Ginn runs in the 4.4s --Updated

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by mmillman, Apr 11, 2007.

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    per PFW Draft Blog

    Ted Ginn works out
    Following his injury in the BCS national championship, there has been much speculation as to how WR Ted Ginn Jr. will heal and whether his inability to work out at the NFL Scouting Combine would hurt his draft status. Well, we're hearing a mixed reaction on Ginn's workout at Ohio State. Veteran scouts have said Ginn is one of the fastest players they had ever watched. At his workout Wednesday, he was clocked three times in the 40, his fastest a blazing 4.38 and his slowest a not-too-shabby 4.44. Considering he was running with a bad foot and still clocked under 4.4, scouts walked away with no questions about his speed.

    While route-running has never been his strength, Ginn’s foot had a noticeable effect on the workout. He seemed unable to plant and cut effectively and did not run many routes before having to stop the workout. According to some in attendance, his demanding father, a legendary high school coach in Ohio, appeared upset Ginn wasn’t able to do everything at 100 percent.

    Regardless of his inability to finish the workout, Ginn’s game tape is all the evidence teams need to feel comfortable that he can play at an elite level. However, do not be surprised if durability issues — he is small and slight-framed — forces his draft stock to slide somewhat.

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    Your a funny guy!, Not very smart though.

    We'll see just how comical your statements are when Tedd Ginn gets drafted in the top fifteen, beleive me not every team in the top 15 is as clueless as you.
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    Even a highly touted college quarterback like Dan Marino can fall to the 27th pick in the first round. Why is it such an impossibility that Ginn, who's main asset is blazing speed, can't fall to the bottom 1/3 of the first round?
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    I would take Devin Hester in the 1st round, even if all he was is a kick returner. There are are typically around 30 special team snaps per game. A returner who can field both punts and kicks can typically expect to get the ball in their hands 6-10 times a game. Which means they have the ball in their hands as much, if not more, than an All Pro WR (Torry Holt only averaged 5.8 touches per game). If you add up the yards returned, plus all the hidden yards he picks up for the Bears when opponents directional kick away from him, you're probably looking at 80-120 yards per game.
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    I believe you're too smart for me. Ted Ginn will surely be drafted in the top 15.

    To be honest, I'm not sure where he'll be drafted. But simply stating, "you guys are dumb if you think he won't be drafted in the top 15," is not much of an argument.
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    Here are Ginn's splits:

    Height: 5112
    Weight: 178
    40 Yrd Dash: 4.38
    20 Yrd Dash: 2.48
    10 Yrd Dash: 1.47

    That 10 yard split would have put him as 4th fastest at the Combine among receivers. His 20-yard time would have been 2nd fastest.
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    If watching film was all that mattered, Jarrett would be our choice. Even before his injury, his posted time was 4.34, which is not really faster than Meacham.

    Gin is no where near my first choice at WR.
  8. Tristan

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    I'm not saying that any one who doesn't think Ginn will be taken in the top 15 is "dumb", nor do I think it is an impossibility for him to be there at #22.

    My point was that in many years when you have the 22 pick your looking at guys like Roddy White, Marc Clayton, Matt Jones, Bryant Johnson, Michael Jenkins etc.

    While watching Ginn play I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that we would actually have a chance to draft him, unless we somehow had a top ten pick. I personally think he is one of the most phenominal talents I have ever seen play college football. From the day he stepped on to the field at OSU it was apparent that this was a rare, special talent.

    I can't say how he will be in the NFL, no one can. Will he develop into a more polished and stronger football player? I don't know.

    But from what I've seen to this point, he is a big time gamebreaker, He may not be Reggie Bush, but I put him right there as far as how special he is.

    When teams are drafting guys like Lee Evans, Reggie Williams, Mike Williams and Troy Williamson in the top twelve, then I think it's astounding that teams wouldn't be salivating at the thought of drafting a player as exciting and explosive as Ginn based on potential alone.

    I just feel that we would be incridebly fortunate to have Ginn drop anywher close to our pick, let alone ponder if we should take him. If I were a GM I would trade up to get him if need be.

    I sure hope the Redskins don't like him as much as I do.
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    I agree DE....I said this in November...and am sticking to it....

    I've seen people rank him as high as a top 10 selection..and now somehow he's falling. He can't fall in my eyes when I've felt all along he was a bottom of the 1st rounder. At least I'm consistant.
  10. Chuck 54

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    difference of opinion...I wouldn't trade our #22 pick for Hester right now, knowing what I know about him unless I thought he could become a 3rd WR or a nickel CB. Most returners who have a huge year like he did don't have a career of similar numbers every year. IN the first round, I want a starter on offense or defense.
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    I'm simply passing along Matt Mosley's take.

    He had a rather contentious departure from DMN and is working hard to get the Cowboy's draft angle covered. Obviously the DMN has a renowned draft guru in Goose on staff.

    MY guys is Meachem.

    Mosley is reporting Dallas loves Nelson and feels they can go WR in round 2.

    My positions of need would go:

    1. NT/DT -- pass rush type to spell Fergie.
    2. WR -- prefer big guy with good hands and great route-running, speed desired but not required
    3. MLB -- must be able to cover and read plays or need not apply
    4. FS -- must be capable of man coverage, history as ballhawk or CB preferred.
    5. CB -- ballhawk with great agility and quickness.
    6. QB -- need 3rd Qb who cna be 2nd next season. early day 2 type would be perfect.
    7. OL -- A big fatty to put on the PS would be nice. You can occasionally hit big on these guys.
    8. OLB
  12. DallasEast

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    I'm glad someone's sticking to their guns AND taking a realistic approach to Ginn's draftability. Each year, only a handful of players are locks to be a 'top five' or 'top ten', etc., pick. These are the Peyton Mannings and Reggie Bushes each draft. These guys will not drop because they have practically zero question marks against them. That's not the case with Ginn. He may go in the top 15. He may drop to 22nd or below. It's just not a certainty in his case.
  13. McCordsville Cowboy

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    So if Demarcus gets seriously hurt, then what?

    You rely on a potential first year full time starter (Carpenter)?

    You rely on an aging DE/OLB coming off of an Achilles Tendon rupture?

    Phillips could get creative and move Akin to OLB but I'd rather not see it come to that. If a pass rusher is best available, you take him.

    I hope Spencer, Woodley, Moses, or Johnson is within reach at some point in the early second. Even Wade's creativity in his 3-4 will be exposed without a pass rush.

    No thanks..
  14. burmafrd

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    you really cannot draft on fear of someone getting hurt unless they have a clear record of injuries. Ware has been stout- Ellis only ever had one serious injury before. Carp is probably the guy that would step up if Ellis cannot come back.
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    Who are you talking too?


    Do you do this just to piss people off?

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    That boy is just too fast!

    I hope he wears the Star.
  17. 5Stars

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    I do too, but, I doubt that he will. I'm not sure the Boyz should pick him at 22 because there are other needs...but...?

    I want a nasty NT or Guard...but, I don't follow the draft much, so I don't know who would fit MY NEEDS!

    :D As long as the Boyz go offense for a change, that will suit me just fine!
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    Ginn is pretty much a feast or famine guy as regards WR- he will either be VERY good or not good at all. To me it all comes down to his return skills- if he really is great then take him.
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