Goodell Wants To Eliminate Kickoffs - Floats Novel Idea

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by houstonwhodat, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Hoofbite

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    How much of this is influenced by offenses, and more specifically, QBs that suck?

    Doubtful Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and others are contributing much to the 4th & 15 attempts. They likely aren't in a position to ever go for it on 4th & 15. They aren't trailing as much as other teams are and likely don't take multiple negative plays on the way to 4th down in the few situations in which they are trailing.
  2. Hoofbite

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    Meh, I don't think is some sort of inconsistency.

    And by the way, I absolutely love the Schiano is doing it at this point. All the people getting pissy about it when they know it's coming and could easily avoid it but choose not to.

    I can't wait until it works out for him and he generates a turnover.
  3. Howardlittleton64

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    It is ridiculous and an embarrassment to the game.
  4. VietCowboy

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    I'm not sure I like this idea, because what if the defense commits a penalty that results in an automatic first down, like a hail mary PI call? Especially given the fact that a lot of flags are subjective and cannot be reviewed.
  5. DavidAK

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    This sport is violant and dangerous. That's what it is, and as long as guys keep getting bigger, faster and stronger..You're going to have people getting hurt.

    I would put some more chips in the development of safer and more protective equipment. That's really all you can do. Eliminating kickoffs is over the top. Although I agree they are by far the most dangerous situation players are put in. I broke my leg on a kickoff return. I was lucky I can even walk right now. I'm just saying..It is dangerous.
  6. Double Trouble

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    This sounds like an Arena or XFL idea.
  7. Gemini Dolly

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    Don't like that.

    If they want to eliminate kickoffs, fine. Everyone starts at the 20. There. Happy. None of this 4th of 15 punt/onside crapola.
  8. Venger

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    Danny White would own a league with this rule...
  9. T-RO

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    The NFL doesn't have any choice, folks.

    Kickoffs are going to cost the league literally billions of dollars per decade in litigation and compensation.

    It really doesn't matter if you like kickoffs, love kickoffs, hate kickoffs. They are going to go away.

    What is done to replace them...does make for an interesting debate.
  10. Hoofbite

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    This would basically ruin the Madden franchise.

    I'll never forget when Shango was watching the Redskins game from a couple years back and Choice fumbled before half. He was livid but said one of the best things I've ever heard him say. It was something along the lines of,

    "You know when you're playing Madden and you go for it on 4th down when you should punt and the game makes you turn it over. That's what this is right here".

    I couldn't stop laughing because it's so true. When you go for it in Madden when you shouldn't, you definitely pay the price. Throw in 10 or more of those type of things per game?

  11. T-RO

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    There are a lot of innovations (or perversions, depending on your perspective) that have come into sport that seemed goofy at first, but have enhanced fan enjoyment.

    Examples: Overtime, The 3-point play, The NFL adapting the college game's 2-point conversion, instant replay, wild card playoff teams, the dunk.

    Our sports aren't based on Scripture, folks.

    People who get too stuck in one place...end up buried by 6 feet of sand.

    IAMKING Benched

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    Goofy to awful

    IAMKING Benched

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    Remove knockoffs the NFL will have
  14. LeonDixson

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    You rock, lady. (IIRC, you are female; if not I sincerely apologize) At any rate, you have put your finger on an aspect of this issue that I haven't seen discussed before, and you are absolutely right. One mistake (or intentional bias) by a ref on a phoney or ticky tack PI call or roughing the passer call could give a game away.
  15. FLcowboy

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    Goodell needs to go. He has cheapened the NFL.
  16. windward

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    Maybe the work around could be that a penalty in these situations would not result in a first down but in a new 4th and 15 at with the penalty yardage assesed. Maybe make PI a 15 yarder in these situations as well. If we can start 4th down after a TD, we can also be selective in how we apply the PI rules, right?
  17. Reality

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    The one thing no one is considering is that most of those 3rd/4th and 15 plays were not in desperation situations. If a team is up by 4-8 points with less than 2 minutes to play, they will play a soft defense giving up the short plays to protect against the big plays. Meaning, 4th and 15 will have a much higher conversion rate in those scenarios. That is even before you consider what VietCowboy said about several penalties negating any down and distance relevance.

  18. Shinywalrus

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    Every example you gave was motivated by a desire to make the game more interesting, make the game more competitive, increase the variety of potential outcomes, etc.

    This one is different. It takes an exciting, traditional play and removes it not because there's any real concern for player safety but because the NFL is motivated by nothing more than cultivating the perception that it is concerned for player safety.

    If a dictator stepped out of the mists and said, "The NFL, owners and management cannot be sued for players' injuries caused by the game, past or present" we wouldn't be discussing this rule. That's why it's different.
  19. AbeBeta

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    Kickoffs are the plays that consistently produce multiple blows to the head. The NFL has to reduce the numbers of hits guys absorb and this is one way to do it (as is reducing padded practices as was done in the last CBA).

    The science regarding brain injury is pretty clear. More hits to the head = more brain injury. The NFL knows it can't ignore this.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    This is a terrible idea.

    So many issue here. Part of the game is using an onsides kick at times when the receiving team isn't expecting it. That's out the window with this.

    What about the players who actually have spots on the team because they are on the Kick Off team or Return team? Those guys are just out of a job I guess.

    They should just move the kick offs back up to the 40 yard line and be done with it.

    This is stupid. This is going to get to a point where this game is no longer interesting to watch. Americans don't want to lose the NFL and anybody who killed that sport would be ruined as a result. It's a mistake to allow fear of litigation ruin the game IMO.

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