bowl for the Cowboys, but in order to do so, you have to ask, "have they addressed their fatal flaws?" This team had two issues that simply can't be overcome with any amount of coaching or good forture: an anemic pass rush and a horrific offensive line.

    There is very good reason to hope these have been addressed. Seriously. But, of course, that won't be known until a few games into the season.

    If Leary, Frederick, and Waters shore up the middle, it is a good offensive line that expands the offense in several ways. And if Kiffin/Marinelli and the new 4-3 generates a pass rush and better run front, then the other parts of the defense are certainly good enough.

    Those are big ifs, but those are substantive attempts to address them, too. It's not crazy to think they have.

    And lest I remind everyone, the ding-dong Ravens won it last year. Hardly a "great" team by any stretch.
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    Oh, come on now, bro! Now you are just being a FAN! Stop with that nonsense!

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    I think we will beat the Giants that first week for these reasons:

    1. Were at home and should be healthy
    2. We basically have a new defense and our offense will look dramatically different. They wont know what to expect and that should give us the element of surprise.

    But I have no doubt that they will torch our safeties over the middle of the field. But it wont be enought.
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  10. erod

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    I didn't say I predict it. But for the first time in a few years, it's not completely crazy.
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    Hell no it's not crazy. But some don't want to hear it, it's as though it's a threat to the team that they really root for.

    Remember, bro..."misery loves company".

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    "Why? How is this team better than all the other 9-7 years? One draft? New coaches? " Team speed on defense. the aggresive 4-3 style defense, and the dedicated sold out attitude. I actually like the last 3 drafts. Last years draft will show ,more this year because they were beat up. I also like the fact that the new defense allows younger players to react vs taking a year to learn everything before they can really help. I also like what Fredrick and leary are bringing in the interior offensive line. I do want waters or another top notch guard to replace bernardeau, but even he has been far. We have our issues but we will win this division going away.
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    You were predicting a SB appearance in 2012 immediately after the Cowboys lost to the Giants in the season finale during the 2011 season. I don't know how to search this board under this new format but no doubt you predicted a SB appearance in 2012.
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    I would not be so sure about that, but it is not impossible. But, if I were you I would not make a prediction like this unless you want to be called a FAN.

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    *laughs and points finger at Frozen700* :D :D

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    Go cry in a pillow
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    of course not Coughlin is not on the hot seat.
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    I am concerned about
    2.RB pass blocking
    3.O line run blocking
    4. Safety

    Not really optimistic about Giants in Dallas. I think undefeated record us going down
  19. CanadianCowboysFan

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    and not just that, until we beat them at home, we really should not be yapping about them
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    They had 2 of the luckiest and random super bowl runs I've ever seen.
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