Going to the Superbowl vs. Throwing a Superbowl party

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by FootballFreak45, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Which do you recommend is better? Even though our boys aren't in the Superbowl this year, I'm still going to watch it and go for the underdogs - like I always do, and I'm throwing a huge Superbowl party. What are you guys doing? Also, I need help buying a new tv for the big game - any tv brand suggestions? Nothing too expensive - but still good quality, like LG or Vizio?
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    First off :welcome: to the board

    Second I doubt I'll do anything special just a normal day of watching football.
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    Depends on what you want out of a Super Bowl party. Do you want to spend an arm and a leg grabbing one of the few expensive tickets and fight the crowd? Or use the money you spent on tickets and buy a television that will last you for a few years at least?

    I would like to go to a Super Bowl at least once or twice but otherwise, having a party with 5-20 people would suffice. I know plasma tvs have resolved a lot of their burn-in issues but they still can get burn-in. I love the looks of them but I stayed away from them due to this problem. I bought an LCD Sony 55inch and love it. Its a matter of price, technology and what size you think will fit in your viewing area.
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    I have a 47" Vizio and am as happy as can be. But from everything I have read and talking to people Samsung has some of the best.

    I would love to go to a Super Bowl, but hey a party is great too. Beside, you can drink all the beer you want and not wait behind 900 people to use the rest room.

    ...And nocho's are much cheeper at home.
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    They say that not including the tickets, the average attendee of the superbowl spends $700 a day for hotel, alcohol and such. It is ridiculous that is why I enter as many SuperBowl ticket contests as I can on radio contests and such.

    Im deffinately going to watch the game and im most excited about TOM PETTY AT HALFTIME!
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    You make a GREAT point! Waiting in line is so annoying. I can make much better nachos as well as cheaper ones too!

    Glad to hear you like your Vizio. I've heard pretty good things about them overall, so I think I'll go pick one up at Costco tomorrow or Sat. I just can't really afford a Samsung but I know they're good.

    I saw though that Vizio's 60" is on sale at Costco for like $2k haha tempting...

    But I think I'll stick with the 42" and then secretly cry about not having the 60" LOL !!

    Have a good party!!

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