Going To Dallas Tommorow , Need a heads up

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by MikeD17, Aug 2, 2004.

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    I was just gonna tell him you were probably the best bet for living arrangements in Valley Ranch.

    Hook him up next door to some "dancers" or something. lol.

    Not sure its in his price range but you place rookies in that area obviously. That would be one way for him to get some autographs.
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    LOL, yeah it would be in his price range. Depending on what size one bdrm. he's going to need, they start as low as $500 out here (although that's the smallest)but can go all the way up to $1000.

    He can probably get autographs at the car wash over here (Vintage Car Wash), that's where all the players take their whips to get cleaned up..
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    Now that is Funny did my basic at Fort Sill; OK in summer of 89' it is a forsaken place pray you never ever have to go there. Lawton; OK is an armpit

    I did my AIT at Fort Jackson 90' No I was not recycled I was 17 years old and still in Highschool when I finished basic training (Split Option Program).

    Nice thing about Fort Jackson in June July was a trip to merytle beach and the eye candy :)
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    HEY HEY HEY!!!!!!! no posting other companies websites :D
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    You do that and you won't be accepted :D
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    I Filled out your form on your website , maybe we could meet up at Carsons and discuss apartment options on wednesday .if not give me a call and you could throw some ideas my way where to look while im down there.

    Thanks for your help
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    Sambucas is really upscale, it will definitely impress the lady! If you haven't been to the website, take a look at the menu at the website. It's not too terribly pricy, like $20 a person but there is a time limit at the tables (like 2 hours). They always have some sweet bands playing. After Sambucas there are tons of bars you can go to, Addison is a good place to spend some money. If you want a nicer dinner go to 3 Forks Steak House, great steaks and you will probably spend a couple hundred bucks on the two of you including drinks.
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    Just curious Mike, are you going to be covering the Quincy Carter reinstatement press conference, you know, the one that you heard about on Sporting News radio the other day? :D

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