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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Dcowboy84, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Woods

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    I think Buffalo would draft him, esp after their latest OT signed again with the Eagles (Peters being the first one).
  2. CowboysLaw87

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    Who's Fletcher at 7? Fletcher Cox? In that case you have him listed twice.
  3. egn22

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    yeah my bad
  4. The Realist

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    Like Barron. Love DC.

    Would love for Barron to be gone and to be forced to pick DC.

    Start him at C next to the 2 scrub guards we signed.
  5. JBell523

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    That would be false.

    Eric Berry had a promising rookie season who missed all of last season due to injury. KC definitely looks to have struck gold with this pick.

    Earl Thomas had a really good rookie campaign last season.

    Laron Landry has had injury issues, but when healthy he's been a top 10 safety (regardless of what you Redskins haters think).

    Huff has really excelled in coverage and has put together some solid seasons after disappointing in his first few years. Had a pro-bowl esque year in 2010.

    Whitner was a bust in Buffalo but seems to have revived his career in SF.

    Sean Taylor was looking like an elite safety before tragedy struck.

    Besides Whitner, none of the safeties above have "bombed embarrassingly".
  6. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Dallas needs him in that secondary... I wouldn't be mad at all if he's the choice at 14!
  7. Bluestang

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    Safety has been a position of need for a long time.
  8. Zaxor

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    I would like in order Fletcher C, Barron, DeCastro<---as center if he can't play center than I would prefer a trade down and grab some of the others
  9. Dash28

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    Good list of targets.

    I'm thrilled with any of those as our pick.

    I have the same top 3, just a little change in the order.
  10. Macnalty

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    I hope you are right but there is no denying Barron is a good positional pick with good talent. Just hard to leave a deal on the table that makes us stronger in the second through fifth rd in this draft and still helps the team overall. Just love the Hightower pick along with accumulating some CB's, OLine and Dline. IMO a second rd pick of Zeitler or Silatolu (O guards) puts us in very favorable position on the OLine even with a average center. I think no one would argue if we picked up two more picks in that hot range of third/fourth and went to war with these guys in Giant Stadium. IMO
  11. jswalker1981

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    I like how he compared Barron to previous top safeties. I wish they did more of this each year. Ok, you can rank the current crop of wide receivers, but where do you rank them compared to previous classes?
  12. Hostile

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    No reversing field now. You've got this guy as a bust remember?
  13. Mash

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    I dont think I read anywhere or from any draft site that Barron will not be a solid pick

    Sounds to me all I hear are scouts raving about him....same with DeCastro. did Barron get pegged as a poor coverage safty? Inbox saftey?

    I dont know...Cox....DeCastro....or Barron at 14 will be very good pickups.

    I love DeCastro....seeing how he will anchor his spot for 10 yrs....but I cant seem to shake getting Barron and his leadership and smarts leading our defensive backfield for years.
  14. Deep_Freeze

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    Well again, it depends on how the draft falls really. Depending on how JG wants to run this thing, perhaps a #3 WR or a #2 TE can be considered a starter. What I thinking with that statement is getting a guy who can start at interior OL, DE, and S in the first 3 rounds.

    The most likely way to get those 3 starters is to draft Barron, pick the BPA DE in the 2nd, and Brooks or Blake in the 3rd or 4th. Also, of course it is easier to get those 3 by trading back in the first round, although I don't think we have to do that.

    Going through a live draft is alot different than making up a random mock draft. Barron does open up our draft more than any other pick cause of the thinness of the class and our huge need there. Now I will say that if someone falls, my list gets longer by that guy....just saying....;)
  15. LarryCanadian

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    I've had my heart set on Cowboys re-stocking the trenches, DeCastro seems a safe pick, and/or the best DT/DE/OLB available with that first pick.

    BUT, I keep saying in all my posts that I think this team needs to get smarter and more instinctive and Safety has been a HUGE weakness for this team for a long time (particularly since decline in production from Roy Williams).

    It isn't as sexy as getting some help for D Ware up front, because that was a huge issue last season, and would help secondary overall as well, but adding Barron sounds like it has a good chance of helping in a big way as well.

    What is his injury history like, moving forward. I heard he's had a few injuries he's played through over last few seasons. Are they long-term/chronic type problems?

  16. cowboysooner

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    That's pretty much my sentiment. We have been running a 3-4 with just another guys at defensive end for a while now. The premiere 3-4 teams all invest heavily in their front. We don't and we are not a premiere defense since 2008 when we had a very good rotation of ends and Ellis and Spencer together.

    It looks like Brockers/Poe are falling some. I would much rather have one of them and an extra 2nd than Barron alone.
  17. gimmesix

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    I'd rather go with Cox if he's there, then DeCastro, followed by Barron and Poe if we remain at 14.

    If none of those are there, try to trade down and take Glenn or Konz.

    Those are the six guys I'd be happy with Dallas picking in the first round, based on who might be available when the Cowboys pick.
  18. InmanRoshi

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    Some interesting tweets by Breer today on Barron...


    Speaking of ... Not surprised by Barron's rise. Here's why: Hard to find a college safety who had as much responsibility mentally as he did.


    Scout/execs say less & less is being asked of college safeties in directing traffic in secondary. But Saban had Barron doing plenty of that.

    @RapSheet You'd know better than I would, but I heard Saban trusted him to a pretty serious degree to run the show. True captain back there.
  19. Mash

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    To me Barron sounds like a perfect fit for Dallas secondary......we complain all yr about confusion.....finger pointing....lack of leadership....a identity .......This kid seems to have the character to solve these issues
  20. 151

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    our defensive qb at 14!

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