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    By RICK GOSSELIN / The Dallas Morning News

    NEW YORK - Curious how the NFL draft will play out? So is Eli Manning.

    The Mississippi quarterback is the best player in the draft, just as his brother Peyton was in 1998. San Diego has the first overall pick - but Manning jolted the Bolts this week by telling the Chargers he didn't want to play for them.

    Do the Chargers trade the pick? Do they take another player, like jumbo Iowa offensive tackle Robert Gallery? Or do they take Manning anyway?

    "I'm not in control of anything," said Manning, who is attending the draft as a guest of the NFL. "I'll show up and see what happens."

    Manning is the headliner of a draft this weekend that features three potential franchise quarterbacks plus one of the deepest talent pools at receiver in decades.

    The record for wideouts in the first round is six, and the record for players from one school in the first round is five. Both marks could fall today, with the University of Miami lining up six potential first-rounders. Seven if you count one player from the University of Miami (Ohio) who also projects as a first-rounder.

    A look at the final mock draft:

    1. SAN DIEGO

    Eli Manning

    QB, Mississippi

    Needs: WR, OL, QB, DL

    Manning is the best player in the draft. If the Chargers can't cut a deal with the Giants to trade down, they owe it to their fans to draft the best player.

    2. OAKLAND

    Robert Gallery

    OT, Iowa

    Needs: WR, OL, DL, S

    The long hair flowing out from his helmet makes him a candidate for the Raiders. So does his ability. He can give you a dozen seasons of pass protection.

    3. ARIZONA

    Larry Fitzgerald

    WR, Pittsburgh

    Needs: DL, CB, LB, WR

    Fitzgerald was a ball boy for Dennis Green when Green was coach of the Minnesota Vikings. Now Fitzgerald plays like Randy Moss and Cris Carter.

    4. NY GIANTS

    Ben Roethlisberger

    QB, Miami (Ohio)

    Needs: OL, DL, S, WR

    With all the trade talk with San Diego, the Giants have targeted a blue-chip quarterback. Roethlisberger is the biggest, strongest, fastest passer in the draft.


    Kellen Winslow

    TE, Miami (Fla.)

    Needs: TE, S, LB, OL

    When Joe Gibbs was an assistant in San Diego, he coached Hall of Famer Kellen Winslow. Now Gibbs gets a chance to coach Winslow's son.

    6. DETROIT

    Roy Williams

    WR, Texas

    Needs: WR, OL, LB, DL

    The Lions need to give Joey Harrington weapons to accelerate his development. Charles Rogers in '03 and Williams give him two big-play receivers.


    Sean Taylor

    S, Miami (Fla.)

    Needs: OL, QB, WR, TE

    The last time Butch Davis passed up on an elite Hurricane, Clinton Portis became a Pro Bowl runner for the Broncos. Davis won't pass on Taylor.

    8. ATLANTA

    DeAngelo Hall

    CB, Virginia Tech

    Needs: WR, CB, DE, S

    Hall is a bigger, stronger, faster and younger version of Terence Newman. He also returns kicks. Let the comparisons to Deion Sanders begin.


    Kenechi Udeze

    DE, Southern Cal

    Needs: Pass rusher, DT, WR, LB

    The Jaguars brought in Pro Bowl end Hugh Douglas in free agency last season for a pass rush. He managed only 31/2 sacks. Udeze had 16 1/2 last season.

    10. HOUSTON

    Tommie Harris

    DT, Oklahoma

    Needs: CB, DL, LB, S

    Injuries along the front triggered a collapse of the Texans' defense in '03. What better way to fortify their line than with the Lombardi Award winner?


    Philip Rivers

    QB, N.C. State

    Needs: OT, CB, OLB, QB

    He started 51 games (a record for QBs), is college football's No. 2 all-time passer, and is as close to being a walk-in starter as the NCAA has produced.

    12. NY JETS

    Dunta Robinson

    CB, South Carolina

    Needs: CB, LB, OT, S

    DeAngelo Hall compares to Terence Newman and Robinson to Marcus Trufant in the '03 draft. Robinson is more polished and steadier than Hall.

    13. BUFFALO

    Lee Evans

    WR, Wisconsin

    Needs: Speed, OL, DL

    There is size galore at wideout but not much game-breaking speed. The Bills need speed to complement the size of Eric Moulds and hands of Josh Reed.

    14. CHICAGO

    Steven Jackson

    HB, Oregon State

    Needs: DT, WR, RB, OL

    This is an offense sorely in need of offensive options. Jackson is a power back who can run the ball in the upper Midwest when the snow starts falling.

    15. TAMPA BAY

    Michael Clayton

    WR, LSU

    Needs: DL, WR, speed, S

    Jon Gruden coached two seasons with an inherited offensive cast. Look for him to put his stamp on the offense in '04 with a big-play rookie receiver.


    Reggie Williams

    WR, Washington

    Needs: WR, CB, DT, G

    Terrell Owens and Tai Streets are gone from last season. The 49ers need a walk-in starter - and Williams brings a resume with 238 college catches.

    17. DENVER

    D.J. Williams

    LB, Miami (Fla.)

    Needs: RB, LB, CB, DE

    The pressing need is at running back, but linebackers aren't as easy to find. Williams has size (250 pounds) and speed (4.57 seconds in 40 yards).


    Jonathan Vilma

    LB, Miami (Fla.)

    Needs: LB, DL, WR, FB

    Carolina is the team to beat in the NFC South, and the Panthers like to run the ball. The Saints were 27th in the NFL in run defense. See the problem?


    Will Smith

    DE, Ohio State

    Needs: LB, DE, CB, WR

    The Vikings need help for the NFL's 23rd-ranked defense. There are two linebackers, two corners and a safety worthy of this pick. All are gone.

    20. MIAMI

    Shawn Andrews

    OT, Arkansas

    Needs: OT, WR, S, DL depth

    John St. Clair washed out as a right tackle with the Rams and right now he's penciled in at right tackle for the Dolphins. Get out the eraser.


    Vince Wilfork

    DT, Miami (Fla.)

    Needs: LB, CB, S, OL

    Bill Belichick likes big players and lots of them. He took a DT in the first round in '03 (Ty Warren), and in Wilfork or UT's Marcus Tubbs finds value again.

    22. COWBOYS

    Kevin Jones

    HB, Virginia Tech

    Needs: RB, CB, OL, WR

    Emmitt Smith slid to the 17th pick in the 1990 draft because of a perceived lack of speed. Now Jones slides to the 22nd slot for the same reason.

    23. SEATTLE

    Teddy Lehman

    MLB, Oklahoma

    Needs: DL, LB, DB, OL

    Randall Godfrey (cap casualty) left a hole in the middle. Who better to fill it than the Butkus winner? He'll know the defense by the end of minicamp.


    Jake Grove

    C, Virginia Tech

    Needs: CB, S, LB, OL

    The Browns took a center in the first round in '03. The Bengals keep the trend in-state with the selection of Grove, the Rimington Award winner.

    25. GREEN BAY

    Ben Troupe

    TE, Florida

    Needs: DE, CB, S, OL

    The Packers would consider QB J.P. Losman but believe they should have been in the Super Bowl. So they are still building for the present, not the future.

    26. ST. LOUIS

    Rashaun Woods

    WR, Oklahoma State

    Needs: DE, CB, WR, RB

    The logical pick is Jason Babin. The Rams lost weakside pass rusher Grant Wistrom in free agency, but coach Mike Martz can't resist offensive playmakers.


    Antwan Odom

    DE, Alabama

    Needs: DE, RB, CB, DT

    The loss of Jevon Kearse and Robaire Smith in free agency left a huge hole in the defensive front, and Odom fits the Titans' prototype at 274 pounds.


    Vernon Carey

    OL, Miami (Fla.)

    Needs: CB, RB, OL, DL

    With Duce Staley gone, the Eagles need another member for their running-back-by-committee. The Eagles also could use bigger, better blockers.


    Jason Babin

    DE, Western Michigan

    Needs: MLB, DE, CB, S

    The Colts use a small but active defensive front, but small guys tend to wear down. Tony Dungy needs quantity so he can rotate linemen and keep them fresh.


    Junior Siavii

    DT, Oregon

    Needs: WR, DT, K, LB

    The Chiefs were 30th in run defense. Kansas City benefits from Clinton Portis leaving the division. Plugging in the 344-pound Siavii also would help.

    31. CAROLINA

    Chris Gamble

    CB, Ohio State

    Needs: CB, S, WR, TE

    The Nos. 2 and 3 corners left in the off-season. Gamble is the coveted big corner in this draft, a potential walk-in starter for the NFC champions.


    Ahmad Carroll

    CB, Arkansas

    Needs: LB, CB, S, OL

    The Patriots have only five DBs - and cornerback Ty Law is disgruntled. The Super Bowl champions need options, and the speedy Carroll is a good one.

    NOTE: Baltimore does not have a first-round pick. The Ravens' first pick is in the second round, 51st overall.

    Keary Colbert

    WR, Southern Cal

    Needs: WR, CB, OL, KR

    Rookie QB Kyle Boller was one of the reasons the Ravens ranked 32nd in the NFL in passing last season. A non-productive group of wide receivers was another. The Ravens need a wideout to complement Pro Bowl TE Todd Heap.

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    The Rams adding another talented WR is a scary thought.
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    Agreed.... and if they get Bell in the 2nd like most got them .... They will be more dangerous.... :eek:
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    man oh man. If the Pats luck out and have Wilfork fall in their laps I will be sick. I love the KJ pick but Wilfork would be an ideal pick for me if he somehow slips. I don't see it though.
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    I would love wilfork too and doubt he goes that far, but I would absolutely love the KJ pick.... (crossing fingers he's there when we pick) :eek:
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    Other than having his nose firmly implanted up the Manning Family's arse, there's not too much knee jerk in this mock, which is refreshing.

    Gosselin is the only one I've seen with Lehman, Grove, Troupe, Odom, Babin, Colbert AND Siavii all going in the first.
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    Man I hope Goose is accurate this year. If we land KJ the rest of the draft will be gravy.
  8. Tio

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    I'm lovin it...
  9. Cbz40

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    I could live with starting the day like that. Hope it happens.

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