Give Romo Credit...5th Quarter

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Nov 25, 2013.

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    Just deal with it? It hasn't bothered me since the end of that game. Romo didn't lose the game, he was the reason we were even still in it. I realize Murray was the better option(after the fact) but he made a mistake.

    Again, I have dealt with it and forgot about it, sounds like your the one who can't let go [​IMG]
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    Nope, Romo tpossing the pick when he had the bakll and the clock in the Cowboys' favor is what lost the game.

    The game was tied when he tossed the pick.

    At that moment the 48 points did not matter, the game was in Romo's hands.

    I can speak for myself, even though I am not certain you can actually read and retain concepts at times.

    Put that drive Sunday in the Denver game and the world changes for Romo and all you guys who blame everyone but him when he screws up.

    The problem is people want to reward the player for the yards he threw and not the pic,m he threw that cost the team the game.

    Five-hundred yards matters not if he can't win the game when he has the ball and a short clock.
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    I have no other way to say this. Your continued weak positions you take in arguing with me should be extremely embarrassing for you.
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    Fail. He threw a pick while trying to throw with his own lineman pinning his foot, stealing all momentum and velocity. This has been well-documented...even to a break down of the physics. Get over it. Romo is a winner and you aren't.

    And twodeep...chill with the "embarrassing" rhetoric when doing a drunken Jerry Jones impression.

    Most importantly: don't drink and drive.
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    Yes, Romo's record is .500 in these two games that you've cherry-picked to "prove" a point...

    But the trouble is, he also drove the team for a game-winning touchdown against the Vikings, which would put him at a 67% winning percentage in these three games. See how easy that was? You're right, this isn't about him being bad. It is about folks like you who choose to blatantly ignore games because it doesn't fit into your foolish narrative.
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    This just in

    Peyton also threw an interception during the game.
  7. TwoDeep3

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    This is pretty simple really. It doesn't take a great deal of analytical thinking. But what it does take is to remove the Romo glasses and look at the compared games. They are identical.

    That is difficult to admit since the Romo defender believes he is the only reason they win.

    But the argument is simple. Both tied games. Score doesn't matter because they were tied at roughly the same points in the games.

    Romo and the offense have the ball, plenty of time outs, and need a field goal.

    One game Romo orchestrates a drive and wins.

    The other he throws a pick to a player that had three defenders too close. Bad decision.

    Manning's pick in the Denver game means nothing since it did not come with three minutes left.

    This is about the last Dallas drive and the results. It is so difficult for some of you who continually claim it is a team game, then blame the defense to hold Romo responsible.

    Then the lame excuse - it's cherry picking.

    As I have said many many times before. I like and appreciate Romo.

    I refuse to put him on a pedestal when he throws for 500 yards if that same game he tosses the game losing pick because of a bad decision.

    I don't make excuses for him like so many people here.
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    Or Escobar comes to the ball the way forth grade basketball players are taught.
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    I dunno - I have seen a lot of people praising Romo this year including ESPN. To me, he is getting the credit he deserves. Has he always? But I do see a change in the perception of Romo this year (for the good).
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    You have a very reasonable view. I feel much like you and I catch hell for not thinking Romo is perfect. He is a good QB that has a few choke jobs and a bad record against teams with winning records. He has some faults , big deal. I don't hate hi for it. It is what it is, but many get offended by the truth.
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    IF the defense play just a little bit better and didn't give up 51 points. Maybe if they stopped 1 or 2 of the TDs to FGs, Dallas would have won, and Romo wouldn't have needed to throw so much. I agree, Romo has ripped my heart out at times, but he is a good QB, and has given me some great games and moments to remember. I still remember what it was like before him.

    I've seen many of the elite QBs throw INTs at bad times. All of them have done it. Even HOF have thrown bad INTs during critical games.

    Romo will always be a choker in some minds until he wins a championship. When that happens, he'll be labeled elite like the rest. Until then, threads like this will continue to come up.
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    my God, I thought this was over with already...yes, tony's INT resulted in a game winning FG for the broncos...but, he HAD to try something...the defense forced ZERO punts (that is less than one for those of you that aren't good with math). the expectation in that scenario is that if you punt away, then Denver will just come down and score anyway, why think anything different? EVERY possession where Denver didn't turn the ball over, they scored....Tony tried to do something to get that first down and prolong the drive...and yet, some of you still blame him for the int...the "argument" of "well, he cost us the game" is foolish...the pathetic effort by the defense should have left us nowhere near a shot at a victory ...tony kept us in the game with a chance to win

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