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    As usual, please give me your criticism not based on whether you like the pick but rather if it makes sense. I've tried to use as much information as I could find to form an educated opinion, but unfortunately there's just as much (or more) misinformation out there as information.

    1 Carolina Panthers
    QB Cam Newton, Auburn

    Despite the Panthers taking Jimmy Clausen with their first pick last year (a second-rounder), General Manager Marty Hurney and new Coach Ron Rivera seem to be sold on Newton.
    MOCK 2 DT Marcel Dareus
    2 Denver Broncos
    DT Marcel Dareus, Alabama

    One of the main areas John Fox wants to upgrade on the Broncos is their interior defensive line, especially with Denver transitioning to a 4-3 scheme, so Dareus should be an easy choice for the defensive-minded coach.
    MOCK 2 CB Patrick Peterson
    3 Buffalo Bills
    QB Blaine Gabbert, Missouri

    The Bills could easily go defense here, but Buffalo is still searching for its franchise quarterback after Trent Edwards didn’t pan out and rumor has it that the Bills have their eyes on Gabbert.
    MOCK 2 LB Von Miller
    4 Cincinnati Bengals
    WR A.J. Green, Georgia

    The combination of Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco didn’t give the Bengals the 1-2 punch they hoped it would. Owens is already out the door and Ochocinco could soon follow.
    MOCK 2 QB Cam Newton
    5 Arizona Cardinals
    LB Von Miller, Texas A&M

    The Cardinals are said to be totally enamored with Miller and probably will run to turn their card in if he’s available since he also fills a need.
    MOCK 2 QB Blaine Gabbert
    6 Cleveland Browns
    CB Patrick Peterson, LSU

    The Browns could go several ways with this pick because they need linemen (Robert Quinn) to transition from the 3-4 and also are looking for a receiver. But Peterson is easily the best value here as possibly the top player in the draft.
    MOCK 2 WR A.J. Green
    7 San Francisco 49ers
    OLB Robert Quinn, North Carolina

    Although the 49ers would probably love to get Peterson and need to find their franchise quarterback, Quinn would be the best consolation prize.
    MOCK 2 QB Jake Locker
    8 Tennessee Titans
    DT Nick Fairley, Auburn

    After the college football season ended, Fairley appeared to be the favorite to go No. 1 overall, but his stock seems to have fallen some because of concerns over such things as his maturity and work ethic. The Titans, who hired Fairley’s position coach (Tracy Rocker) in the offseason, should have a pretty good idea how to handle him.
    MOCK 2 WR Julio Jones
    9 Dallas Cowboys
    DE J.J. Watt, Wisconsin

    The Cowboys have a clear need for a defensive end and appear to have a great interest in Watt although Dallas would probably like to trade down and get him.
    MOCK 2 OT Tyron Smith
    10 Washington Redskins
    WR Julio Jones, Alabama

    It won’t be a surprise if Mike Shanahan chooses to go after a quarterback with this pick, but the Redskins also need to add a playmaking receiver, especially since Santana Moss is in his 30s and a free agent.
    MOCK 2 OLB Robert Quinn
    11 Houston Texans
    DE Cameron Jordan, California

    New defensive coordinator Wade Phillips’ scheme is built around an attacking front seven, and Jordan would fit in well as an end with the ability to get upfield.
    MOCK 2 CB Prince Amukamara
    12 Minnesota Vikings
    QB Jake Locker, Washington

    Unless the Vikings can lure Brett Favre out of retirement one more time (or 10), Minnesota is in desperate need of a new quarterback. Either Locker or Arkansas’ Ryan Mallett could be considered somewhat of a reach at this pick, but the Vikings probably can’t afford to wait unless they trade down.
    MOCK 2 DT Nick Fairley
    13 Detroit Lions
    CB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska

    The Lions have been trying to find a true No. 1 cornerback for a long time and are happy to have Amukamara fall into their laps.
    MOCK 2 DE Da’Quan Bowers
    14 St. Louis Rams
    DE Da’Quan Bowers, Clemson

    With no top-flight receivers available unless the Rams trade up, St. Louis tries to bolster its line with a player whose stock seems to have slipped because of concerns over his surgically repaired left knee.
    MOCK 2 C/G Mike Pouncey
    15 Miami Dolphins
    RB Mark Ingram, Alabama

    There are concerns about Ingram’s knee as well that could cause him to slip past this pick and possibly out of the first round, but it will be hard for the Dolphins to pass on him if they deem him healthy, especially since Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are free agents.
    MOCK 2 QB Ryan Mallett
    16 Jacksonville Jaguars
    DE Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue

    One of the strengths of the first round is defensive linemen, so the Jaguars take advantage to fill a need that they’ve been trying to address for several years through free agency and the draft.
    MOCK 2 DE Cameron Jordan
    17 New England Patriots
    OT Anthony Castonzo, Boston College

    Castonzo seems like the kind of hardworking, blue-collar lineman the Patriots seem to favor, and with two picks in the first round, New England can afford to wait to get defensive help for its front seven.
    MOCK 2 DE J.J. Watt
    18 San Diego Chargers
    OLB Aldon Smith, Missouri

    The Chargers also need to upgrade their front seven and could be drawn to the speedy and athletic Smith as an outside linebacker.
    MOCK 2 OT Anthony Castonzo
    19 New York Giants
    C/G Mike Pouncey, Florida

    Although there are questions about Pouncey’s ability to play center, the Giants could use a boost in their interior line because starting center Shaun O’Hara is 34 and played in only six games last year.
    MOCK 2 DT Corey Luiget
    20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    CB JIMMY SMITH, Colorado

    With Aqib Talib’s involvement in a shooting incident in March, it won’t be a surprise if the Bucs cover themselves in case he’s suspended or they decide to release him.
    MOCK 2 DE Aldon Smith
    21 Kansas City Chiefs
    OT Tyron Smith, Southern Cal

    Smith is perhaps the most athletically gifted offensive tackle in this draft and could be the first one taken, but if not, the Chiefs will gladly get him to address a major hole.
    MOCK 2 LB Akeem Ayers
    22 Indianapolis Colts
    OT Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin

    The Colts also could use some offensive line help, and General Manager Bill Polian has said he regrets not taking a tackle in last year’s draft.
    MOCK 2 RB Mark Ingram
    23 Philadelphia Eagles
    OT Nate Solder, Colorado

    The run on offensive tackles continues because of the Eagles’ tendency to take linemen early and the fact that starter Winston Justice hasn’t proven to be reliable.
    MOCK 2 CB Jimmy Williams
    24 New Orleans
    LB Akeem Ayers, UCLA

    The Saints’ top three starters at linebacker from last season are unsigned, and New Orleans could use an upgrade anyway among the top four. Ayers is one of the few first-round 4-3 linebackers available.
    MOCK 2 DE Ryan Kerrigan
    25 Seattle Seahawks
    QB Ryan Mallett, Arkansas

    The Seahawks are said to have a strong interest in Mallett, and Pete Carroll has to be worried about 35-year-old starter Matt Hasselbeck’s health.
    MOCK 2 DT Stephen Paea
    26 Baltimore Ravens
    OT Derek Sherrod, Mississippi State

    The Ravens had some problems with Jared Gaither’s health last season and he’s a free agent, along with the linemen who replaced him (Marshal Yanda).
    MOCK 2 CB Brandon Harris
    27 Atlanta Falcons
    DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa

    John Abraham is 33 and former first-round pick Jamaal Anderson (Arkansas Razorbacks) has not panned out at end, so its one of the top positions of need for the Falcons.
    MOCK 2 OT Gabe Carimi
    28 New England Patriots
    DE Muhammad Wilkerson, Temple

    After addressing their offensive line with their first pick, the Patriots are apt to turn to defense with this pick, choosing either a 3-4 end like Wilkerson or an outside linebacker.
    MOCK 2 OT Nate Solder
    29 Chicago Bears
    DT Corey Liuget, Illinois

    The Bears need a disruptive interior presence since Tommie Harris appears to be no longer part of their plans, and Liuget would be a value pick here.
    MOCK 2 OT Derek Sherrod
    30 New York Jets
    DE Cameron Heyward, Ohio State

    The Jets would probably prefer to find a pressure player, but Heyward appears to be a better value than any available and would be an upgrade at end.
    MOCK 2 OLB/DE Adrian Clayborn
    31 Pittsburgh
    CB Brandon Harris, Miami

    The Steelers only have one top-notch corner, Ike Taylor, and he’s a free agent, so Pittsburgh could go after Harris to pair with him if Taylor returns, as expected.
    MOCK 2 DE Muhammad Wilkerson
    32 Green Bay Packers
    OLB Justin Houston, Georgia

    The Packers are looking for an outside linebacker to pair with All-Pro Clay Matthews and Houston has experience in the 3-4 and has shown pass-rushing prowess.
    MOCK 2 DE Cameron Heyward
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    Also, your comments would be appreciated post haste. I've got to turn this thing in at the end of the night because I'm off tomorrow.

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    If Peterson fall's to five we trade with Cleveland and select him...
  4. gimmesix

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    Don't do trades in this mock. They're too hard to predict and it would just confuse a general audience.
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    It makes about as much sense as any other mock draft out there makes. I'd say it looks plausible.
  6. gimmesix

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    That's often the problem. I put time into researching the teams, looking at rumors, etc., and the plausible scenario is usually shot to pieces after the first miss.

    Oh well, that's the way it goes with mock drafts unless you have the amount of inside information Rick Gosselin uses for his.

    I do appreciate people like Hos and SDogo who provide sourced information that proves useful, but none of us know how it's going to fall.
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    if we are stupid enough to pick a 3-4 DE at 9, then we deserve to underachieve

    i have said this before numerous times, many teams play the 3-4 now, how many 3-4 DEs playing right now do you think deserved to be picked in the top 10? the answer is "0"

    how many deserved to be picked in the top 15-20? only 2, Ngata and seymour

    3-4 DE is not am impact position and should not be picked in the top 20
  8. jblaze2004

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    exactly I would hate watt at 9 maybe if we trade back ill consider it but you can find 3-4 DE's in latter rounds thats why alot of teams are moving to a 3-4 the lineman other than NT are easy to find. I rather go phil taylor than JJ Watt in the first round but after a trade down. Not a 9. If we stay at 9 just pick and olineman if we cannot trade up for Peterson or trade down. Or if nick fairley was there I would be tempted to take him.

    IF at 9 I would pick between,
    Tyron Smith
    Robert Quinn
    Prince A.
    Nick Fairley

    Yes I would take Prince A because he is a tough, smart, physical corner that doesn't make many dumb business decisions like some corners we already have on our team. And I think he could play FS just like Peterson if he doesn't make a great cb.
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    If JJones is there at 9 when we pick I believe someone will trade up with us to get him..

    Pats or Rams

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