Give Romo Credit...5th Quarter

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. TwoDeep3

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    I understand this is the wrong forum, but thought perhaps since some here seem to be brooding over this win and venting at other fans of this team, maybe an article that reverses the mojo that has held Tony back in their eyes would be healing.

    I'm skeptical.


    Fifth Quarter, Week 12: It’s time to give Tony Romo some credit at last

    I admit it. I was wrong about Tony Romo.

    Look, you have no idea how hard it is to admit this. For most of the last decade, Tony Romo has been the go-to punchline, a shorthand joke for permanently unfulfilled potential, for mediocrity personified. (Before Sunday's win, Dallas was 133-133 since 1997, and 8-8 the last two seasons.) The fact that he played for the Cowboys, the team everybody loved to hate before the Patriots grabbed that mantle? So much the better.

    But take another look. Yes, Romo has some high-profile screwups and the playoff pedigree of a dizzy badger. But his problem is that he seems to screw up the worst when the spotlight is the brightest. He's actually got the highest QB rating, 101.5, among active quarterbacks in the fourth quarter. He's got a nigh-unbelievable 25-6 record in November......

    Take Sunday's victory over division rival New York. Romo wasn't great, but he was good enough to win. He orchestrated a final drive that put Dallas in position to win and keep pace with Philadelphia for the division lead. Dallas fans won't admit it, but they surely watched that final drive with fear in their hearts, knowing that this was the perfect moment for Romo to gift-wrap the game for the opposition.
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    I also remain skeptical. lets make the playoffs first and win a game for me to finally be able to trust romo. the Denver game this season still holds me back in trusting romo in winning against a quality team. so far both of romo fourth quarter wins have been against two non playoff teams.
  3. Kristen82

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    Romo threw for a franchise record 506 yards and five touchdowns and DAL scored 48 pts. I'd say that kind of performance leads to a win 95% of the time. It wasn't his fault DAL's D allowed 51 pts.
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  4. CaptainMorgan

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    I want so badly for Romo to shut up all his critics including me of late.
  5. cowboys1981

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    This is why I never point out one person in any outcome.
  6. TwoDeep3

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    Or, that he threw a pick which caused the Broncos to kick the winning field goal. What's good for the goose...
  7. big dog cowboy

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    I still don't get this. If I could go back and change one play this year it would be that one. I would move Smith's foot 6" to the left so Romo could get that throw off clean.
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  8. TwoDeep3

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    How about have Romo throw to the RB and not into triple coverage?
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  9. big dog cowboy

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    Wouldn't change that. There wasn't anything wrong with his decision. There was a window. The pass would have been complete.
  10. Dhragon

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    This is what gets me about those who rag on Romo all the time. They expect perfection from Romo, else he is garbage or a choker.

    EVERY QB throws INTs. Every single one of them. Manning, Brady, Brees, etc. There teams can just absorb them better than ours because they have better coaching, better defenses, etc. Our team still can't absorb them, so Romo isn't clutch yet those other ones are. When Romo has the stats he did in the Denver game, there is no way a reasonable person could complain that a single INT added to those should have cost the Boys the game. But since our defense was so horrid, Romo did have to be perfect. He wasn't. No QB is. 99/100 times if not even better, those QB stats would = win.

    I don't know why I bother, this has all been said before yet doesn't seem to hold any sway. I guess some are just too invested in their own talking points or too stubborn to see reason.

    Romo has cost us games and has choked in games, but the Denver game was not one of them. Romo, though not as accurate lately, is still a fine QB. Not a perfect one, which we need but is unattainable, but pretty doggone good.

    I feel ranted out for now, so that's that, lol.
  11. TwoDeep3

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    You and a great deal other people need to understand the difference between people who say Romo sucks, and those who assign responsibility when he makes a mental error.

    Clearly in the Denver game he threw into a group of defenders instead of a wide open running back that was within his vision.

    Doesn't make Romo a bad guy, just human.
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  12. wileedog

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    And the flip side is those who clamor that Romo lost the game with that INT.

    The fact of the matter is Romo put up 48 points. If the rest of the team did one quarter of its job that INT is a blip. A statistic no one cares about that much. Yet because he was once again put in a position to have to win the game, his mistake - and yes, it was a mistake, any QB throwing 50 times in a game is going to make a few - becomes "Romo lost the game."

    Its utterly irritating in its lack of perspective (and I'm not saying that is your argument, just the common one). The fact is, until we can put a team around Romo, he can't carry us much further than where we are. Anyone thinking we are going to dump him and draft someone better who can overcome everything he has to on a weekly basis is delusional.
  13. TwoDeep3

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    Did or did not that interception lead to the Broncos winning? There is no rewriting history.
  14. wileedog

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    Did or did not giving up 51 points lead to the Broncos winning?
  15. TwoDeep3

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    And didn't the interception change the end of the game. See you can't even own up to it because it is Romo.

    Dallas has the ball and the championship drive was ahead, but he tosses the game changing pick.

    All the other points are moot because the game was tied.

    Sometimes it comes down to one play.

    You can play whatever card you want, but the game came down to that pick.
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  16. popp1234

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    I was very proud of the way our boys took care of business in NY. I was especially happy that Romo marched our team down the field in crunch time and B-slapped JPP, Thomas, Jacobs, Cruz, and Eli. That is all....
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  17. Hoofbite

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    Now is the time guys. Not before when he had done similar things with both good and bad outcomes as he has this year.......but now.
  18. TwoDeep3

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    Take the clinic he put on with the last drive against the Giants and perform that against Denver, and this is an entirely different season.

    I am making a point here.

    Romo is a great quarterback. But he is also responsible.

    One drive wins a game. The other doesn't. He had his hands on the ball for both.

    What was the difference?

    Throwing into triple coverage. The distance between greatness and the comments by the press are a missed throw in a game that turns the tides and are a mere few inches apart and ball placement.

    I see people that want to use his yardage as a barometer. That means nothing if you do not close the deal.

    So swap those drives and what happens. The press is suggesting he has turned the tide in big games. Just like Tom Jackson is now praising him.

    It is in Romo's hands. He had the ball in both games and a chance to make a little history.

    The Bronco pick is not the sum total of his game. Neither is the Giants drive. He is a mixture of both because he orchestrated both.

    But both fall at his feet, and no amount of it is the defense's fault changes the results.

    Both games were tied. Dallas had the ball and the clock on their side.

    Romo is .500 in those two games and just as responsible for one as the other.

    This isn't about him being bad. It is about missed opportunities versus successful results.
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  19. TwoDeep3

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    However, having said all this.

    Romo leads this team to the play-offs and wins a couple of games with this crappy defense and the press will be acting like he is Tom Brady.
  20. visionary

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    this cant possibly be true because we all know that the big bad media is against the cowboys
    it has nothing to do with the fact that we have been mediocre for a decade ad a half
    winning cant possibly change that can it?

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