Gimmick Mock Draft w/ Cool Names

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Gaede, Mar 8, 2011.

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    Easy enough gimmick--picking only players that have cool sounding or funny or interesting names. Obviously, using cool names as a draft strategy doesn't always pan out (looking at you Markus Steele and Willie Blade)...but whatever

    #1: Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College - In a small trade down, we pick up an extra 3, 6. Solid, smart OT, safe pick. I don't think I need to explain why his name is funny.

    #2: Marcus Cannon OG TCU - OK, we get a 350 pound bear with the last name Cannon. Pretty obvious choice here. I look at this guy as the next Larry Allen (i wish). Moves very well for such a big dude.

    #3a: Jacquizz Rodgers RB Oregon State - I have never in my lifetime seen, heard, or dreamt of the name Jacquizz. Going a little offense heavy here but I don't care because I don't think there's a cooler name in the draft

    #3b: Ras I Dowling CB Virginia - Very interesting name he has. Falls due to medical concerns. Also considered Chimde Chekwa and Buster Skrine here but chose Dowling because I couldn't remember what schools the other guys went to.

    #4: Tyler Sash S Iowa - OK, I'm cheating a bit here cause his name isn't nearly as cool as all the other though I do think it has a nice, TJ Ward-type ring to it. Anyways, one of my pet cats, immediately starts for us. If not, he can join all the other special teamers we've got on the team.

    #5: Ugo Chinasa DE/OLB Oklahoma State - Don't know anything about this guy but his first name is Ugo--a very fan friendly name.

    #6a: Lazarius Levingston DE LSU - Again, I know absolutely nothing about this guy except he started a lot of games for a big time program and I remembered his funny name

    #6b: Jock Sanders WR West Virginia - I don't care how small he is, Jock is a ****** fighting football name

    #7: Maurice Hurt G Florida - His last name is Hurt. Self explanatory.

    UDFA: TE Schuyler Oordt - I'm part dutch and his name looks and sounds kinda dutch.


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