Goldrush: Season 3 (Spoiler alert)

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    Probably a spoiler in here but if you've followed the show you can probably guess the plot of any episode. I've only seen the 1st 15 minutes of the new season so you won't get all your dreams dashed by reading this.

    I like the show. It's pretty interesting to watch a train wreck and see some gold come out of the ground.

    But one question.

    Would it kill Discovery to not make every episode some ridiculous Mt. Everest obstacle that has to be overcome?

    Season 1: Obstacle is nobody knows what their doing. Fair enough, total morons battle every possible inexperienced hiccup along the way.

    Season 2: No site but thankfully that was solved in an episode or two. Still haven't a clue and their mechanic is in and out every other episode when he runs out of pain pills. Took almost the entire season to get a working wash plant and then washed away a good portion of gold because they don't know what they're doing. Got a little in the end.

    Season 3: Back and with more equipment, a bigger crew and go to the site 2-3 weeks earlier. One problem, the new processing machine conveniently can't make it there for 2 weeks. I haven't heard what they paid for it but it looks a hell of lot better than the older one and some part about buying tens-of-thousands of dollars worth of equipment and being "okay" with it not arriving on time when it is the lynchpin of the entire operation just seems stupid to me.

    Based on the new equipment and manpower, I'm guessing they've tripled the amount of money they're forking up to operate this year.

    Go the next step and guarantee you get that thing there on time.

    Anyone else watch?

    I like the show but the constant build up to nothing is ridiculous. Film some guys who can get gold and lets see some results.

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