Google Maps getting offline access

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    Google is raising the bar for Smartphone GPS maps. This is good stuff. Nothing I hate more than my Google Maps not working when I don't have data services.

    The peculiar thing is, the title says "for Android" as if only Android is getting it, but the article finishes with both Android and iPhone getting it. (see last paragraph in article via link) Unless they are only talking about Google Earth which they were discussing in that paragraph.


    Google Maps for Android getting offline access

    Google today at a small event in San Francisco announced that it's taking Google Maps offline. That's right, no more will you be beholden to your data connection. Or if traveling abroad (or on a subway, for instance), you'll be able to kill data altogether and still find your way around. This, ladies and germs, is a big deal. What's more is that it's not just macro-level mapping. You'll be able to zoom all the way down into street view, sans data. You can't have it just yet, but Google says it's coming soon enough.

    Google also showed off a backpack-type Street View rig -- powered by Android, if you'll believe it -- that's taken us down to street level in places cars can't go. Pretty slick.

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