Goodell possible rule changes in works, kickoff elimination

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by RS12, Dec 6, 2012.

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    According to TIME, Goodell recently discussed with Rick McKay, Falcons president and head of the NFL’s competition committee, a radical rule change proposed by Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano. Instead of a kickoff, the team that scored would then take the ball on its own 30-yard line in, essentially, a 4th-and-15 situation. In other words, they could attempt to keep their offense on the field and try to pick up 15 yards, at the risk of turning the ball over on downs; or they could punt.

    “I don’t do things for public relations,” Goodell said. “I do things because they’re the right thing to do, because I love the game.”

    However, is there a line where watching out for player safety infringes on the very nature of the game? Limiting kickoff returns is one thing (even that drew groans from fans), but eliminating them completely in favor of an off-the-wall replacement rule? That might change the game dramatically, and not necessarily for the better.
  2. RS12

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    Why dont they just start passing out the field hockey uniforms.
  3. RS12

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    Lies. Try and avoid lawsuits much.
  4. RoyTheHammer

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    Goodell has always been full of **** and each year he destroys the integrity of the game more and more. I can't wait until the day he leaves.
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    I don't know, call me crazy but I kind of like this, to me a kickoff is just boring as hell. Still poses the whole what do we do for onside kicks argument though so it's not gonna happen
  6. muck4doo

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    Didn't Mara say something stupid like this in the off season?
  7. AmishCowboy

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    Me too!
  8. Idgit

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    Don't like this particular idea, and I'm a bit of a football conservative. But I do like that they at least look at some fairly dramatic changes to the game from time to time. Player safety is important, of course, but I'm more interested in improving the inherent drama of the game, honestly.

    Removing on-sides kics (which are weird, anyway, if you think about it) for a shot at 4th-and-15 isn't exactly what I'm looking for, but it is interesting. Anyone able to pull up how conversion percentages on 4th and 15 compare to covering an on-sides kick?
  9. tomson75

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    I'm almost at the point where I hope this happens so I can just cut my personal ties with the NFL.

    This isn't the game I fell in love with.
  10. JonJon

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    What a ridiculous idea that is. So potentially, a team may not even get the ball on offense at all if an opposing team ops to go for the "4th and 15" after scoring and converts each time.
  11. Yeagermeister

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    This is as stupid as the new OT rules. Just put the ball on the 20 and go for it.
  12. Sam I Am

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    In 2020 the NFL is going to change their name to the NFFL. National Flag Football League. :laugh2:
  13. erod

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    Rumor is they may outlaw all blocks below the waist, too. Not just on kicks.
  14. CanadianCowboysFan

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    no team would go for it all the time, risk far outweighs the reward

    although not sure even Roger Robespierre would listen to a safety rule from a loser who tries to kill his opponents who are in the victory formation
  15. Yakuza Rich

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    One team keeping the ball every time is even more boring. And the entire offset of everything that could happen is so bizarre we wouldn't even recognize the game anymore. It's great if you're really into Arena Football. I'm not. It's a nice little novelty act.

  16. NIBGoldenchild

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    I can't fathom how this will get voted in. I just can't see how Goodell could convince enough owners to outlaw kickoffs.
  17. Yakuza Rich

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    There is actually more evidence that suggests that ALWAYS going for it on 4th down is the right thing to do. There is a professor from California that NFL Films did a piece on where he recorded years of NFL data and that in the end, a team that ALWAYS goes for it on 4th down would be at a significant advantage. Obviously, it's tough to convince coaches, owners, etc. of that, but the evidence is there to suggest it.

    That's what guys like Chip Kelly do, being unafraid to go for it on 4th and 3 at their own 28 yard line against conference rivals. The numbers support it. He uses more of a modified version of the statistical model which looks at the odds for each 4th down situation, but the model more suggests going for it than not going for it.

    And we may end up with a situation where teams eventually decide to go for it every down because the numbers work in their way. Then we start to play half-field football. Or something disastrous may happen where the first team to score a TD wins 80% of the time. And records do matter to fans of any sport, which would now be completely off kilter.

    Personally, I don't mind looking at the suggestion. But with Goodell, he's so eager to change things around, perhaps so he can make his mark on this league, that he may just institute it. This is what happens when your commissioner is hired to be a puppet for the owners.

  18. Sean50Lee

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    Roger Goodell is useless :banghead:
  19. FiveRings

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    But the way we're seeing the game now the kickoff pretty much ends in a touchback or not 5 yards past the 20 yard line. At the very lead this could result in some field position changes, more strategy, etc.
  20. arglebargle

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    Yep, way to complicate things, NFL.

    They're just crazy. 'Hey, lets get rid of the most exciting plays in the NFL! Maybe we can get rid of punt returns too?'

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