Golic Likes Cowboys Chances this year on ESPN radio

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ljs44, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. ljs44

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    Golic thinks they are closer to 2003 and are a year away from really challenging. Liked off-season, and loves Julius.
  2. noshame

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    I concur

    Closer to 2003 record wise that is, and a year away. Which is why we should be playing as much youth as we can this year.....Bill??? Please???
  3. Hollywood Henderson

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    Of course Golic likes/loves fellow NDer JJ...
    But Parcells plays to win, every game...As he should!
  4. TheSkaven

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    I like all the warm and fuzzies we're getting from the media. I think most people realize that this team was ambushed last year by a few key injuries, but more important, the starting quarterback getting cut mid-way through training camp.

    This team added impact free agents and had a spectacular draft. Anything less than playoffs would be a major disappointment, IMHO.
  5. ZiggyZ.

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    Last season was the Charger's first year playing the 3-4, and they went 12-4.

    Yes, they had an easy schedule.
    Yes, they had an experienced 3-4 coach to teach them.

    But still, I trust BP enough to make this 3-4 thing work, and work quickly.
  6. MichaelWinicki

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    We are a year away. QB, WR depth, FS, ILB, and DT depth all keep us from seriously competiting for the big game.

    We're on the edge of the playoffs right now.
  7. parchy

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    Along those same lines, Sean Salisbury said he 'liked' this Cowboys team and said they're a 10 win team...
  8. TheSkaven

    TheSkaven Last Man Standing

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    But wouldn't you agree that this 2005 squad is significantly more talented than the squad we had in 2003? That team went to the playoffs with a 10-6 record.

    I disagree with you, Michael. I like our situation at QB. We have a solid, veteran quarterback who has won two Championship games and been to the Pro Bowl. Behind him, we have a second year rookie who is showing improvement.

    I especially like our situation at DT and WR.

    This team's weakness is at ILB and FS, as you mentioned, but there are ways to cover up those weaknesses, especially at FS.

    Anyway, I think we're close to the same opinion - I agree that we're a year away from the big game, but I'd say this team is absolutely a playoff contender, probably in the 10 or 11 win range.
  9. Portland Fanatic

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    Well said....I'm hoping for an 11 win season! Plus a couple wins in playoffs...
  10. BlueWave

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    The best thing that has ever happened to the Cowboys.
  11. followthestar

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    for my two cents' worth, i also think missing the playoffs would be a major disappointment, and heads would roll if we didn't make it. i also believe this is a team capable of winning anywhere from 9 to 12 games, with a 1/3 chance of taking the division. it will be up to the defense, and of course staying relatively healthy.

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