Good trade?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by CowboysFan02, Sep 13, 2006.

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    Do you think this is a good trade? Jones is the only thing that is holding me back, well that and Brown is my top back, with C. Williams being #2, and Ahman Green #3.
    Me: R. Brown, T. Houshmandzadeh, D. Clark


    A. Boldin, T. Jones, K. Winslow

    My team
    T. Green(KC - QB)
    R. Wayne(Ind - WR)
    P. Burress(NYG - WR)
    B. Engram(Sea - WR)
    C. Williams(TB - RB)
    R. Brown(Mia - RB)
    Da. Clark(Ind - TE)
    C. Cooley(Was - TE)
    T. Houshmandzadeh(Cin - WR)
    A. Green(GB - RB)
    P. Rivers(SD - QB)
    B. Lloyd(Was - WR)
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    You are basically trading a top RB for a top WR. That is almost always a bad FF trade. The trade is even worse in your case, because you have little depth at RB and a good wide receiving core. I personally wouldn't want to count on Green for an entire season. He is injury prone and would be one of your starters if you made this trade.
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    I don't think it is a good trade. Your wr corps look good, so theres no reason to add another WR when you only have 3 rbs. I dont think a running back committee of Thomas JOnes, Cadillac, and Ahman Green would cut it, but then again it's only my opinoin.

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