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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WV Cowboy, Sep 26, 2005.

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    I have read a lot of negative aspects of our team, and we do have some I agree.

    But .....

    Defense played better in the second half.
    Defensive chemistry is coming together.
    We outscored them 22-7 in the second half, and we gave them short field after the fake punt.
    Half time adjustments were evidently right.
    Did our D-line rotation take it's toll on their O-line late in the game ?

    Teams are concentrating on stopping J Jones, so Bledsoe throws for over 360 & two TD's.
    If they concentrate on stopping Bledsoe, things will open up for J Jones.
    Bledsoe looks real good so far.

    We have four good WR's and a good TE.

    O line pass blocking has been phenominal.

    Our D is young and learning the 3-4, they should continue to improve.

    If we can stop the big plays on D, and make teams drive the length of the field instead.

    Starting out 2-1 is a good start, let's see if we can get this thing rolling and string a few wins together. :star:
  2. austintodallas

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    More posts like this please. :thumbup:
  3. Doomsday101

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    I agree, and with as many changes as we have made leading into this season many of us knew we would have to go through the good and bad especially early in the season and that is what is taking place but this team also is showing a lot of heart and I think things will get better as we move through the season
  4. joseephuss

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    Team looks promising. Sure it has some weak areas just like any other team. The potential is there for both short and long term success. That couldn't be said during the last several seasons.
  5. Hoov

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    I agree WV, we have not had a team that can win despite mistakes in a long time, last years team would have folded at the point the score became 21-6.

    this team is going to fight and gain confidence throughout the year. The offense is already playing like they beleive they can score at any time. Now the defense needs to learn from mistakes and start playing together. i think several players are still playing like they are thinking too much, not attacking as a defense yet, more like they are reacting.
  6. CrazyCowboy

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    I like the way you are writing and thinking....good post!
  7. ddh33

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    I fall in the same category. I like this team, and I like their potential.

    The offense has been much better than a lot of fans expected. Bledsoe is very in control, and I think he's already one of the real leaders on this team. Julius is playing well, despite not having big stats, and that's a huge key for a running back, in my opinion. This is just his new life of being keyed on. The "old" receivers everyone is so quick to run out of the league seem to keep making plays. And the offensive line is doing a great job of protecting Drew and giving him a lot of time. In return, the team is getting a lot more big plays.

    On defense, the new scheme is coming together more. The young players are making big contributions. There have been some problems along the way, but there's still time for adjustment.

    All in all, I don't see many reasons to not be encouraged.
  8. Aikmaniac

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    Speaking of negativity, how can you guys listen to Dale Hansen on the Ticket? My Lord, the sarcasm is thick. Sure, he made some good points today, but there is no question that he has sour grapes.
  9. Next_years_Champs

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    I like your post the truth is this is essentually a completely new team and will take time to gain the coordination it takes to be a true contender. I did notice you stated the adjustments seemed to work, I saw this guote from Greg Ellis after the game.

    "In the first half, we missed a couple of tackles," defensive end Greg Ellis said. "In the second half, I wish I could say that we made some adjustments and changed some things, but we didn't do any of that. I think we just played better."
  10. Mash

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    I like this team.....I just don't like some of the coahes.....The future seems bright....but we still need that franchise QB....we haven't won anything in the past without one....but then again....this NFL is sooooo watered down anything can happen.

    BTW....Anyone sick and tired on how many commercials there is during a football game?....With that many breaks.....players could go both ways.......Is it me?....I must be just a Old fart and lost my patience :)
  11. dallasblue05

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    i guess you have to start a thread like this to be heard or something, beacuse I've said these things the whole time, and no one really seems to pay attentino, but I agree with the entire post and let me also say that I am quite pleased with our team's resiliance (sp) and character as we've fought back for 2 wins both coming in the 4th quarter comebacks.
  12. Sportsbabe

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  13. underdark

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    We have a better team on both sides of the ball! Please see below.

    Sacks in 04:
    Cowboys 33
    Opponents 36

    Pace for sacks for 05
    Cowboys 48
    Opponents 32

    Interceptions in 04
    Cowboys 13
    Opponents 23

    Pace for Interceptions in 05
    Cowboys 27
    Opponents 11

    First Downs 2004 = 296
    Pace First Downs 2005 = 336
    Opponents First Downs 2004 = 297
    Pace Opponents First Downs 2005 = 277

    Third Down Conversions in 2004 = 36.4%
    Third Down Conversions in 2005 = 48.8%

    Points/Game Average in 2004 = 18.3
    Points/Game Average in 2005 = 25

    Points Allowed Per Game in 2004 = 25.3
    Points Allowed Per Game in 2005 = 23

    OK Here's one that is worse...
    Rush Yards Per Game in 2004 = 111
    Rush Yards Per Game in 2005 = 98

    Pass Yards Per Game in 2004 = 214
    Pass Yards Per Game in 2005 = 267

    QB rating in 2005 = 103.7
    QB rating in 2004 = 76.4

    Fumble Recoveries AND Ints in 2005 = 13 Cowboys 5 Opponents
    Fumbe Recoveries AND Ints in 2004 = 53 Cowboys 60 Opponents
  14. Justis

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    We went to the SuperBowl with Craig Morton.
  15. Cas2800

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    So far the defensives are planning on stopping Julius Jones and making Bledsoe beat them. Its the same way defenses planned against us last year. Bledsoe has done an exellent job so far. Teams wont be able to game plan around Jones for very long. Not if Bledoe keeps up the great playing.
  16. Cogan

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    Thanks for this post, and all of the other positive vibes. I was really getting depressed watching our defense getting mauled by a pathetic offense Sunday . All of what you say is true, though. We did do SO much better in the second half. Oh, yeah, and my man DeMarcus got his first of MANY sacks in the second half. You go, boy. Maybe we will look back on yesterday & say that was the turning point in the season. I know we are still adjusting to so many things, but today I counted how many players we have that have 3 years of experience or under, and it was 31! We've gone from an older team just a few months ago, to one of the youngest.

    That means two things-we're going to make mistakes & we're going to get a lot better! Rock on, Cowboys! :strongarm
  17. LandryFan

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    "I agree, and with as many changes as we have made leading into this season many of us knew we would have to go through the good and bad especially early in the season and that is what is taking place but this team also is showing a lot of heart and I think things will get better as we move through the season"

    That, sir, is about the most sensible post I've read on the state of this team!

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