Goose not liking the switch to a 4-3

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyChris, Jan 18, 2013.

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    So in your opinion Ware was very effective in the last part of the season? He had three injures with a surgery on one of these this off season. I do believe that the one knowing what he is talking about is NOT you.

    Hatcher in a one technique in a 3-4 you would be right. In the 4-3 the 1 technique NT just holds and does not let the run pass. This is what Hatcher did sorta this past year, so this is what I see this coming season. The bigger 3 technique needs to penetrate, stop the run, and collapse the pocket on the QB. This is more than Hatcher can be asked to do. I guess you are right! I do expect Hatcher to be replaced or become the backup next year if we do not get two DT in the draft this year and have to wait until the next draft or the right FA for the second DT. So there, put that in your piece pipe and smoke it!:p:
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    If you can assure me that Gosselin polled the NFL community on Ware's ability to switch to the 4-3 defense, I will take what he says seriously, too. His only source that I can see is Dungy. Dungy is a good source, but I believe here he is mistaken, and I will tell you why.

    If Ware plays the wide-9 technique in Kiffin's man-under 4-3 defense, he will be playing in virtually the same position that he has been playing since he got here. The only differences will be that Ware will now play with his hand on the ground nearly all the time, and he will no longer be in coverage 10-15% of the time.

    I had an urge to get very sarcastic here, but I will resist the effort.

    As for Gosselin, himself, I have no confidence in his ability to form accurate opinions of his own on any football-related matter.
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    I normally don't trash reports, but I've seen goose's butchered face, and I can tell you that that dude doesn't even know what it feels like to touch a football. The only thing he's ever played in his life is UNO, or played with computer components.

    So, dude, you have no expertise in X's and O's you're simply a blabber mouth. What were you saying when we were moving to the 3-4 and didn't have the parts for it? And still never got the NT for one.

    Goose, stick to copying other folks draft board.
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    Let's do that. For the past 2 years we've had a multiformation defense that ran to the ball regardless, the kind of thing you claim a 43 would let us do.

    And when we did, we got killed by counters and traps, plays such as this one, which the Eagles ran with LeSean McCoy.


    Further, the more read options we see, the more defenses are going to have to know their assignments and execute, because otherwise, stuff as old as the Redskin's counter trey or the Statue of Liberty play will just kill you.


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