Ginn runs in the 4.4s --Updated

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by mmillman, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. JPM

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    Its so nice to finally be able to have Dallas draft like that. It's been years.
    I'd be happy with Ginn or Nelson at our spot. I have my concerns about Merriweather, but if we traded down and still got him I'd be ok with that.
  2. dogberry

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    Were we one of the teams that sent a rep?
  3. Big Dakota

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    They had a problem the year before as FS so brought McCree in as a FA in 2006 and he was certainly a disappointmen. That's why one of SDs major needs is a FS going into the draft. I'm not particularly saying we need to take a 1st round FS, but in Wade's D and MORE IMPORTANTLY with Roys lack of coverage ability(combined with how Wade has said he's gonna play him) we just have to get good FS play. If Hamlin and Watkins fail, we are in the same boat as we were last year. I'm not opposed to taking a WR, OLman or OLB as well, but i'll never say a possition isn't worth taking in round one, other than K/P.
  4. burmafrd

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    I have heard that Nelson's trouble is that he cannot get complicated coverages straight; that he is not FOOTBALL smart. That is what seems to be drifting around about him.
  5. speedkilz88

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    I think it was nflnetwork that said that he only had to play centerfield at Florida. That he doesn't have any experience at playing any of the other coverages and most notably no experience covering the slot.(Sounds kind of like Watkins)
  6. McCordsville Cowboy

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    I wish.....
  7. Tristan

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    I think it's kinda funny how some people act like Ginn isn't really worth a first round pick. In reality we have no right to even be hoping to get a guy like Ginn at 22, if by some miracle he falls to twenty two then he might be the most talented pick 22 in history.

    Tedd Ginn is a top ten talent IMO, he is a Reggie Bush caliber playmaker that doesn't come around but once every five years or so. Theres no doubt in my mind if we should take him at 22, the only doubt I have is him dropping out of the top ten or fifteen.
  8. theogt

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    I think it's kinda funny how some people act like Ginn is a top ten talent. In reality we better not be even looking at a guy like Ginn at 22, if by some miracle he falls to our third round pick he might be the most talented pick in the third round in history.

    Tedd Ginn is a late first day talent IMO, he is a Antwan Randel-El caliber player that comes around but once every round of every draft. Theres no doubt in my mind if we should take him at 22, the only doubt I have is whether we should even taken him with our 2nd round pick.

    See how I typed all that and didn't make a single useful argument?
  9. Bleu Star

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    Fire up those flux capacitors.
  10. jay cee

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    oh, man that kid must be sick.
  11. Bleu Star

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    I watched it live. I was sick.
  12. Iago33

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    Don't knock Marlon. He's not the most physically gifted, but he's good enough. However, he is smart, and I think that's at least as important as the physical.

    Besides, I taught him when he was in college. Good kid.
  13. InmanRoshi

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    Reggie Nelson may not be book smart, but I don't see how anyone could say he's not football smart. The dude's instincts are off the chart. I love LaRon Landry, but Nelson was a better football player on the field and made as many big plays in only half the college games. The reason Landry will be drafted higher is because he's a better looking player in his underwear.

    As far as Nelson's speed, I wonder how a slow and lumbering guy blocks seven kicks in college. Also, Nelson played CB when he first arrived to Florida.
  14. junk

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    Not a knock on McCree. He is what he is. A 7th round pick who has moved around the league.

    I was using it as an example to the poster that claimed FS was going to be the second most important position on the team in Wade's defense. Marlon McCree wasn't the second most important player on SD's defense last year.

    It also goes along with my argument that you can find free safeties in other places than round 1 of the draft.

    I also think that is why they targeted Hamlin. An intelligent player to QB the secondary.

    It also makes me question the supposed interest in Reggie Nelson. The coaching staff basically said they wanted a free safety to line up the defense. Roy Williams apparently doesn't have the ability to do that. Reggie Nelson could barely get into college. Just doesn't seem to fit.
  15. Rampage

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    he looks so small in that picture. he better put on some weight if he wants to survive. i hate these little wrs they get hurt too easily
  16. CrazyCowboy

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    It don't take a brain surgeon to see this guy is FAST....FAST....FAST!
  17. Doomsday101

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    That he is. Scouts have been following him over the last couple of years and I think they have a good feel for Ginn and what he can do. After all it is not as if the combines are the 1st time they have seen these players. I think way too much is being placed on combines and pro days, these are tools for the scouts but it is a small fraction of information that scouts gather on players
  18. CATCH17

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    Ginn would be a perfect pick for us.

    He wont have to step in right away and he can learn from 2 of the best receivers in the game and hopefully good coaching at that position.

    Plus we'd have one of the best return games in the league and our offense can use all the help it can get.
  19. aikemirv

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    I am with you there. If Ginn falls to 22 I will be shocked. Do you guys remember a coverted QB who was being switched to WR with freakish speed. His name was Matt Jones and he was taken in the low 20's. I don't see how a guy like Ginn makes it to 22. He is an established WR with great return ability.

    He is a playmaker in the mold of Hester on special teams and S Moss as WR.

    I don't see how in the world he falls to us.
  20. ConcordCowboy

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    So the guy runs a 4.38 when he's 75% or whatever.

    That's pretty damn good to me.

    If he's there Pick the guy.


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