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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by smack500, Sep 20, 2005.

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    Even though we won, I think you should feel good about your team. Those deep balls are hard to cover, and BP will work on his corners and williams more to deal with that.

    I wont say dallas is a better team then the redskins overall because I havent seen enough. However from how bad alot of the nfc teams are performing I can easily see you getting into the playoffs.

    Also those of you who got annoyed with the skins fans whining about losing making excuses, dont be hypocrites. A loss is a loss, just look onto next week.
  2. Bizwah

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    I think, as we settle down you'll see that the whining will stop. It always does.

    Nothing like knee jerk reactions to make a message board fun.

    After seeing our two teams tonight, I think we're definitely the more talented team. I've seen you all play twice now, I think player for player....even those on the bench, we outclass you all talent-wise.


    But talent doesn't always win out.....just like in 1995 right?
  3. Quincy_Will_Return

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    A lose is a lose indeed...
  4. Wolverine

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    We will not win another game this year if we let teams stay in the game by sitting around like a bunch of idiots on a 13 point lead.
  5. smack500

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    I corrected the spelling mistake, I guess I drunk a little more then I should have tonite lol.
  6. big dog cowboy

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    Not win the lose games you should win.
  7. 2much2soon

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    Dallas clearly looked like the better team for the first 56 or so minutes of the game. Give the 'skins credit though, they exposed the only thing they could and won the game.
    Can't really figure them ('skins) out though. Their defense looked OK, but they never sacked Bledsoe and didn't really seem to be able to get any pressure on him all night. I was expecting more out of them in that regard. Their run d looked good but if they were all that I had heard I would of thought they could of held JJ to less than 50 yds.
    Brunell looked as bad as I expected until the final moments of the game. Not sure what got into him at the end but it looked like Brunell circa '96 for the last few minutes of the game.
    Lots of 'boys fans jumping off the bridge tonight but that is to be expected. This team still has a bunch of new players(and young players) who need to gel, on both sides of the ball, before they play up to their potential. Lots of positives, other than the final outcome, and no one really thought they would win every game, did they?

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