Going to opener! (tailgate question)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Richmond Cowboy, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Richmond Cowboy

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    Flying to big D for the opener vs the Giants! Very excited except the last time I went was the inaugural game and of course we all know how that turned out. There is nothing more deflating than flying halfway across the country, staying in a nice hotel, getting tickets to the big game only to leave with a loss... Anyways, going to stay positive and hope for the best! Any zoners know of or are hosting any good tailgates at the stadium? We are staying at the Gaylord and I'm thinking we get to the stadium 3 hours or so before the game to partake in some tailgating and take it all in before getting down to business...
  2. Section444

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    I'll be in Lot B starting at 14:30.
  3. Hoods

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    I will also be going. Any general game day recommendations? Are there official tailgates/activities happening before the game?
  4. Section444

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    Where you can tailgate is limited. My advice is to get there as early as humanly possible, especially if the Rangers are playing that same day.
  5. Turtle0986

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    Are the Rally Day events like tailgating and do they do at em? I am just wondering since I am flying down for the Denver game in Oct
  6. Richmond Cowboy

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    I saw where starsportstours has a tailgate that's $75/person but not sure if its worth it or just a tourist trap. Has anyone participated in any pay-for tailgates?
  7. lqmac1

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    My brother and I are flying in from NC and staying at a hotel that's ab a 10 min walk from the stadium. If you want, I can message you my number and we can have our own little pre-game and perhaps join a big group?!
  8. bysbox1

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    From my experience . . . .

    I would get to the stadium as early as possible if you are tailgating. The game starts at 7:30am, so I would get there at 11am or noon (seriously). We had a 5pm start and was at the stadium at 10am for reference.

    I Tailgated in lot 10 on East Randol Mill Road. It's the parking lot right across the street fromt he Walmart. We had no problems getting in or out and the crowd was pretty good. We partied with a group that brought their own tents, full size grills, and a ton of people. It was fun.

    I would not spend $75 on a tailgate party. For that money you could go in and do it yourself . . . as a matter of fact we saw one group part in Lot 10, run across the street to Walmart and buy all of their stuff there. Run back, setup and have at it. They even bought a grill there. I don't know what they paid though, but you get my drift. You can buy stuff when you hit town and then go the stadium and tailgate. It would probably be way cheaper and more fun than shelling out $75 a person.

    I am not a seasoned Tailgate person, but I am sure there are a bunch here who do it on a regular basis and will chime in.

    Oh yeah . . . . Have fun!
  9. big dog cowboy

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    Carry CowboysZone posters into the stadium. I'll look for you guys on TV.
  10. brucekr

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    My buddy and I are also flying out from Oregon for this one. I've watched NY beat us twice in our new stadium and it's the worst plane ride home after a loss. We normally just catch the day games at Humperdink's and catch the shuttle.
  11. dallasfan4evr

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    try star sports tours. On corner of collins & randol mill road. Behind AT&T store. Dont know price tho.

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