News: Goose: As long as Jerry Jones is a 'part-time GM,' Cowboys won't be SB contenders

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Jun 24, 2012.

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    It's been reported that the Cowboys paid Leary like a drafted player and have guaranteed much of his contract. Not bad for an UFA and is more in line with a "plan" that you're referring to.

    Sean Payton was the driving force behind Romo landing in Dallas, as well as Romo being offered a fair shot at making the squad. Denver had just signed Jake Plummer to a 40 million dollar contract and Romo knew he'd be a long shot in Denver.

    And I do think that the Cowboys would have known how much Denver offered, especially if Romo had an agent. I just don't think anyone beyond Payton and Jim Hess (if you believe his interview) thought enough of Romo to acquire him and even then Hess thought he'd be a back-up QB, at best.

    I'd just never heard of our scouts going to work on developing a plan to acquire Romo or that he was on their radar screen and studied him. Also never heard that Jim Garrett liked Romo. That's not a slight on the scouting department. Romo was an enigma much like Kurt Warner who I think he compares to the most in terms of unconventional and unexpected paths to success in the NFL.
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    This is not meant as a jab. I think you are greatly underestimating how much work scouts do. I think it is extremely rare for a player to have only one scout knowing anything about him. They all have a pretty fair idea of who the team is looking hard at and at that time most of them will get involved. See if someone sees something others missed. They are thorough. That is the point.
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    Larry Lacewell basically admitted he didn't know who Romo was. Jim Hess and Sean Payton were the guys that brought him to Dallas.
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    Which Spencer did he want?

    He also supposedly wanted Kevin Williams over Newman which would have dramatically altered the team's look as well.

    He also hit with Tony Romo and Miles Austin. Two core components of the team.

    Like I said before, during his time, he was responsible for Romo, Ware, Witten, Ratliff and Austin. Arguably the core of the team yet today.

    James was never my favorite player, but was great value for a 4th round pick. Crayton was a steal in the 7th.

    He also brought in Hatcher who is starter today and Spears who the team thought enough of to bring back.

    Not to mention the non draft contributors: Kosier (FA), Colombo (FA), Terry Glenn (trade)

    And the guys that left that have carved out nice careers in Dallas or elsewhere: Peterman, Canty, Barber, Burnett, Fasano

    Parcells didn't want Newman (see above)

    And by rebuilding the team. The same core that is still in Dallas today.

    Not making the playoffs?

    In a draft that should be the core of your team about now, Dallas will, more than likely, after next year only have 1 player remaining from that class: Scandrick

    This doesn't help your argument.

    Agree it is looking pretty good. Not real deep drafts, but adding some talent. We'll see though. 2008 looked good early too.

    Parcells inherited a 3x 5-11 squad without a QB and turned them into a playoff team.

    Phillips inherited a playoff team with a franchise QB and turned them into a 6-10 team.

    We can certainly criticize some of Bill's decisions. No one in the league is perfect. But, if you look at the overall results, it was overwhelmingly positive for the franchise.
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    That was Wade Wilson
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    And it wasn't an injury. He thought it would help his ED which was caused by diabetes, IIRC.
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    This is correct:

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    Sure. If they were getting info about where other teams were rating guys, that is good info. I'd have no problem with the team using that. Gosselin was pretty good at pulling that kind of info prior to the draft.

    This is what I don't get. How did he reverse course with respect to drafting? Maybe I am interpreting what you are saying wrong?

    I'd argue drafting from the Parcells area was superior to the years proceeding.

    1999 was terrible. 2000 was terrible. 2001 was terrible. 2002 looked good up front, but, ultimately, was terrible. 1998 wasn't bad. Got Flo and Ellis. 95, 96 and 97 were bad too.

    Maybe this is what you were alluding to. Parcells definitely missed on some picks, but he also hit big on others. Overall his hit % was better than in years past and it helped turn the team around.
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    No doubt...I was going towards concept there. IN vein, agreed...sometimes I just say the hades with being exact when someone isn't even trying to keep up with another's work retrieving info. Lol. You are correct. :)

    Hey, junk already is contributing much more to clarifying events...and that is the main purpose of a thread.

    On issue, of person, I stand corrected here. :)
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    Whatever, you didn't know what you were talking about. You still don't. You were defending your mistake like it was your job.

    Your post barely pass as readable, and rarely make any sense. This is either shtick, (which is what I think) or I feel really bad for saying this to you.
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    This was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the thread, great commercial btw
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    Oh, cutting to the chase supposedly...try this one out. You are nothing more than a wise ***...

    Make like that wasn't understandable now.

    And you are as beneficial to conversation, as taking a dictionary out and looking up mutiple meanings. You still no where approach authority on application in anyone's run along and attempt to look important.

    Discuss football related effects, or can your crusader of insight routine.

    You amounted to little more than a crap load there anyway.

    Let's just delve here...where did you play collegiate ball? How many times have you passed turnstyles into the new stadium? Just who have you been talking with as reference.

    Uh, you still don't provide didlie.

    Get yourself a hall monitor's badge or stick to the burn barrel.

    By the way, who really cares about format analysis by yourself?

    You prove you have a foul mouth, and I dare say no one else is checking your other end as well...
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    Translation please.

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