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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by casmith07, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. casmith07

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    Fresh off of SDogo's awesome thread, I decided to do a very quick mock. This mock obviously has DeCastro being gone by #8 to Carolina after a run on OL in the top 10.

    1. Janoris Jenkins, CB, Northern Ala. -- Having put his issues behind him (over a year) and showing very well at the senior bowl, the Cowboys turn the secondary from a hole into a force with this pick. Probably would have been a toss-up for first CB off the board if not for his issues. Only downfall compared to Claiborne is likely his size.

    2. Jared Crick, DT/DE, Nebraska -- big, cornfed, midwestern guy to come in and give us a little bit of that JJ Watt factor on the defensive line. He's the kind of guy that can come in and give the Cowboys a new leadership attitude as well. Dude also nearly got 10 sacks in two seasons, notching 9.5 as a sophomore and 9 as a junior before getting injured this past year. Beast.

    3. Michael Agnew, TE, Mizzou -- Martellus Bennett is gone...he'll probably be in Tampa Bay or somewhere else with a bunch of cap space looking to overspend next year. Agnew comes in and becomes the new blocking TE, not asked to do too much as a rookie but maybe catch a few passes and make good, solid blocks. Learns behind Jason Witten and could potentially be the guy in the future if John Phillips doesn't continue channeling his inner Witten.

    4. LaMichael James, RB/KR/PR/UTIL, Oregon -- Surprise pick...LaMichael James may fall due to his size and running backs not being particularly strong in this class after the obvious in Trent Richardson. James, while not being the full time guy returning kicks and punts as of late, can still get it done, and would actually serve more as a slot guy a la Danny Woodhead than as a true RB. I can see the Cowboys possibly trading Felix Jones, or going long at RB with Murray, Jones, and Tanner as the ball carriers and James as the "scat back."

    5. James-Michael Johnson, ILB, Nevada -- project pick here in the late rounds, as well as some needed depth at the ILB position. Johnson comes in and immediately becomes a special teamer and is given every opportunity to make the roster, battling with guys from last year like Orie Lemon (whom I still think is a diamond in the rough). Smart pick with low risk and potential high reward for the Cowboys.

    6. Brett Roy, DT/DE/OLB "Tweener", Nevada -- another project pick to possibly develop as a SOLB, but could also play DE. Roy notched 10 sacks this year, and was a dominant force, even if it was the WAC. Would provide some needed fresh blood on the front 7 and push some of our current bubble guys to step up or find themselves looking for work.

    6. (Comp) Cliff Harris, CB, Oregon -- Mr. Harris from Oregon comes in and tries to add himself next to the Honorable Cliff Harris of Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor Fame. While a project, Harris has plenty of upside and could definitely contribute if we're willing to take him on the roster and not try and play it safe like we did with Josh Thomas (we should have kept him and cut Ball).

    7. Hebron Fangupo, NT, Brigham Young -- Hostile gets his jollies as a selection comes from his old school. Fangupo is 6'1", 330 lbs, is Polynesian, and went to USC before transferring. He also is a married, family man with good character. Has lots of potential -- BYU is a good football program, but not necessarily a pro factory like USC. Some good work with Coach W's staff in the weight room and this guy could be an absolute monster in the middle. Imagine Jay Ratliff with 40-50 more lbs on him.
  2. Woods

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    Nicely done.

    Though in Rd 4 I may go with an OC or Guard position. Maybe the guy from Baylor at center? I can't think of his name now.
  3. Bigdog

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    I like it. I am a little wary of selecting two CB's with trouble past but if those 2 get there head on straight then we could have one hell of a secondary. I am still trying to come to grips with what SDog said about Panthers and DeCastro. That one stung a little.
  4. cowboy_ron

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    Don't we also have a 4th rd comp pick?
  5. Teague31

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    Good stuff but I have a hard time believing we won't draft at least one OL. Of course FA could change things a bunch
  6. BAT

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    Egnew is not a blocking TE. He is an oversized WR. Similar to Pats' Aaron Hernandez & Saints' Jimmy Graham.

    I like Ladarius Green better if Cowboys were to pick a TE in 3rd. Similar skill set but Green is the better playmaker w/more upside IMO.
  7. MichaelWinicki

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    Good mock Cas. I'd be pleased with that.

    The interior of the offensive line isn't addressed, but you can't fix everything at once and if a center is acquired via free agency, that would help... A lot.
  8. ferrispata

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    Gotta work in a Guard/Center in there somewhere.
    CB round 1, LB round 2, G/C round 3, TE round 4, and mixture of LB, DL, QB in last 3 rounds.
    With DB and maybe even a surprise with Tolbert in FA.
  9. burmafrd

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    in a draft as rich as this one is supposed to be in guards you have to get one in the first four rounds
  10. Picksix

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    Comp picks haven't been assigned yet. There was one place I saw that projected a 4th, but most places are projecting a 6th.
  11. tm1119

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    Crick isn't even comparable to Watt. They are completely different players. Crick isn't half the athlete as Watt and probably not half the pass rusher either. I like Crick in the 2nd as well, buy the comparison isn't even close.
  12. TheCount

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    I don't think Fangupo will last till the 7th and I think the 3rd is too early for Agnew, who by all reports has been dropping even though SDogo says he's rising but my main issue is no offensive linemen. Not a single one?

    I'd be furious.

    But for its being based on Sdogos mock, it certainly follows his thoughts closely. You gotta love the DB help here at the very least.
  13. BAT

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    Michael Egnew was supposed to be a consensus top 3 TE in this draft, but his stock has been free falling since the Senior Bowl practices. For an oversized WR, he has lacked explosiveness and played tight hipped. Both Bunting and Mayock don't even have him on their top 5 TE lists anymore.

    I doubt Egnew is taken at the top of the 2nd day. Looks like a 4th rounder at best, unless he puts up some crazy combine numbers.
  14. casmith07

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    Assumptions I'm going with are that Dallas is pleased with Nagy and Holland/Arkin/Kowalski/Costa at guard and add a veteran center through free agency.
  15. Zaxor

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    nice :bow: would possible like a OL in the 2nd but otherwise great draft
  16. Hoofbite

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    Don't really care for a TE in the 3rd.

    To be honest, I don't want a TE before the 5th.
  17. TheCount

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    Well Nagy was the worst lineman we put on the field last year in my opinion, maybe except Costa. The running game miraculously improved 10 fold when he went out. If they are happy with him, that would be another classic example of terrible player evaluation and par for the course.
  18. Tex

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    Unless we sign Nicks or Grubs AND a center in FA I would not be happy with this draft at all.

    If there is no center or guard somewhere in the first via a trade down or something then it better be addressed in 2'nd and 3'rd. Thats supposed to be a huge strength in this draft. I am all right with Jenkins in the first. I think he will be a big time player but somehow this sorry OL just has to be addressed.

  19. cowboy_ron

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    I tend to agree with this

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