Give it up for Monte Kiffin

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyMcCoy, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. kojak

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    A drastic improvement compared to the last couple of years.
    Red zone defense is impressive.
    Rush defense has been stellar so far.
    We are faster and more aggressive and I think he is still tweaking the pass defense going with speed over experience.
    Overall I have been pleased with the defense. The next two games will be a test but I can't wait to see how they respond.
  2. tico

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    Hip, Hip, Monte!
  3. Eric_Boyer

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    I see his son was fired. talk about arrows going in the opposite direction!
  4. starfrombirth

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    They've played the Ravens, Giants, and Raiders. Based on past history, I would have to put the Ravens pretty close to ours in terms of ability but the They Denver Peyton's shredded them. Denver is going to be a tough test!
  5. Lonestar94

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    They have a backup LT vs Ware. We'll see what happens.
  6. starfrombirth

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    That may be so but Peyton is one of the best in history at that quick slant/crossing pattern, thus neutralizing any advantage of DWare against a backup LT. With Peyton more than anyone we MUST get quick pressure up the middle. Bruce-Lee is going to more important in that game, I think, than DWare. IF and when we hit Peyton we must, we must, we must hit him HARD. If he learns to not fear getting hit by our DLine and pass rush then it will be all over and he will just destroy our secondary because he can look down field knowing that even if we hit him, we will lay him in a bed of feathers.

    As too Phillip Rivers, hitting him just seems to make him mad. I still think we have to hit him but for different reasons. He gets upset about each and every missed opportunity, Peyton doesn't and will have patience. So, if we hit Rivers, he will start to lose patience and watch for the pass rush while trying to force throws downfield. That's when we will get our Int's. So this week, we need to get Hatch and company to get pressure up the middle with some twists and slants and let DWare and Selvie clean up the outside's.

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