Good News, Bad news, Worse news (game)

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Signals, Mar 1, 2008.

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    Okay this is how it goes. I will post something that is good news, the next poster posts bad news about my good news and then the next poster puts worse news about the good news. Then it starts over and the next person puts a good news.


    Good news- Your boss just gave you four tickets on the 50 yard line to the next Cowboys game because you came up with the best idea to increase company profits.

    Bad news- Thirty minutes later ESPN announces Tony Romo was injured off the field in freak accident and will be out for six weeks.

    Worse news- Your wife has planned a surprise party for you that falls on game day and insists that you can't go to the game, but can't tell you why.

    Get it?

    I'll start.

    Good News- The NFL, in the investigation of the Patriots, finds substantial evidence that NE cheated in all of their SB wins and strips them of their Lombardi's.

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    After doing some extra digging, they find this was a practice created by Parcells and as punishment for his time here in Dallas, we are forced to forfeit (release) every one of Parcells first round draft picks during his tenure here. This includes TNew and DWare.
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    mass suicides are done due to the bogus ruling by the Sheriff
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    Good News: The Washington Redskins find themselves $30 million over the cap for next season and have to release Santana Moss.
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    Too bad santana still hasn't learned how to catch a football. (he had the dropsies something fierce this year)

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