Going Postell?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Nors, Dec 4, 2004.

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    Who's that #6 on Pitt? :eek:
  2. Nors

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    Undersized LB, 6-1 218. Playmaker. Saw him listed at 4.46 speed :eek:

    Might make the move to Safety on Sundays? Woodson made the same move.

    Rob PetittiT, Pittsburgh
    War Room analysis
    Strengths: Has great height, muscle and immovable bulk. Has a broad wingspan, which makes it very difficult to get by him in pass protection. Uses long arms to ride rushers wide and away from the play. Shows good body control. Sets quickly in pass protection. Swallows defenders as a run blocker.

    Weaknesses: Is a below-average athlete. Struggles to reach the linebackers. Struggles to get position quickly as a run blocker. Plays too calmly and needs to get tougher. Lacks power for his size. Doesn’t finish off blocks with authority.

    Bottom line: Petitti has been starting for the Panthers since his redshirt freshman season. He has great size, good technique and serious experience. He isn’t a great athlete, but his skills are good enough that he should emerge as a solid NFL starter. He is a certain Day 1 selection.
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    I think you have the wrong player profile. The guy above sounds like an OT.
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    Yeah Petitti is an OT for Pitt. Supposed to be a good one too.....but probably not good enough to play S :D
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    I've been scouting Petitti as a solid Tackle prospect mid draft. Mammoth and talented.

    Posted on #6 now as thats the second Pitts game I 've watched of late where the guy is making plays all over the field.....

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