Giants fans aren't feeling the optimism we are

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. FiveRings

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    Giant fans never feel optimism. Take it from someone that's surrounded by them, they're basically Jets fans that has a team that gets lucky. Otherwise, they're just a miserable group of people. I love watching them turn on Eli, it never gets old.
  2. Wheeltax

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    Seriously. They must be doing something right up in NYC
  3. 5Stars

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    They won because they have the great Eli Manning! Not many QB's in the league can get a receiver to catch a ball with his helmet. I bet Eli practices that throw all the time. The Giants are just lucky that they have Eli because their defense sucked during that last SB.

  4. dallasfan4lizife

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    Or throw a 40 yard ball to a double covered receiver with a 1 foot window...while their eyes are closed.
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  5. CanadianCowboysFan

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    and they get to call themselves SB champions, who cares if it was "lucky".
  6. KJJ

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    They don't give up and have proved that if you hang in and make the playoffs even as a wildcard you can win it all. What you did during the regular season goes out the window once the postseason starts. The Ravens ended the regular season in 2012 1-4. The last 3 SB winners went 10-6 during the regular season.
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  7. DandyDon1722

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    Yep I'm right and you are wrong. Individuals are not teams individuals make up teams and thus have their own identity. Like I said its a three point league anything can happen in any given season - see the Arizona Cardinals who made it to the Super Bowl a 100-1 shot.

    There is reason to be optimistic this year because this year is not last year. You go out try like hell and see what happens.
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  8. cowboys2233

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    Lucky? No, they had a very good offensive line and defensive line. I have no idea why this concept is still so foreign to so many people (including ownership), it ALL starts up front. That is not just idle talk. If you have a very good offensive line and defensive line, your team is capable of anything.
  9. Idgit

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    They had a very, very good, deep defensive front. And they got good QB play and production from their passing game during the postseason. Their OL was capable, but it wasn't the reason they won anything.
  10. cowboys2233

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    Capable means you give your QB enough time to go through his reads and provide decent running lanes for the running game. Yes, they were capable, which is all you need. Frankly, it's hard to look more than capable as an offensive line, you're either doing your job or you aren't. We have been far south of capable for a few years now and it's nullified our very good offensive skill positions to a large degree. You give Romo an offensive line even 30% better than what we've had with the same talent at the skill positions and we are winning the East the last two years.
  11. Idgit

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    I don't disagree with that. You can win with 'capable' protection in the NFL if you have the QB, and we've got the QB. And capable starts with the OTs and the C.

    It's the Giants DL that won that team its championships. Those guys were dominant come playoff time. That's why I'd rather see us spend 1st and 2nd round picks on DLs and pass rushers than on OGs.
  12. Risen Star

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    Yes. You're right. Your past performance isn't indicative of future success.

    I have no idea if Adrian Peterson will be a better RB this year than Knowshon Moreno. Who knows? This is a new year.

    Individuals do make up teams. And if you can tell how good an individual is by past performance, which everyone does, then you can look at the group of individuals, or team, and project the future by their past. I knew the 90's Cowboys were going to win another Super Bowl after 92 by their collective performances in the past. It wasn't a level playing field in 93, even if the fans of the also rans wanted it to be.

    Ya know when you really can't tell by past performance? When it's August and your football team hasn't been good in a really long time.
  13. 5Stars

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    Yo, do know that a CB helped the Cowboys win a SB, right? His name was Larry Brown. I'm sure glad he was not irrelevant that day!

  14. Garland powerplay

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    They still have Eli who owns Dallas.$$

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