Good debate tonight!

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by jterrell, Nov 15, 2007.

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    I think what it detailed is Hillary is actually more moderate than any other Dem candidate.

    She was the only candidate who voted to label the Iranian guard a terrorist group and was the only candidate not to answer every question with a huge tax raise answer. She was the most pro-military action to keep Islamic groups out of power.

    And of course it detailed every question has to be about Hillary in some way.

    It was clear the other candidates were debating for the nomination and she was debating for the Presidency.
  2. burmafrd

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    You really believe Hilary is MODERATE? You are ignoring everything she did before she ran for Senator. Everything she has done from that point is to make it APPEAR she is a moderate. How easily you are fooled. Or is it just that you want to believe it?
  3. iceberg

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    it's also pretty clear you're very pro-hillary. any chance some bias coming through? : )
  4. Doomsday

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  5. BrAinPaiNt

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    She was the best of the group last night IMO.

    I actually laughed a few times because the crowd started booing when some of the others started in on attack hillary mode.

    Also laughed when they asked if someone else would win the nomination would you support them.

    All said yes except for Kucinich and Biden.

    Little Dennis said NO if they support staying in the war.

    The funny part was when Biden said...Hell No I would not support any of these guys...then said..just kidding I would.

    However IMO she won that debate last night.
  6. BrAinPaiNt

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    Might help if you actually read his response instead of seeing Hillary's name and seeing red.

    He said...

    Which she probably is indeed more moderate than the others.

    Does not she is not a moderate as a whole, just more than her competition in the democratic party.
  7. trickblue

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    Good Lord... now the Hillary Campaign is planting hecklers to help protect her...
  8. PosterChild

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    Now I'm not a fan of any of the Dem candidates, but Hillary came across as the most trustworthy and competent among them. (And I wouldn't vote for Hillary if doing so would bring me immortality).

    Bill Richardson, in particular, lied through his teeth every time he opened his mouth. It was clear to me that he didn't even believe what he was saying and was trying to pick up cues from the audience as he was speaking to determine if they bought any of it! That was funny. :D

    Edwards, same act from him. Now, I didn't catch the phrase, "Two Americas" last night though I was also watching the Mavs (what's up Spurs fans?) so it could have escaped my ears.

    Osama, pretty slick game he's throwing down, even if a little green, but doesn't really say anything substantive and comes across as naive.

    The rest of the field, they were irrelevant, but I was hoping Dennis the menace would trot out his wife just to scoreboard everyone else. Of course that would seriously distract Hillary... maybe he's saving it for another time.

    Definitely advantage Hillary in this one.
  9. jterrell

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    ROFL. It would be nice if the "haters" actually watched the debate before commenting. :lmao2:

    If anyone would like we can debate the issues and how Hillary is MORE moderate than her Democratic competitors.

    Ice: I am biased. I am also biased in favor of the Cowboys; does that mean they are not better than Redskins? If you question my takes then do so and we can flesh it out. If you do not question it then bias is immaterial.

    Burm: Democratic debates ought to required viewing for you. You could use the world view broadening. All those old Bush/Cheney re-runs you watch have you deluded I am afraid.
  10. Yeagermeister

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    She must have had some fresh poll numbers. :D
  11. jterrell

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    Please do enlighten me.

    What did Hillary do prior to her Senate career that was so liberal aside from a failed health-care plan?
  12. Sasquatch

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    Here's a novel concept: give each candidate 3-5 minutes to address a particular issue and a 1-2 minute rebuttal. Remove the moderator from the equation altogether. Sorry, Wolf Blitzer, but this isn't about YOU and your pitiful attempts to garner ratings by stirring things up between the candidates. So simple but we'll never see it because the last thing the media wants in this country is an actual, intelligent discussion of the issues.
  13. Sasquatch

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    Not to mention that she had all the time in the world courtesy of Wolf Blitzer while the other candidates were routinely interrupted and hurried. She "appears" the most polished because the game is rigged in her favor while others are left scrambling around just to get in a word edge-wise.
  14. Sasquatch

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    As an anti-preemptive/elective war person myself, Kookie has a special place in my heart. What he actually said was "not if they don't renounce war as an instrument of policy." Of course, he also made an excellent point about America deserving a president who is right the first time on issues such as the war, nafta, the patriot act, and trade with China which many of the "leading" candidates supported but now criticize. Don't expect to see that covered in the post-debate wrap ups, though.
  15. iceberg

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    that THUD you heard was me hitting the floor. i'm now dictating this to someone else because i'm still down there. so this is what happens when i agree with sassy.

    no, i didn't see the debate, but from what i've seen of hillary and public speaking lately, i simply have no faith that what she says is from the heart vs from her notebook. given that, of course she'll look "good".

    her utter denial of ever doing it before is such a HUGE lie, those who support her i hope i *never* hear them critisize bush for lying.

    like i've always said, it's ok to do whatever you want, IF you support the person. but those you don't support are guilty of cheating and so forth - even if they're doing the same thing.
  16. jterrell

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    I applaud you watching even if you ultimately plan to vote Republican or Independent or even abstain.

    To clarify for the non-watchers, Hillary was attacked by the more liberal candidates for her recent votes in Congress but also for Bill's policies during his presidency which were too moderate for their tastes.

    Obama thinks Hillary's health-care plan asks too much of people by requiring they get health insurance as they do car insurance. That money to pay for health care should come from taxing all income for FICA and not just the initial 97,500. Hillary noted she represents firemen and ordinary people who earn that not just ultra-rich folks and it would be a burden. She is against that tax raise which she says is 1 trillion dollars.

    Edwards claims she is too pro-corporate. Says we can't go from corporate Repub to corporate Dem.

    Kucinich claims she is a war-mongerer and I am pretty sure he considers her a nazi. His sneers her direction were fierce, lol.

    I claim she is actually cognizant of polls but also selling realism. She referred many times to the fact Republicans aren't simply going to give these candidates everything they want. She talked of how Reagen and a Dem Congress resolved a nightmarish Social Security hurdle in 1983 and how Bill left the budget with a surplus and Social Security completely solvent until 2055. She talked of FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY and the record the prior Clinton administration had of it.

    I know there are lots of haters but her message is the best one out there.

    It is real and so is she.

    Does that mean she is completely open and honest? Hardly.
    Does her takes jive with her past record? Yup, it does. She is pro-kids, pro-women, pro-business, pro-diplomacy, pro-choice, pro-fiscal responsibility.

    She is far less anti-war than any other candidate and far less liberal than the idiot neo-cons portray her to be. Than again to them Thomas Jefferson is a far left wing radical who should have been hanged.
  17. iceberg

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    i don't care what hillary is. i can throw texas stadium further than i trust her.

    she's given me no reason to try to trust her regardless of how "polished" she looks during a public speaking engagement. we all know how she does that, right? and when caught, lie out your hiney cause hey, it's ok. she's trying to be president. she'll be all mean and nasty now but when president she'll clean up and fly right.

    uh huh.

    jt - you've already said you don't care how hillary gets into office, just as long as she gets there. this isn't bias?

    i'm the kind of person that's a "might FOR right" and she's a "MY MIGHT IS RIGHT" person. there can be no inbetween for her and i simply because the basic concept of what you're supposed to do with "power" is vastly different. my integrity means the word to me and to be blunt, she doesn't know what it is.

    i tell people all the time - know how to tell when i'm lying? i'll tell you. my mom back in the late 80s said i'd make a terrible president cause i simply can't lie to people. i'd much rather you hate me for who i am than like me for what i pretend to be.

    i know politicians do this all the time. not all but far too many for my own tastes. but to have hillary flatly caught on something trivial and see her parade of lies come out of her mouth? yea, that sits so bad to me. this isn't even a debatable lie. trick and several others have said she's done it many times and you want to say "did SHE pass on the notes????" as if her party acted w/o her consent.

    yet if there's a terror camp in iraq where soldiers mistreat people, blame falls to bush cause it's his watch.

    please understand i'm not condoning or agreeing with what bush has done or will do. sidetracking isn't my goal here but to show how we can all tend to let people we like slide on the bad side but if we don't like them, it's the worst crime that can be committed.

    in many ways, it seems, she's just like bush, it would seem. i got power and will do what i please, eat me.

    out of the frying pan and into the fire. as a country we can do better than carter and hutch debates for president.
  18. jterrell

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    Cuci doesn't win debates and can' t get real support because he is too liberal, lol.

    He is an American Socialist.
    He seriously wants the people to control the means of production.

    Of course he can point to areas where he was right and the masses were wrong. He is the polar opposite of Ron Paul and votes to the extreme of things. Others do not draw attention to where his votes were wrong because he is meaningless to them as a 1 percenter.
  19. iceberg

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    she's a liar and has the integrity any crimelord would be proud of. maybe she's real to you but please understand she's worse than bush to many of us who just want honest and open leadership.

    it's hard to restore integrity to the country bush has badly misspent. we can't do it with her. period.
  20. jterrell

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    How many more times are you gonna use the bias crutch Ice?
    Is that gonna be the depth of your every post now?

    Where is my take evidence of bias?
    Did BP and others not echo my sentiments on the debate?

    I have never denied bias, but being biased does not mean being wrong.

    You really have no point at all here. You do not trust Hillary. I get it. That's fine by me. So find someone you can trust and then I'll tell you how they are lying to you.

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