Gophers’ Hageman is a ‘freak’

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dart, May 29, 2013.

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    A DE in next years draft

    6 -6 # 312
    Not only does he have the 36-inch vert, but he also has bench-pressed 465 pounds and clocked an electronically timed 10-yard sprint in 1.57 seconds. For comparison sake, no DT at this year’s NFL Combine jumped higher than 33 inches, and Terron Armstead, the offensive tackle who ran the blazing 4.71 40 at the combine, did a 1.64 in his 10.
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    I'll take Travis Swanson off that list and move TF to RG.
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    me to

    Travis Swanson, C, Arkansas
    Height: 6-4. Weight: 305.
    Projected 40 Time: 5.05.
    Projected Round (2014): 3-5.

    5/11/13: Swanson has started all 38 games of his collegiate career so far; he was a standout blocker in the SEC the past three seasons. The junior was a Second-Team All-SEC selection in 2012.

    Swanson has done an admirable job in pass protection as the Razorbacks have fielded a 3,000-yard passer each year. He also did a good job in run blocking, especially in 2010 when running back Knile Davis was healthy.

    Swanson should be poised for an interesting season in 2013 playing for Brett Bielma with some young talent at running back. It would help Swanson to continue to add some strength for the NFL. However, he is a well-rounded blocker who could turn into a starting center in the NFL.

    but will Jerry
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    I like Frederick a lot but I think his athtleticism or lack thereof makes him a better fit at RG.

    Swanson is listed at 320 now.
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    Hageman would be a great pick to come in and man the 3T for years. So would Tuitt from ND.
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    Not from this article but the CBS one on freaks this is seriously the quote of the year.

    "They're all electronic," Kazadi said. "We don't hand-time anything. Hand times are for your mama. Your mama don't work here. We're not hand-timing anything around here. We encourage people to come watch our guys work. They take this seriously."
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    Unless a franchise QB falls to them, you have to think best available D Lineman in 2014.
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    Too early to narrow it down like that, a lot of things change over the course of a year.
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    Not sure it matters how he times them. It's how the scouts time them at the combine.

    Posting some crazy speed because you've been using an electronic timer might not work out for you if the guys who grade you are using hand timers and your 40s are slower than expected.

    Don't teams send their own guys to time?

    I've gone back and forth on the hand/electronic. I thought electronic would be good because it makes it an accurate measure for each guy but so long as they start the clock when the guy moves you don't really get a true sense of the guy's playing speed. If you are slow to react, being fast will help you catch up.

    I doubt the reaction of the timer is significantly slower than the reaction of the athlete to the snap. Maybe teams view the hand-timing as canceling out generous start time that is unrealistic.

    They should have a simulated start for the guys and the time starts then......electronically of course........:laugh2:

    So...I'm still on the fence.

    I don't think it matters in the end. The 40 is good for identifying guys who are well faster than everyone else and guys who are well slower. Everything else in between is sort of "meh".
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    Unless the wheels totally fall I think we'll be in no man's land again on draft board. Best DL will be gone high and we will be in OL value are for G/C or the 2nd tier OT prospects 15-20 something.

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