Giants not so offensive...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Intrepid, Oct 15, 2005.

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    GIANTS TEAM RANK: Rushing Offense - 115.8 yards per game (15th in NFL); Passing Offense - 237.3 ypg (11th); Total Offense - 353.0 ypg (9th). Rushing Defense - 103.3 ypg (14th); Passing Defense - 322.0 ypg (31st); Total Defense - 425.3 ypg (31st).

    COWBOYS TEAM RANK: Rushing Offense - 115.4 ypg (16th); Passing Offense - 255.4 ypg (7th); Total Offense - 370.8 ypg (7th). Rushing Defense - 95.8 ypg (10th); Passing Defense - 202.0 ypg (16th); Total Defense - 297.8 ypg (10th).

    Looking at these rankings, I'd say the giants aren't as good in offense as they are bad in defense. Plus, we beat them in almost every category in offense as well. They score more points than everyone in the league but... they've not had to face good defenses.

    If we get a pick early in the game, or Ware gets a sack and fumble early, Manning will be rattled, and their offense will turn offensive. Prediction: Dallas 23 Giants 10.

    BTW, is there a prediction thread?

    Go boys!
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    the only thing the giants have had, was good field postion, based on ST, and takeaways, other than that, they are a medicore team, you protect the ball, and keep them on their side of the field, the become average, because thats what they are.
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    Their rankings might not be great, but it's a team game and when each unit is doing some positive things it changes the potential for stats. The Giants have generated turnovers, they are +9 in turnover margin. They have played good on special teams with both kick and punt returns. So they've started drives in great position. Now they might not have been able to move the ball further than they did on many of those drives, but we'll never know because the endzone got in their way. When you are scoring points, yards don't really matter. There is a reason Parcells likes to play the field position game.

    Now to me the only real question is, did they force those turnovers or did they simply take advantage when other teams turned it over? The teams they played and beat are turnover prone. So there is a real chance that the Giants have simply been the lucky recipients of those turnovers, rather than a defensive force causing them. We should find out tomorrow, and it'll go a long way to deciding the game. IMO if the Giants aren't at least +3 in turnover margin against us we SHOULD win the game. If we are up in turnovers we should win handily. But tomorrow we'll all find out.
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    no i'd say they are VERY offensive
    Manning is offensive to me for his punkarse little fit and refusal to play in SD
    and Shockey is offensive because he's a brash idiot
    Barber is offensive because of his annoying cheesy grin and his big games against us
    Plaxico is offensive to me just because he's not as good as he thinks he is
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    good observation.

    They have done well on STs, though.

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