Golden Eagle Attempts to Snatch a Kid

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    I was deer hunting a few years back and walking down a fence line when I saw a small covey of quail running down the fence line in front of me. I caught a screech owl out of the corner of my eye diving at the quail. Much to the owl's disappointment the quail were on the opposite side of the fence and he couldn't see that. He smashed the bob wire fence at full speed and scared the hell out of the quail. I stopped and just watched him stand there dazed for what seemed like minutes before he finally flew away. He flew home hungry that night.
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    [ tábblət ]

    1. pill: a small solid pill containing a measured medicinal dose, usually intended to be taken orally
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    Tap the screen near where you want to copy and hold your finger there for a second then let up. (a long tap) Two blue markers will appear (left and right) around a word and a menu at the top of the screen. Use the left one to mark where you want the copying to start, and the right one where you want it to stop. Then click the button that looks like two pieces of paper to copy it. If it's editable, you will see scissors to be able to cut it.

    When you want to paste it, do the long tap again and a paste button will appear.
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