Going to the eagles game today

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Hoov, Dec 8, 2013.

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    A friend just offered me free tickets to eagles Detroit game. Row 6 mid field. Can't pass that up. Supposed to snow during game. Should be a fun time. Ill post a report when I get home.
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    Go LIONS !!!!
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    Sitting behind the eagles bench.
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    Throw some snow balls.
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    So here is the report that I promised.

    First, the weather was crazy. Philadelphia was just supposed to get a light dusting but we got about 6 plus inches. Driving to the game was a challenge - when we parked we could not even see the stadium due to the blizzard. We had to listen for the crowd noise to figure out which direction the stadium was from the car. (in philadelphia all the stadiums are in the same area so they will park you at the hockey or baseball stadium lot after the football lot overflows). I couldnt see the stadium until we were about 150 feet from it which is pretty crazy.

    Had great seats. The fans were decent - only saw 1 guy throw a snowball at a fan wearing a calvin johnson jersey and it was a small one (a little larger than a golf ball) and he lobbed it from about 10 feet away. Nothing malicious. The fan that got hit didnt seem to care, he was talking and laughing with the eagles fans. I was behind the eagles bench so there were not many detroit fans there. The area we sat in seemed to be mostly season ticket holders who seemed to know one another so it was a pretty friendly environment. I cant speak for the other parts of the stadium but didnt see anything out of hand in the parking lot or in the food lines at halftime.

    Watching the game in the first half - it looked like evryone was moving in slow motion - like kids playing in a backyard. There was not much pass rush for either team - it looked like the dlineman could not dig in to make a push or change direction quickly so the OLineman just had to hold their position on pass plays. On run plays it was the opposite.

    The kicking game was non existent. They didnt even try a FG. The eagles had a 4th and 10 inside or near the 20 and went for it. There was only one xtra point attempt by Detroit after they got a penalty going for 2, and the xpoint kick was blocked.

    Every break in play there were guys with shovels clearing the lines every 5 yards but the rest of the field had about 6 inches of snow.

    In the 2nd half it looked like there was more snow but the field looked less slippery and players were running better. On the eagles fist TD i thought Jackson had stepped out of the endzone then come back for the catch but on replay the lines were difficult to see because of the snow so they didnt overturn the TD.

    Mccoy had an incredible 2nd half. When the eagles started running him up the middle it was over. Everytime a Detoit player missed a tackle within the first 10 yards Mccoy took it to the endzone. That was frustrating to watch. I think that had to do with the snow, it was too hard for players to react and move left or right so if the first guy missed he wasnt going to get caught.

    The eagles team right now is believing and Foles is showing good leadership with the things he says and does. I think they come into dallas at 10-5 given their schedule. Looking like another must win end of the season game for the cowboys.

    I would say that Mccoy is 50% of their offense and it will be up to Lee and our LB's to shut him down again. If Mccoy has less than 125 all purpose yards i think the cowboys can hold the eagles to 300 or less total yards. I just dont see where the rest of the production is going to come from. Foles isnt fast but with the eagles spread offense there are big holes sometimes and he will run for 8 yards which is often enough to move the chains.

    On defense i would say that their LB are playing well. The dline is improved but not great and the secondary is suspect but somehow they do enough to hold it together while the front seven is making plays.
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    Yep, the offensive player has all the advantage in those conditions. It was very much stressed on one of the telecasts, I forget which one. Probably this one.

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